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Wednesday, July 28, 1999


BOE begins blitz for SPLOST
The school pros have begun warning about the cons of defeating a $90 million special local option sales tax package headed for the voters Sept. 21.
Realtors endorse Splost
A proposed $90 million special purpose local option sales tax is getting some powerful backing.
Y2K? County: No big deal
Fayette County is ready for the year 2000, reports Jack Krakeel, director of the county Department of Fire and Emergency Services.
Timberlake gets its cart path but county worries about speeders
Getting to the other side of Peachtree Parkway will still be dangerous for Timberlake subdivision residents, but perhaps a little less dangerous than before.
F'ville eyes more annexing rezonings for hospital area
Three annexation and rezoning requests for medical offices in the Fayette Community Hospital area are back on the Fayetteville City Council's table this week.
Weekend storms press firefighters
A weekend storm whipped through Fayette County and left its mark on several homes, although nowhere near the extent of the damage suffered a month ago in Fayetteville.
Parents debate security issues in school, proposed new dress code
A Saturday roundtable discussion about the proposed 1 percent special local option sales tax to raise $90 million for new schools veered into smaller but emotional issues — like untucked shirts and baggy pants
School buses ready to roll despite fire, officials say
Fayette County School District's fleet of 193 school buses have passed safety inspections by the Georgia State Patrol, reported bus shop foreman George Davis.
Owners: We'll keep trying to close road
Ed Vanderslice and Joe O'Connell say they'll keep pushing Fayette County to abandon about a mile at the southern end of Padgett Road that is bordered only by their properties.
County adopts architectural guidelines for Highway 314
New architectural standards are now in effect for Ga. Highway 314.
Big names add punch to sponsor drive for `99 air show
Luminaries such as Peachtree City's Lewis Jordan, CEO of AirTran Airways, are working to make an annual Peachtree City air show the best ever in 1999.
Getting in step
McIntosh High School's marching band was instructed to remember three things in preparation for this week's band camp — have a thermos for water, remember to bring a hat and, please, no Alabama jokes.
Historians have 60 days to save Long Ave. home
History buffs in Fayette County have 60 days to look into an alternative site for a house on Long Street in Fayetteville that has historic significance.
Testimony begins in lawsuit over worker's damaged leg
Testimony began Tuesday morning in Judge Paschal English's courtroom in Superior Court in the case of a man suing an equipment company over an accident that cost him part of his leg.

Superior Court.

Holly Grove church to unveil historical marker
The Holly Grove African Methodist Episcopal Church will participate in the unveiling of a historical marker at its church Sunday, Aug. 1.
Little-known Defense Force seeks volunteers
When natural disasters strike, along with all of the well-known community service oriented groups that help out, the Georgia State Defense Force is there.

Officers recognized for training
Captains Ken Mort and Jimmy Hall of the Fayette County Department of Fire and Emergency Services recently were recognized by the County Commission for advances in professional training.
Hospital stages exercise
Fayette Community Hospital conducted a mass casualty incident exercise last Wednesday along with the Fayetteville Fire Department and the Fayette County Department of Fire and Emergency Services.
Collins: Chattahoochee study critical to region
Georgia's most heavily used water supply, the Chattahoochee River, is about to get a check-up thanks to a federally funded study.
Collins hails passage of tax cut legislation
The U.S. House of Representatives last week passed the Financial Freedom Act, which was written with the help of Rep. Mac Collins, R-Hampton, 223 to 208. The measure now goes to the U.S. Senate.
Health Wise

Stay safe while staying cool

What's the most dangerous season? The icy winter? The spring full of wild weather? It is actually summer. Not only can the heat get you, causing medical problems, but cooling off can also be very dangerous.

Local women to walk for awareness
Chances are you know somebody that has been affected by breast cancer. It is the second leading cause of death in women between 40 and 55 and more than 35 percent of the lives lost to the disease could have been prevented through early detection.
Liberal Views
I am amazed at the behavior people try to excuse.

What every parent should know about toilet training

Toddlers do not seem to mind wearing diapers. They like being Pamper-ed and Luv-ed. Who wouldn't?

Student gets taste of medicine

Christina Hufford, a rising senior at McIntosh High School, recently attended a National Medical Leadership Forum in Washington,DC.

