Chattahoochee Hills Police Officer Assassinated

If you haven't heard, a near-by police officer was gunned down while driving down a dirt road just outside of Palmetto. For those of you who don't understand why a police officer is on the defensive on a "routine" traffic stop, this is why. Things like this are becoming more and more common around our country. Even in so-called "safe" areas like this.

Pickpocket Scam on Elderly Around PTC

I heard today on WSB radio about a pickpocket ring targeting seniors around Newnan and PTC. WSB said there are descriptions and video on those responsible.

Left turns on a highway when you don't have a RED Light

To all those who stop behind the white line in the left turn lane when the green arrow disappears and there is a green light,,,

Coweta County under minority rule

I found this website on

Cell Phone and Texting Bans While Driving

OK, lets switch gears from the "my guy" is better than "your guy" sparring.

With the recent and tragic train crash in Chatsworth, Ca., much attention and action was taken due to the texting activities and the possible distraction of the train operator. With that said, what are some of your opinions regarding a ban on the use of cell phones and texting while driving here in Georgia?

Reward for Identification - Golfcart hit&run near Kedron, 7/20

At approximately 5:30p.m. Sunday afternoon, a red golfcart with three? teenagers followed a red EZ-GO cart driven by a 17-year old girl with her 15-year old sister on board. They began following the girls around the area of the PTC Aquatic Center and chased them through the tunnel leading to Sagamore/Ardenlee. After exiting the tunnel, the occupants of the unidentified golf cart threw a blue dum-dum lollipop at the passenger. It bounced into the face of the driver and she hit a tree. Both girls were hurt - the passenger fell off of the cart. The other golf cart then rammed into the EZ-Go with the driver still on board. The front axle of the cart was bent, the windshield and one headlight were knocked off, and the batteries were jumbled under the seat.

IF you want greater gun control...

If you want greater gun control... then be willing to post a big sign in your yard that states you are in favor of greater gun control laws.

Ballard: No Prison for Most Internet Predators

Hayes chides DA Ballard for child predator sentences
Tue, 07/08/2008 - 4:27pm
By: John Munford

Ballard: Office ‘aggressively prosecutes’ the crime

Scott Ballard Aids and abets Convicted Child Molester

In a transcript of Ballard’s testimony in the hearing, Ballard told the court that in the past while Allen had been treated for sexual-related issues, he felt they had “missed” the real root of Allen’s problem: alcohol.

Dispelling myths and lies about sheriff candidates

There have been many scurrilous charges spread about the various candidates for Fayette County sheriff in the upcoming election.

Sheriff Election

I must admit I am new to the area. I have lived here for about 2 years. My wife was born and raised here so we came back.

I thought he was drunk

Coming back from church this morning, I was behind a late model Buick La Crosse on Highway 74. It was weaving erratically from side to side, wandering over into the emergency lane and then overcorrecting into the leftmost lane.

Hit and Run in Hartford, Connecticut

I can't believe that this happened in this country!!

A 78 yeard old man is a hit and run vicitm

Graphic surveillance video, discretion advised.

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