Morale at Hood Ave

Tue, 08/11/2009 - 5:12pm
By: hier56

Just wondering if anyone knows why employee morale at Hood Ave is so low?

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Submitted by hier56 on Wed, 08/26/2009 - 9:27pm.

How is that morale at Hood these days?

Submitted by Sassy528 on Wed, 08/12/2009 - 8:45pm.

Wow, I must have missed that memo in my box: Morale is low at Hood Avenue. Hood Avenue is a TEAM and our team includes OUR principal. Our principal supports us and our students. We set high expectations for our students. Every team member has an essential role in our success and we are meeting our goals. Why does it matter what kind of car the principal drives? When you have a doctorate degree, I think you have earned the right to drive any kind of car you want. There are several reserved parking spaces in our lot. Is that not acceptable? Please don’t kid yourself into thinking administration is effecting morale at our school. We are all tired at the end of the day, but trust me, we are tight family that truly cares about the kids and each other.

Submitted by hier56 on Wed, 10/28/2009 - 10:58am.

Don't kid yourself.

Submitted by normal on Wed, 08/12/2009 - 7:32pm.

This is how crap starts flowing. Keep your opinion to your self. You post your low opinion about a principle and I dont think many really care. Just let the staff and families at that school do the best they can and you stay out of it. Pick on Obamas health care plan that will keep you busy

Submitted by LostIslander on Thu, 09/03/2009 - 2:45am.

Did you really direct a reader to keep their opinion quiet? You not only have been provided a convenient means to express *your* opinion, you didn't even have to buy postage to do so. It is a privilege to have so that everyone within reach may express his or her own opinion. This is an editorial section, which perhaps you don't understand.

Your directive is somewhat dictatorial. Maybe your time would better spent improving your grammar and punctuation failings.

" . . . crap" is hardly a sophisticated or intelligent word choice, and to which "principle" were you referring? Scientific laws? Moral laws? Laws of reason?

Submitted by hier56 on Thu, 08/13/2009 - 5:48pm.

If I did pick on Obama's health care plan, would you try to suppress that speech as well? I have a feeling you would.

Submitted by Linda Wheatley on Wed, 08/12/2009 - 8:05pm.

I am simply answering the question that was posed. That is what this forum is for-stating your opinion-Freedom of Speech....

Submitted by Linda Wheatley on Wed, 08/12/2009 - 7:08pm.

The reason for the low morale is the "principal". She used to be the principal at my children's school and our school had the same problems under her watch. Luckily, they swapped the principals at Hood Avenue and PTC Elem. We got a wonderful principal and Hood Avenue got the principal they have now. Morale starts at the top. My children's school has maintained strong morale despite paycuts and furloughs because of excellent leadership. Sorry Hood Avenue-it is a shame- because you are a great school.

Submitted by momma on Wed, 08/12/2009 - 12:31pm.

Sounds like you are asking a question you already know the answer to.

Submitted by AtHomeGym on Tue, 08/11/2009 - 5:24pm.

Who says it is low? I was in the Intermediate school last week to deliver some school supplies to a teacher and my wife and I were both impressed by the friendliness and attitudes of all we came in contact with. The teacher I delivered supplies to said she just loved teaching there, folks were great and very professional. And just so you know, I do not know anyone there personally and do not have any kids in FC schools.

Submitted by hier56 on Tue, 08/11/2009 - 5:31pm.

Not the same school... Hood Ave is down the hill...

Submitted by Hunny on Tue, 08/11/2009 - 7:54pm.

Have you not been reading the news? For one thing, teachers are people too, in fact most of us are also parents. We feel the sting of the economy, furloughs, pay cut, proposed future furloughs, in addition to the uncertainty of our health benefits, etc. We are caught in the middle of this mess with no fault of our own. We don't lead glamorous lives, we do NOT drive expensive cars. We do however spend an unlimited amount of our own money in our classrooms and we do it because we want the best for our students. If we didn't want to be here we wouldn't. Our jobs are our passion. Can you put a price on that?
But, back to your question... I'm not sure who you came in contact with that made you feel strong enough to post it. The faculty and staff at Hood are some of the most dedicated, hard working, and professional people I have ever come in contact with.
Hood is a very special place where the teachers and staff make all students feel that they are wanted and valued. I can't say that about ALL Fayette County Schools.

Submitted by hier56 on Tue, 08/11/2009 - 8:15pm.

Hunny, not at all an attack on teachers, believe me, I know all too well the life of a teacher. It's just come to my attention that many unhappy teachers are at Hood and there have been written complaints to DeCotis over the last couple years with serious complaints about the administration. Have you driven by the parking lot lately. The parking slot labeled "Principle" always has a Mercedes parked in it. That's not the issue though. I agree with you that the faculty at Hood are some of the most special people in Fayette County, I just think you are misinformed if you think they are happy with the way the school is being run. They are definitely dedicated and hard working, but happy, I think not.

Submitted by PTCGOIL on Wed, 08/12/2009 - 1:14pm.

If there is a parking slot at one of our schools labeled "principle", there is a much bigger problem than morale there.
And a Mercedes...Oh, My!!!

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