Cop Reports 072209

Tue, 07/21/2009 - 3:43pm
By: The Citizen

The following arrests were reported by local law enforcement agencies for the past week. All persons are considered innocent until proven guilty:

Fayette County Sheriff’s Office

Monday, July 13 - Monday, July 20
Ronald Eugene Banks, Jr., 19, of Moon Shadow Ridge, Fayetteville, for aggravated assault.
Christopher Justin Jones, 22, of Morning Creek Lane, Fayetteville, for possession of drug related objects and marijuana less than one ounce.
Tammy Leigh Jones, 32, of Country Lane Drive, Fayetteville, for probation violation.
Herbert Kilpatrick, 57, of Montreat Avenue, Atlanta, for DUI, DUI less safe, open container, driving on roadways laned for traffic.
Joshua Niam McClarin, 28, of King Road, Riverdale, for probation violation.
Melissa A. Seldon, 44, of Tara Bend, Hampton, for deposit account fraud.
April Rose Thedy, 27, of Loblolly Ridge, Locust Grove, for waiting on warrants.
James Richard Boykin, 17, Cobblestone Boulevard, Fayetteville, for waiting on warrants.
William Errol Brown, 34, of Barnacle Street, Marietta, for abandonment of a child.
Eric Monte Drake, 34, of Bentley Way, Fayetteville, for aggravated assault, drug violation and battery.
Michael Hand, 55, of Bernard Road, Fayetteville, for theft by conversion.
Angie Cheryl Hanvey, 47, of Ebenezer Road, Fayetteville, for deposit account fraud.
Dirk Perry Hunter, 48, of Evesham Avenue, Peachtree City, for simple assault.
Mario Dewayne Mims, 31, of Second Street, Concord, for probation violation.
Levenda Leshawn Paige, 26, of Atwood Street, Atlanta, for suspended license and seatbelt violation.
Nexahualpiyi Alvere Pena, 24, of Peachtree Parkway, Peachtree City, for no license and driving unsafe or improperly equipped vehicle.
Denise Lorraine Thompson, 32, Meadow Glen Parkway, Fairburn, for suspended license and unregistered vehicle.
Edwin Arriola, 19, of Hwy. 54, Fayetteville, for no license and failure to obey stop and yield signs.
Greg William Betsill, 53, of Main Street, Griffin, for suspended license.
Jose Angel Castaneda, 33, of Woodland Avenue, Atlanta, for no license.
Orlando Perez Glass, 32, of Meadowbrook Court, Fayetteville, for probation violation.
Christopher Ryan Hayes, 18, of Chestlehurst Drive, Fayetteville, for disorderly conduct.
Atiya Tricole Lee, 28, of Middleton Road, Atlanta, for waiting on warrants.
Rosa Maria Lima-Hernandez, 27, of Bradford Drive, Fayetteville, for invalid registration and no license.
Jeremy Lavarus Maddox, 23, of Hwy. 54, Fayetteville, for criminal damage to property.
Guillermo Medrano-Rosas, 34, of Watonga Boulevard, Houston, Tx., for no license and safety belt use.
Santiago Monroy Morales, 20, of Briar Creek Court, Conyers, for non-residence 30-day tag, no license and driving unsafe vehicle.
Charles Ike Njoko, 50, of Starling Trail, Hampton, for deposit account fraud.
Augustin Ojeda-Diaz, 26, of Fleetwood Drive, Fayetteville, for no license.
Arturo Rodriquez-Nieves, 27, Peachtree Station Circle, Peachtree City, for brake light, turn signal violation and no license.
Amador Santibanez-Gomez, 31, of 13th Street, Cumming, for tail light violation and no license.
Elviran Jarquin Sosa, 37, of Walls Circle, Fairburn, for no license.
Monica Cork Stewart, 38, of Lakeview Court, Fayetteville, for public intoxication, criminal trespass and simple battery.
Jeysi Savier Turcios-Amador, 22, of Sweetbriar Drive, Palmetto, for seatbelt violation and no license.
Steven Antonio Butler, 52, of Cedarwood Drive, College Park, for suspended license and windshield violation.
Angel Cervantes-Rico, 39, of Westchester Drive, East Point, for no license and seatbelt violation.
Jeremy Sherod Fowler, 22, of Dolly Nixon Road, Senoia, for DUI less safe, no license and driving on roadways laned for traffic.
Daijoue Patrise Jackson, 27, of Church Street, Riverdale, for failure to appear.
Shadrach Muslim Qawiy, 34, Peppertree Drive, Jonesboro, for DUI and driving on wrong side of road.
Marcelino Higuera Rayo, 40, of West Lane, Fairburn, for waiting on warrants.
Darrell Wilson Whittington, 59, of Walding Landing, Hampton, for endangering child while DUI x 2, DUI alcohol and aggressive driving.
Kenya Latrice Williams, 19, of Emery Place, Atlanta, for probation violation.
Luis Manuel Bautista, 29, of Jackson’s Mill Way, Lilburn, for windshield violation and no license.
Bronson Shane Crawford, 29, of Dodson Road, Union City, for burglary, fraud, financial identity fraud and financial transaction card theft.
Ivan Cruz-Garcia, 23, of Singleton Road, Norcross, for bake light violation and no license.
Eric Paul Greer, 40, of Hwy. 142, Covington, for marijuana less and one ounce.
Stephani Cordell Greer, 29, of Hwy. 142, Covington, for DUI drugs, suspended license and unsafe vehicle.
Deanna Michelle Haddon, 36, of Feather Drive, Douglasville, for fraud and financial identity.
Anastacio Lopez-Hernandez, 26, of Maple Street, Hapeville, for no license and approaching authorized emergency vehicle.
Marcus James Robinson, 22, of Riverhill Drive, Riverdale, for marijuana and license to be carried an exhibited on demand.
Carlos Kevin Smalls, 46, of Woodburn Court, College Park, for probation violation.
Thomas Marshall Smith, 59, of Holley Court, East Point, for probation violation.
Briontione Deutraz Stevenson, 24, of Valley Hill Roade, Riverdale, for probation violation.
Rodney Keith Trice, 42, of Wellington Drive, Union City, for probation violation.

