It's the same old tax and spend PTC! Thanks Harold!

When I read the headline of $800,000 in cuts, I thought Mayor Logsdon was changing for the better. After you read the article though, it's still just the same old tax and spend Harold.

"The cuts approved by council totaled more than $800,000 with the largest chunk, $515,000, coming from delays in financing purchases and savings from lower-than-expected interest rates. Nearly $300,000 of the budget cuts came from individual departments."

He's raised our taxes every year after lying about tax cuts. Now he's saying there's $800,000 in cuts when it's he's really just delaying his spending for a year. Where are the real cuts?

This is what happens when grown idiots are allowed in leadership positions.

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Spear Road Guy's picture
Submitted by Spear Road Guy on Tue, 04/22/2008 - 7:51am.

Finally, after how many years, Logsdon finally made a move that looks intelligent.

Don't know what got up your craw Doug. If Logsdon goes on a spending spree again next year, then crank up the complaints.

Vote Republican

Submitted by Doug on Tue, 04/22/2008 - 4:58pm.

You need to drop the "Vote Republican" from the end of you post Spear Road Guy! You are giving him a free pass just like the news media gave B.H. Obama.

Taxes aren't going down like he promised. You can say almost anything to get elected and not have to produce. All Logsdon is doing is cutting back on some of his excessive spening. He should have done that a long time ago.

The Crime Dog's picture
Submitted by The Crime Dog on Sun, 04/20/2008 - 9:31pm.

They delayed purchases to save interest payments, and cut another $300K on top of that.

What's not to like? They did the responsible thing.

THIS JUST IN: Doug is angry because his property values have fallen drastically since he moved to PTC. He chose to live in Planterra in the backyard of the Photocircuits site and wonders why he can't sell his house.

Not only that but Doug is upset because the sun never shines on his lawn even though the neighborhood dogs always poop there.

Sorry Doug but it seems you'll never be happy.

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Submitted by carbonunit52 on Sun, 04/20/2008 - 1:08pm.

$800,000.00 not spent is $800,000.00 saved. I get it.

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Fortunately, the workings of the universe do not depend upon our beliefs.

Submitted by Spyglass on Sun, 04/20/2008 - 1:04pm.

Exactly how would you have handled the situation?

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