The FCBOE Scare Tactics Works, Barely

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Well it's more and more taxes for us.

Unfortunately, enough people bought the Chicken Little "sky is falling" routine.

When do the tax increases stop? PTC, Fayette County and the school board all seem content on taking everything we have.

Any ideas on tax breaks? We're gonna need them.

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Submitted by The Crime Dog on Wed, 11/05/2008 - 4:29pm.

... A local version of the "Fair tax" your Republicans seem to crow about wanting! (Which is the biggest crock on the planet, but I digress.)

Just think: Everyone will pay it when they buy taxable goods! Even your sorry ol' rear.

Now that's change I can believe in!!!

On a serious note, thanks to all that saw through the anti eSPLOST bull hockey and voted yes. We'll all benefit from the rewards.

Submitted by Lifes Snot Fare on Thu, 11/06/2008 - 8:16am.

Hey, Crime Dog, it's refreshing to see that you subscribe to the Jim Martin/National Democratic Party slant on the Fair Tax. Since it is, as you say, a local version of the "Fair Tax", perhaps you can point to all of the other taxes that will no longer exist and what tax-collection agency with cease to exist. You see, with the Fair Tax, you would no longer have a myriad of taxes and you no longer have an IRS. If by digress you mean a dishonest telling of facts, then yes, that was what you did.

...And you're right, with the ESPLOST everyone will pay when they buy taxable goods, but this tax more heavily impacts the Fayette County populace who is already having to adjust to a heavier education portion on their yearly property taxes. Sure, visiting shoppers will help, but Fayette County citizens will have to pay this tax every time they shop.

Ever-increasing taxes are not a change, they are a symptom of a government body that is unwilling to regulate it's expenditures. Given your fervent support, perhaps you are a recipient of a portion of this largesse...

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Submitted by alittlebirdietoldme on Wed, 11/05/2008 - 4:42pm.

sounds to me like Mr. Todd is going to step up to the plate and play hard ball. Good for him!

Don't think you have it all in the bag Crime Dog, it's a different game now. Once the cat's out of the bag, it can't go back in.

You should be glad your FCBOE position isn't an elected one by the populace, cause you'd be on your way out.

Try your new schools now....double dog dare ya'

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