Fayetteville Police Department

Dakota John Socha, 17, of Cedar Grove road, Fairburn, for possession of alcohol by a minor and traffic offenses.
Jordan Leigh Mortimer, 18, of Maple Leaf Drive, McDonough, for possession of alcohol by a minor.
Noble Henry Thompson, 35, of Firethorn Lane, Fayetteville, for traffic offenses.
Sonia Garcia, 34, of Club Drive, Ellenwood, for traffic offenses.
Jerald Michael Fowler, 20, of May Street, Senoia, for simple assault and criminal trespass less the $500.
Rayshawn Lamont Jeffries, 24, of Georgia Avenue, Fayetteville, for wanted person (Clayton).
Alphanso Brian McCaskill, 21, of Deerfield Drive, Jonesboro, for probation violation and traffic offense.
Jesse Chantz Carlton, 32, of Jolly Avenue, Fayetteville, for failure to appear and marijuana less than one ounce.
Billy Edward Pollard, 28, of Brown Spring Road, Fayetteville, for traffic offenses.
Walt Carl Gurley, 49, of Rehobeth Way, Fayetteville, for DUI alcohol, wanted person (Pickens) and carrying a weapon by a felon.
Charlotte Bellefleur, 39, of Highland Circle, McDonough, for failure to appear.
Martin D. Quattlebaum, 19, of Kendrick Road, Jonesboro, for failure to appear.
Brittany N. Freeman, 24, of Heritage Lake Drive, Fayetteville, for traffic offenses and less than one ounce of marijuana.
Robert Dural Morris, 18, of Rainer Drive, Atlanta, for traffic offenses.
Gary Robin Parr, 55, of Woodgate Drive, Fayetteville, for public peace.
Nancy Louise Sakalan, 23, of Paces Way, Fayetteville, for traffic offenses.
Steven Robert Buckley, 55, of Baker Road, Acworth, for traffic offenses.
Safa Khafagy, 28, of Landing Drive, Fayetteville, for traffic offense.
Emario Xavier Malcom, 18, of Kipling Way, Riverdale, for shoplifting.
Linsey Wilkins, 18, of Pointe South Parkway, Jonesboro, for shoplifting.
Liquisa Lyvette Lester, 18, of Beechwood Trace, Riverdale, for shoplifting.
David Alan Bohanon, 61, of Hunters Glen, Fayetteville, for DUI drugs.
John Underwood Fleming, 42, of Cedar Drive, Riverdale, for traffic offenses.
Wallace Anthony Payne, 45, of Dunellen Lane, Jonesboro, for traffic offense.
Donna Kay Isenhour, 45, of Farr Road, Griffin, for interfering with police.
Gergory Nathaniel Clifton, 18, of Sharon Drive, Fayetteville, for possession of alcohol by a minor.
Victor Ornelas Franco, 24, of Pine Street, Fairburn, for traffic offense.
Stephen L. Montgomery, 23, of Robinhood Drive, Ellenwood, for wanted person (Morrow).
Angel N. Bradley, 28, of Wildwood Circle, Griffin, for wanted person (Griffin).
James Bennett Bradley, 26, of Wildwood Circle, Griffin, for wanted person (Henry).
Luz Modesto Chavez-Chairez, 28, of Johnson Street, Forest Park, for traffic offenses.
George Devin Reynolds, 23, of Brass Ring Road, Jonesboro, for wanted person (U.S. Army).
Timothy Alan Nunes, 17, of Corinth Road, Jonesboro, for possession of alcohol by a minor.
Jemiere Akeem Hampton, 18, of Den Creek Trail, Fayetteville, for possession of alcohol by a minor.