Hearing aids benefit patients with Alzheimer's disease and their care givers

Problem behavior and hearing handicaps in patients with Alzheimer's disease and hearing loss were significantly reduced after they began wearing properly fitted hearing aids as part of a unique in-home study conducted by audiologists at the Center for Audiology of the UPMC Eye and Ear Institute and in the Communication Science and Disorders Program at the University of Pittsburgh, in Pittsburgh, Pa.

Northside Hospital studies new drug for sleep apnea patients

Northside Hospital's Sleep Medicine Institute is the only sleep center in Georgia selected to study the effects of Provigil, an FDA approved medication used to treat other sleep disorders, for improving alertness in sleep apnea patients using nasal continuous positive airway pressure.

HMC sponsors summer programs

Do you want to learn how to save lives? Henry Medical center has some suggestions that may improve your health and save lives.

Tension easers

With school beginning and fall activities on the horizon, Dan Phifer, Ph.D., of the Mental Health Association of Fayette County has some suggestions for handling the stress.

Testing Your Eye-Q

Do you take your vision for granted? A continuing awareness of your vision, and of signs which might indicate a problem, is the most obvious way to care for your eyesight.


Unemployment rate jumps

Fayette County's unemployment rate jumped by half a point last month, but experts say the rate reflects a seasonal phenomenon.

World Gym has star-studded opening

Several well-known fitness celebrities mingled with local residents at the recent grand opening of World Gym in Peachtree City.

Work environment more important to employees

Business Columnist

Today's workplace is different, diverse, and constantly changing.

Great tennis player in great tourney
Sunday was an incredibly fitting championship day at the Challenger of Peachtree, as both the singles and doubles, and the Mike Patton Auto Mall One Point High School Tournament all crowned their champions.
Football team starts practice
Practice for football officially could have begun Monday, but it didn't. Not around here anyway.
Registration for Peachtree City Classic has begun
The Peachtree City Classic, one of the more popular races in the state, has started signing people up again.
Sports Calendar
Duo brings brotherly love to PTC
Who is the most influential duo in the history of popular music?
World famous dancer to teach dances of the world
Maria Del Rasario Carillo, a native of Venezuela and a renowned teacher and performer of Flamenco and Spanish dance, will be in the Atlanta area July 29 - Aug. 1 to teach two master classes on introduction to Flamenco dance.
Fit as a fiddle
Both Fayette and Coweta County will host some international guests this week when the Ayrshire Fiddle Orchestra from Scotland comes to perform. The 82-piece orchestra, made up of musicians 9-22, will perform at the F.A. Sams Auditorium Thursday and at the Wadsworth Auditorium Friday.
News from Der Vaterland
A certain pianist/singing coach near and dear to our hearts sends news: She will be joining the Cologne Opera in August.
Volunteers needed for Wilson 100 bicycle race
Fayette biking enthusiasts are invited to volunteer Sept. 12 for the annual Wilson 100. This is Southern Bicycle League's biggest event of the year, and volunteers are needed to help out with all aspects of the ride. To volunteer or get registration forms to ride contact Kurt and Leslie Phillips at 770-992-6583 or e-mail at
Schools set open houses
Open house dates for Fayette County Public Schools have been announced with all elementary schools hosting parents and students Thursday, Aug. 12 from 3-6 p.m.

World Class author will be featured at St Paul's Lutheran school expansion dedication Aug. 15

Dr. Paul L. Maier, frequent expert on the Arts and Entertainment network's “Mysteries of the Bible” series, renowned professor of ancient history, and author of more than 200 books and scholarly articles, will be the featured speaker at the dedication of St. Paul Lutheran's expanded school facilities, scheduled for Sunday, Aug. 15.

Break the 'sins of the father' curse with rightousness, obedience

The Rev. Dr. John Hatcher
Religion Columnist

The Kennedy curse? Don't know if there is anything to do with a specific Kennedy curse, but the Word of God clearly indicates that the sins of the father will be visited upon the third and fourth generations. No commentator in the last two weeks even hinted at the sins of Joseph P. Kennedy, the patriarch who, prior to World War II, served as our ambassador to Great Britain.

