johenry: Happy New Year in blogerdom

Here’s wishing everyone a safe and prosperous 2008. Keep off the roads, the mayor and his crowd will be knocking them

johenry: Ramsey vs Brown: You compare

It's obviously no surprise to see Blogger Nuk write a blog slinging mud at Steve Brown. Look people, it's all the Ramsey camp has left.

johenry: Brown has the courage to speak out with his name on the bottom of the page

Steve Brown isn't afraid to tell it like it is. He's been very open about how he feels the consequences of this electino could be bad.

johenry: Paid campaign consultants and now paid bloggers

Quite a few bloggers have come out of nowhere. They all sling mud at all the candidates but Matt Ramsey. And they never let the facts get in the way of a little negative campaigning.

johenry: Maybe it's just me, but ...

Matt Ramsey's computer phone message is more vague than his letter and his web site on the issues.

I don't get it. D

johenry: Ramsey campaign: still no specific positions

I got the Matt Ramsey mailer today. It is essentially the same bland fodder from his web site.

They are using the "zero-based" budgeting nonsense from Harold Logsdon's campaign, but not much else. It's kind of funny because we now know that Logsdon interpreted zero-based budgeting as adding a zero at the end of number in the budget.

johenry: Sturbaum vs King : A political race that grinds away on the issues

I will honestly say both candidates addressed most of the local issues and I applaud you for that. Most of people in the race to fill Dan Lakly's seat are doing the same thing except for Ramsey. But I think even Ramsey is going to be forced to speak out on how he plans vote on the issues of the day.

johenry: He's not saying anything really ...

All the bloggers say Matt Ramsey stands for this or that, but he actually doesn't say a darn thing. The only real thing you learn is he works for Doug Warner who was mixed up in the development authority scandals.

johenry: OH MY GOSH! Now we know the rest of the story ...

Take a look at who's supporting Matt Ramsey for the late Dan Lakly's seat.

It's the same people who support TDK, Peachtree National bailout and Mayor Harold Logsdon.

johenry: 5 reasons for blue Christmas in Peachtree City

5. Bonus going to pay the last tax increase

4. Too much traffic to go shopping

3. Can’t refinance my adjustable rate mortgage

johenry: You're next Mayor Logsdon and Councilman Boone!

Mike Harman and Dar Thompson getting trampled is a bad sign for the mayor and his little buddy Steve Boone.

The candidates who stood in stark opposition to the development actions of Mayor Logsdon and Councilman Boone received overwhelming support.

johenry: 5th try and Councilman Harman still won't answer questions before election

4 questions Councilman Harman STILL won't answer before the election! Oh he can wave on the street, but he can't answer some simple questions.

johenry: 4th try and Councilman Harman still won't answer questions before election

4 questions Councilman Harman STILL won't answer before the election!

The fact the councilman refuses to answer these questions for anyone should tell you not to vote for him.

johenry: 4 questions Councilman Harman STILL won't answer before the election!

The fact the councilman refuses to answer these questions for anyone should tell you not to vote for him.

I posted the following questions below the Councilman's letter ( to the editor and he wouldn't respond ...

johenry: 4 questions Councilman Harman won't answer before the election

I posted the following questions below the Councilman's letter ( to the editor and he wouldn't respond ...

johenry: The Logsdon legacy: indecent exposure

We have been exposed to his lies, deceitful acts and bumbling behavior. There ought to be a law against it!

Your taxes are not getting reduced.

johenry: Stop lap dancing with Mayor Logsdon

Does anyone really believe the PTC council vote on TDK? They're just trying to get the public to back down.

I believe the council said the road is on "hold" which means it can come back at any time. I love the part about the city council "unofficially" signaling the Fayette County Commission (oh how weak). Why wouldn't the city officially tell the county commission?? This is another smoke screen! Coweta County will make all kinds of promises and then everyone will jump back into action building the extension.

johenry: Twice burned with Logsdon

Read his lips ... another tax increase in Peachtree City.

Lowes wants in on TDK ... wonderful.

How much abuse can we take on TDK?

johenry: We don't want a used car from Harold Logsdon

Don't you just love how Mayor Logsdon is rounding up his yes men for the June 19 panel on growth.

Just like the used car salesman with only two models on the lot, he'll try to convince us that we would look great in a TDK Extension or a low mileage Big Box Store.

johenry: TDK for dummies

1. Extending TDK was never about relieving traffic. Steve was right.

2. Some of the same Fayette County developers and their Chamber of Commerce mouthpiece promoting TDK are the same people wanting to load it with houses and big boxes.

johenry: Why no answer on who is paying in PTC?

Many weeks ago, I asked local developer Scott Bradshaw who paid for the free shindig for the West Village Impact Fee Committee? He said the taxpayers did not pay for the private lunch for the Impact Fee Committee.

johenry: Never thought we would consider moving from PTC

“I think the only legacy left to consider is how much more of Peachtree City’s heritage of careful planning will they end up trashing.

johenry: Logsdon won't change

The news article below only proves what we already knew in the first place, Harold Logsdon was lying again.

TDK is key to getting OK for big Coweta project

johenry: How bad can it get in PTC and Fayette County?

More proof that we’ve got probably the worst city council in the history of Fayette County on our hands.

God forbid that we listen to those idiots (a.k.a. “voters," "homeowners" and "citizens”) about annexation. Peachtree City only sent out the citizen surveys to appease them, not to ask for direction. Councilwoman Cyndi Plunkett has turned out to be Peachtree City’s version of Marie Antoinette. We’re going to get a “proactive” annexation. Is that anything like rectal exam?

johenry: City Scandal: Good mayor/bad mayor

It looks like Lawrenceville has their own version of the "tennis center" fraud going on. The similarities are frightening. Good old boys playing with numbers behind closed doors. New mayor steps in and finds hanky panky going on. Good old boys say they would never do anything wrong. Taxpayers get stuck with the bill.

johenry: Annexation: Our stanards are falling like a rock

I was reading the “Tweaked annex bid gets PTC kudos” (Tue, 01/23/2007 ) article and I’m left wondering why the kudos? The Wieland guys are getting 495 houses on land where the current zoning calls for 150 houses. What are we getting in return for making the developer wealthy? Reading the article, I would say not much.


There is a freeze warning tonight for north of Georgia Highway 16, so everyone be careful.

johenry: Get used to this headline with TDK

You can bet we will see this more often.

PTC collisions up in 2006
Thu, 01/18/2007 - 3:46pm
By: The Citizen
Hwys. 54/74 top accident site

johenry: "Stay the course" isn't working Mayor Logsdon

Here we go again! Peachtree City getting slapped over the head over TDK.

“So far the city has paid about $500,000 towards the project including design work, and Mayor Harold Logsdon said the city will not pay any more. Although local governments are allowed to overrule GRTA decisions for projects in their jurisdiction, Peachtree City cannot do that because the requirement stems from the 3,000-home McIntosh Village project planned for Coweta County."

johenry: A planning commission meeting that will live in infamy

I can’t agree more with the townspeople begging the city council of PTC to hit the brakes on the out of control growth. Anyone who went to Monday’s planning commission meeting would have been traumatized by the development projects on the table for passage!

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