Wednesday, July 28, 1999
Unemployment rate jumps

Fayette County's unemployment rate jumped by half a point last month, but experts say the rate reflects a seasonal phenomenon.

The rate increased from 1.7 percent in May to 2.2 percent in June, but is still one of the lowest rates in the region. Only Forsyth County, with a 2.1 percent rate, has a lower unemployment figure.

Officials at the Department of Labor said the unemployment rate traditionally rises in June, because many students are entering the work force and looking for jobs.

“Atlanta's economy, however, remains solid and the area continues to create new jobs. The job growth open new opportunities not only for people already counted in the work force, but also for those discouraged workers who aren't included in the statistics,” said state labor commissioner Michael Thurmond.

The unemployment rate for the 10-county Atlanta region increased from 2.8 percent in May to 3.3 percent last month.

Other unemployment rates included:

•Clayton- 3.6 percent.

•Coweta- 3.0 percent.

•Fulton- 4.0 percent.

•Henry- 2.4 percent.

•Spalding-4.0 percent.

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