suggarfoot: does someones wife have a new set of HOOTERS?

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I complained about Oxendine office telling me 'he was too busy' to talk to me about my complaint about an insurance company. I've tried several times and I got nothing..

suggarfoot: !John Oxendine's office and him a joke!

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An insurance co did something so horrendous, I filed my 1st complaint ever.

After sending in a several page complaint ...I was assured someone from his office would CALL me.

suggarfoot: A cry for help from a little boy at Christmas

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This made me cry. I hope some of you guys out there will read this and go offer to be a 'big brother' or friend to this little guy at Christmas.

suggarfoot: 4 yf old gets drunk and steals neighbors presents

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Read the story in the AJC, if this isn't a cry for help, I don't know what is. It will break your heart.

suggarfoot: I found a wonderful drug... Meloxicam

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I'm telling you this because you may or may not have arthritis..

I've always been active, but the past few years I hurt a lot. It got so bad I broke down n went to the MD for a check up. I could barely get out of the car. He x-rayed my hips and told me a had severe arthritis in both.

suggarfoot: Equafax/ Experia/ Trans offs!

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My child got robbed tonight. Out, car broken into, at an athletic field so Id locked in car/ not the smartest thing to do but kids are kids.

suggarfoot: Don't all are going to the healthcare slaughter house

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I wish it wasn't so, but this is what is really going on and the way it will work out and why.


for the private health insurance industry to get its hands on. There are about 40 or 50 MILLION people without heathcare.

suggarfoot: Sounds like the skids to the gravy train!

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Capping a year in which he faced shareholder fury, regulatory scrutiny and was stripped of his chairman post, outgoing Bank of America Corp. CEO Ken Lewis will get no salary or bonus for 2009 under an agreement with the government's pay czar.

suggarfoot: I agree with this Woman! Way to go

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suggarfoot: Lobbyist have been on Advisory boards and commissions!

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Yes, read it and weep.No wonder so many insurance laws etc are slanted toward the big bucks instead of the consummers! Talk about the fox in the hen house! I'm appalled this has been going on! Someone is now trying to curb the power of the lobbyist.

suggarfoot: Git Real

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If you haven't already seen it, this story should make you happy.


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I've ..always...always.. had a low deductable..I've had $250. $500.00 and $1,000....but never $5000.!

I phoned n got a rate quoted on home n seemed ok and I took it. In with the others, in fact, I was tired of checking around, they all were about the same.

suggarfoot: Out of county kids....still!!!

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Is it ever going to stop?

I don't begrudge anyone's child an education, but I really resent...MY... paying for it and ...THEY... don't!

suggarfoot: Bypass lawsuit

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I've heard that a group is suing over the bypass. Does anyone know the name of the group or where you can seen a donati

suggarfoot: Planet Smoothie is wonderful!

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After reading about the film crew in the citizen, I went to Planet Smoothie hoping maybe Tom Seleck had gotten addicted and was still lurking there.

suggarfoot: This person should be on the BOE instead of what we have

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I didn't enclude the name at the end, because they may not like it, but this person's letter was right on!

"BoE ‘forced’ to build River’s Elementary?

suggarfoot: Fayette county school administration

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I think everyone should go to this web site and form their own opinion on where we should trim fat before we cut teachers salaries. I used the advance search, marked local boards of education, then under organization, used the drop down menu and put Fayette county board of education...

suggarfoot: z

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suggarfoot: google new school locations... then vote Nicole File

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in this age of computers,there are just too many ways to check things out.

Some on the BOE would tell you of the strategic location of the new school Rivers elementary.

suggarfoot: Smola and File debate?

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Does anyone know where and when today?

suggarfoot: Niccole's letter

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After Nicole’s letter and the web sites others have offered in the paper, this is what I’ve found so far, and where I found it.

suggarfoot: !!!! F.I.L.E....EARLY VOTERS!!!

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A friend's husband did early voting and as a matter of principle, wouldn't vote for Smola. He saw where it said write in, but didn't understand, he HAD TO WRITE IN FILE!


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Someone said that ..NO.. receipts can/have been produced for past payments from the GA Airshow to the BOE ?

I'm sure this can't be true.

suggarfoot: Does history repeat itself with the BOE on SPLOST?

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Wednesday, August 4, 1999
Board is already using scare tactics
Scare tactics already being used

Okay, the issue hasn't even made the ballot yet, and already the school board is trying to frighten parents into voting for their $90 million SPLOST tax.

suggarfoot: Address for contributions for Nicole File and Tami Morris?

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Would you ladies like to post an add where we can contribute?

I would like to send money to Tami Morris to help get those records on how long ..some..on the school board knew about SPLOST and kept Dr Todd, Marion Key, and us, out of the loop.


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If you want some cute puppies, I know where to go.
I was down at Oakley Animal Hospital, it is behind McDonalds on 74, and they showed me all their strays. Someone had left 2 baby Chiwawas on their doorstep. These 2 could fly with those ears! They were adorable! They also had an older puppy that looked like it was 1/2 lab and 1/2 greyhound. It was so sweet. And last but not least a cattle dog.

suggarfoot: Parking on Tyrone-Palmetto rd

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I'm very curious as to how the developer got permission for parking on the right-of-way of Palmetto rd in Tyrone. I nev

suggarfoot: Did Meridith Emmerson's heart kill her?

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When I read this, things flashed back in my mind. Being older, I've also gone hiking alone, realized too late, it was deadly, but lived to tell the tale.

suggarfoot: Tyrone's swearing in and sore loosers

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Noticably absent was the outgoing Mayor and 2 council men. Some people just aren't good loosers. Valerie and Barry came but the back and wouldn't come out front for swearing in.

suggarfoot: Got a very slick flyer from Dial

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He ..still...doesn't say what he does for a living...nor does he comment on being reported to the ethics committe.

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