We don't want a used car from Harold Logsdon

Don't you just love how Mayor Logsdon is rounding up his yes men for the June 19 panel on growth.

Just like the used car salesman with only two models on the lot, he'll try to convince us that we would look great in a TDK Extension or a low mileage Big Box Store.

It's amazing how everyone has seen the light regarding Logsdon. A lot of the fair weather, see which way the wind is blowing, people like Spear Guy and McDonoughDawg are now speaking up. It's really too bad they didn't have their eyes open when they were in the voting booth!

The mayor recently told a neighbor of mine that he still wants more big box stores. The guy has no vision.

Why are so many people surprised that crime rates are climbing all across Fayette County now? We are getting what we deserve, because only a handful of people are willing to stand up to the thugs who want to ruin this place.

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Submitted by Roadrunner on Wed, 05/30/2007 - 12:12pm.

Is it open to the public? TDK has to die. With just the decisions so far: recent annexation west of 74 & Coweta going forward with its mega-development, we're screwed traffic-wise. If there's a bright side, I will probably have to move closer to my job before the extra crime brought in by all the new big box store development takes hold! Gee, I'm not usually so positive. Guess I'm in a glass half-full kind of mood.

Submitted by TDK Foe on Tue, 05/29/2007 - 8:24pm.

Who cares if he calls a meeting of the TDK profiteers? This bit of sad sack propaganda has already failed, just like TDK will. We will stop that road. PTC ain't dead yet!! The acute nature of the crisis is actually a good thing, as it will motivate everyone to vote!!

Submitted by skyspy on Tue, 05/29/2007 - 5:32pm.

You know the "good" people always cut and run before the criminal element gets a strong hold. We are exactly where riverdale was 20 some years ago. It's not to hard to see what is coming next.

Most people do not support harold and his band of drunk flunkies. The problem is most people aren't willing to step to the plate and do anything about it. It's just easier to move.

You are right about the people who voted for him, they are all very disgusted with his lies. Most of those people won't vote for him if he is foolish enough to run for office again. (of course if he makes enough money this time he won't have to run again will he? wink wink) Not only would most people not vote for him again, but most of them wouldn't pee on him if he was on fire.

Submitted by John M on Tue, 05/29/2007 - 6:02pm.

Come on Johenry, the Spear admitted he made a mistake with his enthusiastic (yet blind) support of Logsdon. You continually rub his face in it. What gives? McDawg is against TDK and Lowes, but he still chimes in for Logsdon every now and then. However, I have not heard the Spear say a single positive thing about Logsdon ever since he broke his tax reduction pledge in 2005.

The discussion on TDK in June is a big, fat joke. Did you notice Logsdon didn't invite GRTA? And the Coweta guy is a big friend of ours too, thank God he was invited.

People are really upset about the TDK deal and the fact that Logsdon still wants to go through with it. You got to know that Logsdon is probably doubling-up at the Y-Knot to get the courage to keep pushing the stupid road.

"I'm NOT John Munford"

Submitted by McDonoughDawg on Tue, 05/29/2007 - 9:05pm.

But you see what good that did...

Until the Mayor actually votes for a "big box", I reserve the right to have a differing opinion. I would also give up hope for him if he voted for changing a prominent corner in town from a Church to a 24 hour drug store. But I doubt we would ever have a Mayor do something that stupid. Smiling

Submitted by Doug on Wed, 05/30/2007 - 8:48pm.

As one of the stupid Lutherans, I appreciate the fact that Steve cared enough to look out for our church.

I guess it's ok that your church picked up and moved to a larger location, because it's your church Mr. loan shark!

Argue your point with God, not us.


nuk's picture
Submitted by nuk on Thu, 05/31/2007 - 11:03am.

God doesn't decide re-zonings in PTC apparently. Not much to argue with him about.


Submitted by dollaradayandfound on Thu, 05/31/2007 - 4:18am.

what you mean. Did you want the several million from the drug store, or not? God could have done wonders with that money, couldn't he. No Luthern would ever again have to tith.
Who is the loan shark?