Inman UMC to celebrate Methodist heritage

Members of Inman United Methodist Church will celebrate their Methodist heritage during “Camp Meeting Month” planned for the entire month of August. Regular Sunday morning services will feature music from the old Cokesbury Hymnal and those attending are invited to dress in casual attire (no coats and ties) as they enjoy old favorites such as “Dwelling in Beulah Land,” “Rescue the Perishing,” “The Lily of the Valley,” and other favorites from their denominational heritage.

Vacation Bible School Schedule

New Hope Baptist Church plans luncheon August 1 for recent guests, new members

Recent guests and new members of New Hope Baptist Church are invited to a Guest and New Member Luncheon Sunday, Aug. 1 at 12:15 p.m. in the dining room of Building A, North Campus.

Religion Briefs

Epps completes Orthodox liturgy course

Father David Epps of Sharpsburg, Rector of Christ the King Church in Peachtree City, recently completed a course in History of Christian Liturgy from St. Athanasius Academy of Orthodox Theology, an Eastern Orthodox School.

'Terrific Tuesdays' continue at Covenant Presbyterian

Children in kindergarten (completed) through fifth grade are invited to participate in a Faith Expedition on Terrific Tuesdays from 9 a.m. until 2 p.m. through Tuesday, Aug. 10 at Covenant Presbyterian Church.

Bethany children's choir will resume practice in Sept.

The children's choir at Bethany United Methodist Church, for children ages 5-12 years, will begin practice Wednesday, Sept. 8 from 6-8 p.m. children will begin rehearsals for a Christmas musical. Special activities and snacks will be provided from 7-8 p.m. Bethany is located at 507 Rivers Rd. in north Fayette County.

Religion Calendar


Business or government, it's hard to reach a human anymore


Several information-age events converged on my household last week, leaving me wishing for the good old days when humans who cared answered telephones at places that your taxes or monthly payments supported.

The night the lights went our on Terrace Tay

Lifestyle Columnist

When the lights went out for a few hours last week, I discovered that things have changed since March 1958.

EMC responds to lack of phone service during Saturday's power outage

[Editor's note: Numerous scattered power failures occurred Saturday as a result of lightning strikes during thunderstorms over Fayette County. Customers trying to report outages were unable to reach the electrical supplier for much of the county. See Page 5A for two columns about recent outages. The following is a news release in its entirety from Coweta-Fayette Electrical Membership Corp.]

GOP must broaden the attack in 2000

Believe me, I'm in favor of a tax cut... a big one... the bigger the better.

Warrior moms get aluminum foil award
Laugh Lines
I have always liked the “woman as warrior” ideal. Well, I have since I was in college and saw the movie “Alien” where Sigourney Weaver takes control of whipping an alien's razor-edged-tail when all the men on the ship have failed. Using her wits, sans “sport” or any other bra, her character “Ripley” showed us women can be tough, sweaty and devoid of fear when facing the enemy.

Letters to the Editor

The 'tuckable' dilema and students 'style'

Although I understand the need for regulation in schools in this increasingly violent world, I simply cannot agree to one aspect of our “new” dress code. I can understand the need for baggy pants and trenchcoats to be outlawed, since they can harbour violence, but what does an untucked shirt say?

New school dress code not only unfair, but ineffective

I realize you've probably gotten quite a bit of these letters arguing the proposed dress code one way or the other; but I would just like to share my opinion with you. It's my belief, along with many of my friends, that the proposed dress code would be not only unfair, but ineffective.

Untucked shirts don't lead to school student killing sprees

The Fayette Board of Education has quickly transformed into Fayette's “Fashion Police.” In the name of safety, they have proposed all students tuck in shirts, wear belts and eliminate baggy clothing. Further, ID badges for students are being considered.

Tyrone's Cannon blasts Comm. Dunn

After reading your article of July 7, 1999, I feel it is necessary to respond and correct the information reported by your paper and comments by [Fayette County] Commissioner Greg Dunn.

Taxes, not developers are county's real enemy

In reference to the new taxes for the school and judicial system we are facing this year, I will vote no on the school issue for the following reason. As a land owner (143 acres) I was appalled at a 36 percent increase on the value of my land that lies in a flood plain.

Isn't PTC due a breather in population growth, zonings?

I have been somewhat encouraged lately to read the letters that some of our citizens are now writing to the editor. Perhaps if more people sent in their views we might make a difference. However, for the past three–five years so many developments and zonings were already a done deal and the citizens' concerns were of little concern.