FreeSpeech for 07-22-09

Tue, 07/21/2009 - 3:41pm
By: The Citizen

Could the missing signs and the walking signs in Peachtree City be one and the same?

Okay, Kroger, your redesign sucks enough to stop traffic and taxes. It’s only a matter of time before before someone gets run over trying to into or out of your newly re-designed store in Fayetteville. You have people running into each other trying to get into and out of the exit doors, and if you park near the entrance doors, you take your life in your hands getting back to your car.

Can any one tell me why every time I go to the fire station in the Fayetteville Pavilion that there is never anyone there? What’s going to happen if we really need you for something and need you fast?

I can’t quite figure out these so-called patriotic tea baggers. Bush left office after eight years in office with the country stuck with the largest debt in our history. Now we have the same folks who got us in this mess in the first place running around crying that the roof is falling in and calling for mass protests against President Obama and his efforts to get the Bush oxen out of the ditch. Tea baggers, where were you during the eight Bush years when he was leading our country into bankruptcy? Where was your sense of moral disgust and patriotic zeal then?

Why don’t we raise the SPLOST and save it for a reserve fund in case the economy gets worse and not better? Instead, we will be wasting the money. And what is the justification for the tax increase for more spending (rather than a reserve fund)? So we can pay off the opulent Justice Center debt. Who was involved in designing that palace? It looks like something Saddam Hussein would build. The Justice Center is 10 years old and if it is still a financial burden then you people overspent.

It is time we replace every politician, especially at the local level. The cities and county want another SPLOST and they always default to raising taxes to cover shortfalls rather than downsizing. The TEA Party concept seems to elude their minds. My company has cut back and downsized and I expect our government to do the same. The next mayor of Peachtree City needs to replace tax and spend liberal Bernie McMullen. I thought I moved to a conservative town.

Re: people not carrying pooper scoopers in Peachtree City. Does it ever occur to you that a lot of dog owners have their own property and just or walk or run with their dogs for exercise? You dog poop worriers — why don’t you find something else to worry about?

Now that the upgrades of Jimmy Mayfield Boulevard have been completed, I would like to suggest the Fayette City Council ask the Georgia DOT to extend Ga. Highway 314 all the way to Hwy. 92.

Fayette County staff is applying for two grants from the state for 50 grand each to landscape the Fairburn/Tyrone county line on Hwy. 74 and Hwy. 85 at the Clayton county line? Then, we taxpayers get to pay for all future design and maintenance of these tree, shrub and flower beds? Are you kidding me?

Fayette County Commissioners may change sick time rules? 100 percent of all unused sick time will be credited into all county employee retirement plans? Since when, in the history of benefits, has sick time become a retirement benefit? We taxpayers would pay our tax money to people who quit or retire from county jobs for NOT being sick? I think not.

To the inebriated member and his inebriated invited guests at Planterra Ridge pool on Saturday: you should be quite ashamed of your behavior in front of the children and families present at the pool. Why did you grown men think it was acceptable to make vulgar comments and use profanity in the presence of children?

Want a recession-proof career? Become the only pool service technician in Peachtree City to provide reliable on-time maintenance and repair. After waiting more than a week for a simple (but pricey) service call, scheduled at their convenience, we know the demand here is high but the supply is dismally low.

Has anyone else noticed how rundown the Post Office on Georgia Avenue in Fayetteville is looking and what poor service there is?

Hey, CLM, good job so far on your trash pickup in Fayetteville. I have one request, however: could you please have your people NOT leave my trash can in the middle of the driveway so I have to stop in the middle of the road to move it before turning in?

It’s the dog days of summer and it’s been brutal in the garden lately with the heat and no rain. But cooler temperatures will surely come and you have to start working now for your fall harvest. Now is the time to start seeds for cabbage, cauliflower and broccoli. Start your seeds indoors with lots of light and in six weeks you can transplant your seedlings into your garden for a wonderful fall harvest. For a fun and colorful surprise, try some of the colored cauliflower varieties. White cauliflower does the best, of course, and the orange cauliflower does well, while the purple cauliflower is definitely the hardest to get a good crop. It is truly a magical morning in the garden when you stumble upon a head of purple cauliflower.