Git Real's picture
Submitted by Git Real on Tue, 05/29/2007 - 6:16pm.

Have mercy on Spear Road Guy. Poor dude's gone through some difficult times since confessing and defending himself against his past poor judgment. Give him a break. Voting for Logsdon and confessing is like admitting that you slept with Hillary Clinton or Mudcat. Both are embarrassing to admit to and..... well you know.


"That man was Griffin Judicial Circuit District Attorney Scott Ballard".


mudcat's picture
Submitted by mudcat on Tue, 05/29/2007 - 7:04pm.

Git, I take that personally. You would have a different opinion had we ever got to "know" one another. Hillary, ugh, for sure. And I am probably going to change back to my cute little kitty avitar since the Hillary image is going downhill fast.

So, do you like my new picture? meow

Git Real's picture
Submitted by Git Real on Tue, 05/29/2007 - 7:25pm.

Perhaps that was a touch on the cruel side. I was just playing off your warm relationship with the Spear Road Guy and your new pic. If it makes you feel any better I'm sure you've been called worse by better. Smiling

Gosh.... I sounded about like you going after Steve. Eye-wink


"That man was Griffin Judicial Circuit District Attorney Scott Ballard".


mudcat's picture
Submitted by mudcat on Wed, 05/30/2007 - 6:51pm.

No question about that. Do you know my hubby?

And I know better than anyone that my brown obsession is wrong, innapproriate and way over the top. I can't help it after the emotional and financial pain we suffered during his regime.

He accomplished nothing except turning out a witch hunt against developers and those that support them.

Submitted by dollaradayandfound on Thu, 05/31/2007 - 4:37am.

I knew it, I knew it! A developer.
Sleezy way to become very rich.
Even the people you hire to develop are sleezy for the most part.
Ever been around a development much? Terrible goings on.
We don't need developers to provide for us, we can do it ourselves.

Git Real's picture
Submitted by Git Real on Wed, 05/30/2007 - 10:28pm.

No question about that. Do you know my hubby?

Do you know my wife?

I can't help it after the emotional and financial pain we suffered during his regime.

Well I would say that if the developments were wrong for the city and it's residents then perhaps you shouldn't have been rewarded for your development ambitions. So Steve stood up for the desires of the majority at the time (And that majority seems to be with him again) and that makes it OK for you to attack him him viciously day after day in a Basmati-like manner? The difference between Steve's opponents and Steve is that unlike his detractors he never once tried to profit off of his position as mayor. Other than him being a tad bit arrogant as mayor at least he was a "tad bit arrogant & honest mayor".

Sorry about you financial struggles. I hate to wish those on anybody. Even if they were from bad land deals. (if I'm understanding what you're saying correctly)


"That man was Griffin Judicial Circuit District Attorney Scott Ballard".


mudcat's picture
Submitted by mudcat on Thu, 05/31/2007 - 5:56am.

Not a developer just one of the support people. There was no particular "bad" development prevented during Brown's regime. Instead, he and his cronies put a moratorium on all development - good, bad and otherwise. Those who never had a chance for plan review were shut out. Landowners who had zoning and a contract had sales fall through because the buyers had no way of knowing how long the moratorium would last. The city image became one of anti-growth with an uncooperative government. Retail users stayed away in droves.

Several people at PCDC and Group VI lost jobs or were demoted during that period. Hard to get sympathy for those companies here, but the individuals affected were simply good people doing an honest job, landscaping, surveying, draftsman, secretary, accountant. Jim Pace and Doug Mitchell who may be responsible for the anti-development feeling were not hurt at all - just the regular folks.

Fortunately the Homebuilder's Association sued and the illegal moratorium was declared exactly that and was overturned, but without that action brown and his clowns would have kept it in place forever. A moratorium against developers seems like a popular way of punishing fat cats and getting control of growth, but illegal is illegal. Imagine a moratorium against another industry - like auto repair or restaurants or flower shops. How much support do you think something like that would have?

