Doug: Why won't the city answer the question about speeding tickets?

I wrote a simple three sentence blog asking about speeding tickets.

Someone who works at the City Hall told me the number of police traffic citations over last year has increased dramatically.

Doug: Number PTC traffic citations a record?

Someone who works at the City Hall told me the number of police traffic citations over last year has increased dramatically.

Doug: PTC council deserves a little TEA on Wednesday

Harold Logsdon is nothing but a tax and spend liberal. He's no more of a financial expert than the local used car salesman in Union City.

Doug: FCBOE employees voting for Nicole File

My wife teachers at a local elementary school. She voted for Nicole File (write in candidate) last Friday.

Many of the teachers at her school don't have a lot of confidence in the school board.

Doug: It's the same old tax and spend PTC! Thanks Harold!

When I read the headline of $800,000 in cuts, I thought Mayor Logsdon was changing for the better. After you read the article though, it's still just the same old tax and spend Harold.

Doug: Is he really saying anything about the issues?

I don't really know Matt Ramsey, but I would say he is hedging on the House Speaker's new tax plan. I wonder if he's going to come out and say where he stands one way or another?

Doug: Wow on Fred Thompson ad

The citizen is running a Fred Thompson ad on the web pages. Kudos to the Citizen for catching the Thompson campaign's a

Doug: Whole Fools grocery store on the way to PTC !!!


Mayor Logsdon and Steve Boone have come up with their own grocery store concept and Mr. McMurrain is going to build it for them if the city is willing to sell him the land. It's called Whole Fools. This new concept uses the art of tomfoolery on the average consumer. For example, a highly fattening food which is processes with a lot of chemicals will be labeled "100% Organic" in the Whole Fools store. It will also bare a price 45% above suggested retail. The store's motto is, "What the customers don't know won't hurt them."

Doug: Ok, I can't take it anymore: time to fight

I'm at the point now where I could get in the ring with Harold Logsdon and the council people and duke it out.

I used to tell my neighbors to give Logsdon the benefit of the doubt. Then he lied on taxes twice, but I was still civil about it.

Doug: Reaching the tipping point in PTC and Fayette

The East Coweta developers are so energized by the PTC council’s not stopping TDK that they were dancing in the hallways after the Coweta commission gave them approval.

Doug: Financial genius Logsdon owes us an answer

I’ve been told by several people our Peachtree City taxes are going up again for 2008. What happened to all of the fiscal conservative talk surrounding Mayor Logsdon? This is the same guy who said he could eat the city’s budget for lunch.

Doug: Cal is right: No financial discipline from PTC Council

Mayor Harold Logsdon needs to get off his can and stop putting off his duties as mayor. All the talk about financial accountability was nice during the campaign, but it’s time to back it up!

Doug: To Mr. Beverly and Citizen Staff

May I suggest you have a separate section for video clips on this Web site?

Having a section just for video makes it easier to find and view the clips you offer.

Doug: City committee looking into schools should be the other way around

The PTSO lady, Cele Eifert, is a great example of reactionary politics. Don’t get me wrong, I applaud her stepping up and taking some kind of action, most people won’t act at all. However, why weren’t parents asking for more participation long ago? Most won't be part of the process and they will only surface to scream about the outcomes.

Doug: Over development and your homeowner's association: act now

I found the contact information for the gentleman who is organizing all of the homeowner's associations officers into a large group to speak out on large development projects which are detrimental to our community.

Doug: Respect the office of mayor

Mayor Harold Logsdon was elected by a majority of the electorate, so we should give him the respect the office demands. We have lost all civility in today’s society.

Doug: Seabaugh/Westmoreland

One blogger had asked for proof of developer campaign contributions and wanted to know names. This information is easy to acquire and can be easily manipulated using a database package or sorting software. The list below is just a preliminary first scan on who is funding the Westmoreland and Seabaugh election campaigns. Using other key words, you can draw many more names. I hope this helps.

Doug: Over paid city administrators

The AJC has pointed the finger at McDonough City Administrator James Lee and his large salary. He earns $145,157 and the city’s population is 15,500. However, what a lot of people don’t know is that Fayetteville City Manager Joe Morton earns (total compensation) more proportionally than James Lee. Fayetteville’s population is less than 15,000 and they have far less staff to supervise.


The Fayette Chamber of Commerce is hosting the Business Expo on Tuesday at New Hope Baptist Church in Fayetteville. The event is free and open to the public.

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