It must be getting close to election time in Tyrone. I see Grace Caldwell is pandering to the vets to get their votes.

The cart path across from McIntosh High School on Walt Banks is beginning to look like a land fill. I walk the area almost daily and have noticed an exponential increase in fast food wrappers and the like.

To those who deposit at the ATM: I take several envelopes with me and keep them in my car. I have my deposit ready and in the envelope when I pull up to the ATM. Don’t pull up to the ATM, leisurely get an envelope, sign your check, make your deposit slip and then put all in the envelope. If you run out of envelopes, get one, and circle the building and pull aside and do your paperwork. Is it that too hard to conceive?

In the July 1, 2009 edition of The Citizen the police reports section listed 13 individuals with Hispanic surnames that had been arrested. And how many of those were driving without a driver’s license? Thirteen. They’ll make great U.S. citizens, don’t you think?

Now that the water restrictions have been canceled, how soon can we expect the water/sewer rates to come back down to their pre-drought levels?

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Cyclist's picture
Submitted by Cyclist on Mon, 07/27/2009 - 8:09am.

So how's the first day back at the "grind"?
Caution - The Surgeon General has determined that constant blogging is an addiction that can cause a sedentary life style.

eodnnaenaj1's picture
Submitted by eodnnaenaj1 on Mon, 07/27/2009 - 9:09am.

What can I say . . .I'd like to be at the beach to catch a little more sun (please refer to lovely photo I sent you, LOL!!) but those darn window envelopes keep coming in the mail and someone has to pay them. My little closet office has no windows, so it's kind of a shock to go from bright sunshine to just me, my lamp and the computer.

You having lots of fun? Keep cool.

Cyclist's picture
Submitted by Cyclist on Mon, 07/27/2009 - 10:25pm.

I just made it back to San Diego for the next job. It's much cooler than El Centro which was 115. It took a long time for my rental jalopy to cool down on the drive to the coast. Next week's trip is in a much cooler part of the country.
Caution - The Surgeon General has determined that constant blogging is an addiction that can cause a sedentary life style.

matt.barnes's picture
Submitted by matt.barnes on Wed, 07/22/2009 - 4:48pm.

Do these guys have to get business licenses or permits? There used to be one. Now I think there are like five and one just drove past my house playing xmas music. I thought that was kinda funny.

Submitted by jwoo on Wed, 07/22/2009 - 3:01pm.

This is why we should legalize pot. RELAX and enjoy life, we only get one ride.

Submitted by PTCGOIL on Wed, 07/22/2009 - 1:49pm.

Barack Obama has announced today that he feels he is entitled (he likes that word) to his own TV channel. He will hold his own press conferences, have his own production company, his own town halls, debate with anyone in the world who had time to waste about anything.

In turn, since he is such a fair-minded politician who agrees to negotiate (not), he has agreed that the world will no longer have to see his face on any other TV channel anywhere. There was a collective sigh of relief and sense of elation at every news channel in the US and abroad.

Submitted by Bonkers on Wed, 07/22/2009 - 4:19pm.

He knows that if he doesn't get all this stuff done now, it won't get done just as in the past!
Remember how they "Borked" Hillary on health care?

If it doesn't happen now, I doubt he will give them the pleasure of killing it again.

zoes's picture
Submitted by zoes on Wed, 07/22/2009 - 11:11am.

"Now that the upgrades of Jimmy Mayfield Boulevard have been completed, I would like to suggest the Fayette City Council ask the Georgia DOT to extend Ga. Highway 314 all the way to Hwy. 92."

It already does. In two places. Go straight across Hwy 85 and you will wind up on 92S proper before you know it. Or turn onto Hwy 85S and follow the 92S signs. "Extending" 314 makes no sense at all.


"Never love anything that can't love you back."

Submitted by RKS on Thu, 07/23/2009 - 12:31pm.

Leave 314 alone....try carpooling or getting out of your car and walking someplace....let's not take away what little beauty is left in this town and turn it into South Riverdale.

Submitted by whynot on Tue, 07/21/2009 - 7:50pm.

I think if you need them fast they probably will turn on their lights and sirens. By the way, how often do you actually go by and stop at the fire station? Do they rotate and balance tires?

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