Spear Road Guy: Election Results You Can Take To The Bank

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SPLOST - loser

Rowland - loser

Barker - big loser

Craig - loser

Boone - big loser

Learnard - loser

Fleisch - close loser

Spear Road Guy: Dirt Pool From Fayette Chairman Jack Smith!!!

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Oh boy! I wrote post a short while ago:

I would hope a CPA would show a little more restraint with our tax dollars. We're taking on $37 million in bonds for a new lake when we've got $60 million in the bank slotted for the stupid Fayetteville bypass.

Spear Road Guy: Jack Smith Is A CPA??? Not With Our Tax Dollars!!!

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I would hope a CPA would show a little more restraint with our tax dollars. We're taking on $37 million in bonds for a new lake when we've got $60 million in the bank slotted for the stupid Fayetteville bypass.

Spear Road Guy: Oh Boy! Tea Party Leaders Already Hooking Up With Dark Side

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Someone told my wife at the Publix that Cindy Fallon is tied to the infamous Mayor Harold Logsdon. She called some of her Republican Women friends and found out the Fallons are cutting big checks to Logsdon's insurance commissioner campaign.

Spear Road Guy: Guesses On Lame Duck Harold's Final Days Anyone?

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1. Callula Hill - the "stupidity at the end of the runway" will pass 3-2.

2. Lame Duck Logsdon starts layoff of 10 more employees to finish the bridge to nowhere.

Spear Road Guy: City Council Willing To Take More DUI's For Cash

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Nancy Reagan was right. JUST SAY "NO."

The city council is taking us to a new low. Everybody knows the 2:30 a.m. extension means more DUIs on our roads!!! They're not drinking milk shakes.

Spear Road Guy: Let's Talk About Candidate Vanessa Fleisch

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Is anyone nervous about a real estate agent running for the city council? As much as I want to see Cindy Plunkett gone, is Fleisch the right one?

Spear Road Guy: No Inmate Laborers In Peachtree City!!!

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A friend of Mayor Logsdon's told me the mayor is considering using inmate labor to save money on trash pick up and public works details as a cost saving measure.

Spear Road Guy: Fayette vs. Clayton

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It looks like the Fayette schools are going to be a whiter version of the Clayton schools.

When I read the Fayette School Board was moth balling the new school in the center of the county, I almost fell out of my chair.

Spear Road Guy: County Commissioners Are Using The "T" Word Again

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I'm just beside myself knowing our county commissioners are rude enough to ask for another SPLOST. When does it stop???

Spear Road Guy: The FCBOE Scare Tactics Works, Barely

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Well it's more and more taxes for us.

Unfortunately, enough people bought the Chicken Little "sky is falling" routine.

Spear Road Guy: Before You Vote On The E-SPLOST: Read This

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It's just amazing how the FCBOE's E-SPLOST guru can't answer a simply question.

I asked Neil Sullivan to explain the over capacity issue since he keeps bragging about what a wonderful job the FCBOE does.

Spear Road Guy: Protest No Votes In My Early Voting

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I didn't vote for several of the candidates who had no competition out of protest!

More people ought to skip those races on the ballot to show the losers we don't want to put up with their crap. Maybe they'll get the message.

Spear Road Guy: SPLOST vs Wall Street

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I was telling some of my conservative frends there is NO difference between the School Board SPLOST and Wall Street.

Tax increases are tax increases, so make no distinctions. Both will cost us.

Spear Road Guy: What Do You Think About This Nicole File Woman?

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I read the piece on her (http://www.thecitizen.com/~citizen0/node/31409) and was amazed.

There is finally someone saying the school board shouldn't be allowed to have blank checks.

Spear Road Guy: What Can We Do About Janet Smola?

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I'm as sick as the next guy about Janet's hide and go seek SPLOST, but what can we do about it?

Has anyone ever thought about running as a write in candidate against her? At the rate she's pissing people off, you just might win.

Spear Road Guy: The Lackluster Logsdon Legacy

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Mike King nailed the horrible Logsdon legacy in another post. I think King got a bad rap for being associated with Logsdon in the last election.

Spear Road Guy: The Very Last Straw For Logsdon

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Incredible, since taking office, the person who ran a campaign on financial reform has officially increased taxes (annually) and increased EVERY fee the city charges.

Spear Road Guy: Capital Development Owns Mayor Logsdon and Boone

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Logsdon sold the developer city property at a fire sale price so the developer could pound us.

Instead of one big box, we're looking at four large stores, two of which will require a special use permit (big boxes with 42,000 and 45,000 square feet.

Spear Road Guy: PTC Just Gets Deeper and Deeper In Trouble

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Finance Director Paul Salvatore warned council that it should be careful not to use cash reserves too much to balance the budget.

Spear Road Guy: Harold Logsdon Wins Big For Developer Again

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I clench my jaw everytime I think about another traffic signal between Highway 74 and Coweta County. How in the heck is that stupid idea ever going to work?

Spear Road Guy: Updated Thoughts On Who To Pick: Ramsey vs. Brown Election

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Update: I went and read all of the letters to the editor and all of the candidate letters and I have drawn another important conclusion.

Spear Road Guy: Thoughts On Who To Pick: Ramsey vs. Brown Election

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Look, the recent political forum, according to what I‘ve heard and read, gives you just two choices to fill House District 72: Steve Brown or Matt Ramsey.

Spear Road Guy: Need A Coming Out Party On The Issues

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The "Don't ask, don't tell" policy needs to be challenged in the District 72 race.

Admittedly, there is a short window of opportunity because the election is 18 Dec 07. But if some of the information I've been given is correct, and I'm checking it out with my Republican Party connections, Matt Ramsey has, in the words of Ricky Ricardo, a lot of "splaining" to do.

Spear Road Guy: Brown was right on impact of TDK Extension

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Steve Brown kept saying if we stop TDK we could we could put a serious dent in the growth around it.

Here's the report on the TDK Lowes:

Spear Road Guy: Harman To Prove He's As Big A Liar As Logsdon On Kohl's

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I think you've got to have Logsdon - Boone -and HARMAN for the Kohl's to pass.

Now didn't pious Harman declare his sainthood during the campaign? Didn't he tell everyone he opposed the land swamp and the Kohl's because it wasn't the right thing to do?

Spear Road Guy: Dkinser Is On Shaky Ground: Get A Second Opinion

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Dkinser is going to O’Toole (Post 1) and Thompson (Post 2). First of all O’Toole has lived in Peachtree City for only a year if that. What does he really know?

Spear Road Guy: My PTC Picks

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Harman is a puppet.

Thompson is out of touch.

Hollums who?

O'Toole is an enviro-nut.

Spear Road Guy: Who do you call for street lights?

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Our street light is out at Robinson Rd. and Spear Rd.

Who do you call, the EMC or the city?

Spear Road Guy: It Could Have All Been Avoided if PTC Council Acted Sooner

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I think the real "proof in the pudding" is all of the comments made by the Coweta County Commissioners like "we really need this road" and others. They even held the developer down to 1,000 homes and 150,000 of commercial space until TDK is built or they will do an annual traffic review.

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