Brown was not an arrogant and honest mayor, he had no skills or business background to be arrogant about and his "honesty" was actually stupidity and lack of experience. He simply could not think thigs through to a logical conclusion. He operated in sound bites and populist causes - much like Hilary is doing today. I really need to change my picture.

bad_ptc's picture
Submitted by bad_ptc on Thu, 05/31/2007 - 9:15am.

Mudcat, please

”Several people at PCDC and Group VI lost jobs or were demoted during that period.”

I invite you to look here if that is what you were told. Group VI seems to have done rather well for it self during that time period.

Or maybe you should read “Fayette/Coweta Business
Date: March 13, 2003 Publication: Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Pathway leads in home site closings.
Pathway Communities, a development company based in Peachtree City, ranked No. 1 in metro Atlanta last year with the most home site closings by a developer.
There were 558 home site closings during 2002.
The same company accounted for 40 percent of the new home sales in Coweta County priced over $130,000 last year.

Looks like “Pathways” was doing just fine without you.

Steve, it’s ALL your fault, this all happened “during your watch”.

“Feb. 19, 2004 - Former Chief Executive Jeff Skilling charged in federal court with fraud, insider trading and lying about Enron's finances ahead of the company's collapse.” Steve, how could you let this happen?

“NEW YORK, March 5 -- Martha Stewart, who built a media empire on her sense of domestic style, was found guilty Friday of conspiring with her broker to obstruct a federal investigation into her personal stock sales.” Steve, have you no shame?

Steve, look what you did. “Aug. 11, 2004, 10:10 AM ET NEW YORK - With Donald Trump's casinos slated to enter bankruptcy for the second time, the question naturally arises: Why does Trump bother?” Steve, I thought your and the “Donald” were friends?

9/28/2004 11:51 PM - Delta flies toward clouds of Chapter 11
By Marilyn Adams, USA TODAY Delta Air Lines (DAL) on Tuesday slashed pay for most workers, and pilots agreed to contract changes that should prevent a wave of pilot retirements from pushing it into bankruptcy protection. But it may be too late to save the USA's No. 3 airline from bankruptcy court. Steve, some Delta employees live in PTC, you should have done something!

Mudcat, did you ever stop to consider that you and/or “hubby” were to blame?

Maybe management decided to outsource those positions as they weren’t profitable to keep in-house.

Submitted by johenry on Thu, 05/31/2007 - 9:00am.

Robe-Mudcat W. Morgan has hit the bottom! Do you really think anyone buys into your Direct PAC bull any more??? Please get into a 12 step program for lying.

Steve kept retail and restaurants out of Peachtree City, give us a break! We had more new businesses then than we do now. If Peachtree City was viewed as such an unattractive place, why did Target fight him to get in along with all of the other stores that came with it. There were easily a dozen restaurants that opened too.

You're just sad because your development buddies couldn't buy project rezonings from City Hall while Steve was in office. I'm sure it was a bummer for you that he busted your development authority friends too (the ones you called great business men - the ones who couldn't keep their hands out of the cookie jar), but your Mayor Logsdon covered that mess for you with our tax dollars!!!

Your jealous.

The developers won the last city election and we're paying for it. Hopefully, the voters will make some changes the next time around and give you something more to whine about.

Submitted by dollaradayandfound on Thu, 05/31/2007 - 6:44am.

I regret someone you knew or liked lost their jobs, or that you may have lost some contracts due to a moratorium. I do agree that people can work on the fringes of developers and be honest and straight forward although their bosses may not be.
However we do have laws (moratoriums) against strip joints, hip-hop bars, pawn shops, prostitution, payday loan shops, and many, many other businesses, and people also work in those places who are innocent.
Ever stop to think how much easier it would now be to have a "planned" living place if we had stopped wide-open development?

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