Peachtree City Police Department

Wednesday, July 15
Kenya M. Hughes, 32, of Childress Drive SW, Atlanta for loitering.
Clyde L. Wells, 54, of Courtland Street, Atlanta for forgery.
Thursday, July 16
Edward Vargas, 30, of Field Street, Newnan for simple battery (family violence).
Jose Perez-Zepeda, 29, of N. 14th Street, Newnan for driving without a license and a windshield violation.
David Edward Blanton, 61, of Tantallon, Peachtree City for DUI and failure to maintain lane.
Trudy Marie Iarocci, 43, of Drumcliff Court, Tyrone for DUI, possession of hydrocodone and possession of alprazolam.
A juvenile, 15, of Peachtree City for littering and possession of marijuana (less than one ounce).
Asa L. Murray IV, 32, of Sawtooth Lane, McDonough for driving with a suspended license and a seat belt violation.
Nicholas Scott Rilling, 21, of Colling Tree Court, McDonough for violation of probation.
Corey Cornell Osley, 27, of Garden Walk Boulevard, College Park for obstruction of a police officer, a seat belt violation and an arrest warrant from Lucas County, Ohio for child neglect.
Britny Ann Ivanov, 20, of Southland Lane, Newnan for underage possession of alcohol and DUI.
Quyen Lam Phan, 19, of Tall Oaks Way, Monroe for forgery in the first degree, financial transaction card theft and financial transaction card fraud.
Saturday, July 18
Cory Allen McElmurray, 21, of Peachtree Station Circle, Peachtree City for furnishing alcohol to a minor and possession of an open container of alcohol.
Nathan William Davis, 24, of Ga. Highway 85 south, Riverdale for violation of probation.
Richard H. Johnston, 46, of Gingercake Road, Fayetteville for DUI, speeding and reckless driving.
Sunday, July 19
Jayn Catherine Lindlief, 44, of Rolling Green, Peachtree City for DUI, possession of an open container of alcohol and driving with a suspended license.
Monday, July 20
Christina L. Fries, 39, of Forth Street, Newnan for driving with a suspended license and a stop sign violation.
Christopher S. Kaufman, 25, of Cochran Road, Hiram for violation of probation.
Michael Keith Forsyth, 40, of Old Corinth Road, Newnan for DUI and failure to maintain lane.

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Submitted by fc1989 on Wed, 07/22/2009 - 9:24pm.

Where are all the Horganites calling for legalizing pot. If we just legalized pot and driving without a license then crime in Fayette County would be non existent. Do you see a pattern with the driving w/o a license??? Obviously we are living in a repressive police state. Help us Obama!! We need tranparent government and police that go after the real criminals..........Wall Street bankers getting bonuses!!!!!!

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