PTC Guy: Identify Theft??

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Just be aware the original PTC Guy is NOT PTCGuy, as was pointed out to me someone had created as a user name.

Hmmmm. Now, if admin checked, would they find someone whose name would not suprise anyone was behind it?

PTC Guy: Bringing the Developer and Politician Issues Together

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Bringing common issues together goes a long way to crystalizing issues and realities.

You see a lot of scattered defense of Logsdon on separate issues. As if each is the only issue attached to him.

PTC Guy: 2008 Race Season Begins

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Potential candidates are popping up. The fun begins.

A good time to start tracking and building some history.

See something said that is interesting? Got some opinions already?

PTC Guy: WalMart

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A poll on what is happening at WalMart.


PTC Guy: TDK, Coweta Development & PTC

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These together, tie the issues into more of a package to look at.

Map of Three Coweta Proposed Developments from the PTC site.

PTC Guy: Voting in Polls!!

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You can now vote in both of these polls. Just follow the directions!!


PTC Guy: Our UN Membership

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We have been a key member from the beginning. But has it been worth it?

A poll with comments allowed.

Go to Poll!

PTC Guy: Spammer Warning

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On Fayette Speaks a porn spammer joined and was banned today.

PTC Guy: Resurrecting an Ancient Blog

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Old Blog.

This was mine. There were others, after, very similar in meaning.

PTC Guy: New Engine Designs

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Saw it on the news today.

As I believed, and have said, hybred engines are dead end, tech speaking.

One new very promising design is mech storage, as I was advocating before. There is a nitrogen compression system that stores and released power.

PTC Guy: Georgia and Water

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We have water wars going on between Florida and Alabama versing Georgia.

We have the Atlanta water issues.

We have a number of areas constanting facing shortages throughout the state.

PTC Guy: Water

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In all the discussions about building more homes, stores and so on, I keep mentioning this issue.

But no one is responding.

PTC Guy: General Info PCDC/Pathways

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These names pop up randomly in issues.

As in the Tennis Center.

This might enlighten some, who have very false ideas on who this entity is.

PTC Guy: McKinney VS Johnson

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Well, in learning more about Johnson, maybe McKinney should stay.

At least she is such a glowing ebarassment it works for us.

PTC Guy: Old Mill Fish and Grill

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I don't remember if asked already.

Any comments or opinions on the place?

PTC Guy: Fayette Future - Retirement?

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We have the issues of mass transit, road infrastructure, economics of Fayette, and so forth.

Is the preserving of Fayette to be found in promoting retirement developments and facilities?

PTC Guy: Posting Helps

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Since I am sure some others will ask questions on posting, again, I thought this blog might help.

Hey, Cal, I am sure you have sticky or announce abilities. How about making this one or the other to keep it from falling down the page?

PTC Guy: Another Fair Tax Question

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May have been asked, but I didn't see it.

What is to stop the Big Companies from transferring sales tax, that would otherwise be paid by CEOs, to the consumers by making such as cars, planes and such compensation?

PTC Guy: Forum Power

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People do not realize the power a forum has.

I started one, for another purpose, and it is not the biggest out there. But it is KNOWN. It has influence.

PTC Guy: Who is Linda Wells?

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What was her role in the Sheriff fiasco?

Well, she did says this about the issue.


PTC Guy: What Maxwell Will Do

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Folks, guessing may be fun, but it is pointless.

We will see.

But let us have the smarts to keep an eye on things from the beginning. Don't let how the Commission functions fall off the radar.

PTC Guy: X

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PTC Guy: x

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Moved comments



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We are seeing more and more pressure to bring things like this into Fayette County.

One hand claims it will takes some auto traffic pressures away. The other it will bring in more troubles than it is worth.

PTC Guy: Finalizing Voting Choices

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I would like some opinions on the Board of Education candidates before I nail down last two remaining votes.

Any opin

PTC Guy: Multiple Identities

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Could admin run a sweep and see how many, if any, people are posting with mutiple identites from the same IP?

If they are, and not different people within one house, can you either block all but one or ban some folk?

PTC Guy: Piedmont

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I asked as a reply, but it seems to have gotten lost in the shuffle.

A number of doctors and others have said such things a Piedmont is way more expensive than other hospitals and the care is often not good.

PTC Guy: Intolerance Versus Strong Feelings

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I actually am only going to make the opening posts here.

Why? Because I know a number of liberals are immediately going to attack my posts.


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What are with these people!!???

Are there idiots who actually get pills, stock and mortgages from those clowns?

Notice how much is pouring out of Cananda, the .ca stuff?

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