Ranked #8 In CNN’s top 100 cities to live in, but we don’t act like it!

How is it possible that we allow the median in front of two of our most prominent facilities to get in such a sad state? What am I talking about you ask? Have you seen the median on Planterra Way directly in front of our city’s Visitor Center and our Tennis complex? The vegetation has been allowed to grow to depths of more than two feet and it’s not slated to be trimmed until September or October! Those in charge have relegated this area, as well as many others, to mowing but four times a year! We should be outraged; it’s a blight, eyesore, and embarrassment. Should I ever contemplate allowing my personal property to deteriorate to such a sad state the city would surely cite me.

Haddix whining!

In an effort to learn something about this candidate’s platform, I tried visiting his advertised donhaddix.com site. Unless I’m doing something wrong, this site reflects: “This account has been suspended.

ALL SOUTH Robertson

Anyone got a clue what is going on with them? If you do your a step ahead of their local people.

We got a phone call 2 weeks ago that

ALL SOUTH Robertson

Anyone got a clue what is going on with them? If you do your a step ahead of their local people.

We got a phone call 2 weeks ago that

Mow the grass

Interesting story from Ohio about a Mayor. I wonder if the PTC Mayor and Council members are up to doing this.


Local Politics

It amazes me that people are not talking about the local races, oh yeah, I guess those were over in July. What do we have left to decide locally?

Fulton County Fire Department

What does it say to people when a public safety job is cut. How can the fire chief stand in front of a camaera and state "services will not be affected by job cuts".

$5600 Well Spent!! MAYOR and Manger JOB WELL DONE!

I am tired of people BITCHIN about $5600 that the Mayor and City Manager spent on a trip to China. OHHH the poor seniors have to spend Ten bucks to get in the Taj Mahal to play bridge....I am a firm believer that you have to spend money to make money. If it cost $5600 to send a couple of folks to China to lure tax paying companies into Peachtree City than so be it. WE NEED more trips like this selling Peachtree City to companies who will bring JOBS to our area and support OUR economy. YOU Liberals speak out both sides of your freakin heads and are CONSTANTLY complaining. If they were not doing anything to lure jobs and firm TAX BASE to our city you would be complaining as well. MR. Mayor and City Manager keep up the good work and continue what you are doing.


what is going on at TDK? I was over there this morning and the post on the gate is laying on the ground, the gate is wide open and there is heavy traffic going in and out?

County Commission Run Off

For those who may have forgotten, we still have a runoff for county commission between incumbent Peter Pfeifer and Lee Hearn. As far as I am concerned 2 major issues have made up my mind and I'd be curious about what other people think.

I attended the Republican Party's Candidate Forum

Last night the Republican Party hosted a candidate forum for the Sheriff, DA and Probate Judge candidates. It was very well done!

I'm Voting for Scott Ballard

My name is Holly Peace. Scott Ballard hired me as his legal assistant in August, 2003. I worked for him at Ballard & Ballard helping him defend criminals in Fayette County for a year, until he came to me one day and said he was running for District Attorney. He told me that he had a heart for protecting this circuit, and felt there was a need for someone to step in and do a better job of prosecuting. To do this, Scott gave up a much larger salary, opened his personal life to the public, and worked hard to campaign for the position.

Ballard soft on Child Molesters - more

posted earlier in the citizen:

His prior “courtroom” experience was spent defending the very same criminals he now claims he will prosecute, including child molesters.

ICE Rinks for Peachtree City

One of the other papers thrown in the drive had a major headline about developers meeting with PTC officials and proposing an Athletic Complex including ice hockey rinks for all the Northwest folks coming from up North to PTC.


Many Fayette County residents are unaware that July 15 will essentially be the end of the election for many local offices.


Mr Babb ,
Should be aware he is quickly losing votes thanks to his supporters driving around town breaking the law. Example the Woman in the Yellow S-10 this morning speeding at 70 Mph in a 45 Mph zone through Brooks, or the fellow in the Black Ford F-150 doing 60 in a 40 in Peachtree City.

Super Hero Delta Pilot Captain Dick To The Rescue

I promise to protect and serve our citizens. I will protect our economy with good paying jobs supported by smart pro-business legislation. I will serve our children with a quality education.

Local Races and the Citizen

There are so many people running for office during this election cycle it is going to be very hard to "get the message out" Will the citizen allow for candidates to write essays on their positions this time around?

Have your say! Come on into our forums

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