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Since I am sure some others will ask questions on posting, again, I thought this blog might help.

Hey, Cal, I am sure you have sticky or announce abilities. How about making this one or the other to keep it from falling down the page?

To use any of the HTML codes shown below the posting box, using the strong (bold) code as an example, bookend what you want bold. Both have to be there or you will not turn off the code.

<strong>What You Want Bold Here</strong>
em = test
strong = test
cite = test

You can also combine codes. In example, to make something bold italics, first put one set around it, and then put the second around both.


Now, to add an link to another site or page, that opens in a new window

<a href= "URL" target="_blank">Link Name</a>

Replace URL with the complete URL in the browser address window of the page you want to open. Then replace the Link Name with whatever word you want the link to be name. Do NOT delete or alter anything else in the code.

It will show blue on the post.

As for keeping a post once your session times out.

Type it, right click, copy and then go to Preview and Post, if it will let you.

If not, login, again, bring up the post box, again, add title and past body. Then post.

Do NOT look at the right side to see if your name is there. It may show, due to the cookie in your browser, but the right side will show the login box.

If you forget and get a white screen on Preview, listed as Anonymous or so on, try clicking back. It will often take you back to the post box.

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