bad_ptc: Glasses found @ Line Creek Nature Area

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Found two pairs of prescription glasses along Line Creek Nature Area.

We put them on the marquee as you enter the trail just above the white info. box.

bad_ptc: Mapleleaf, this one's for you!

bad_ptc: One of ours ...

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As of now one of ours and his family needs our strength and support.

We can only wish and pray for Hack and his family.

bad_ptc: Re: Plunkett letter to the editor, The real "Mistress Plunkett"

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”I voted within the comprehensive plan and the zoning.”

Sorry Mrs. Plunkett, but you are on record as voting to eliminate part of that plan to accommodate the 54 West development.

bad_ptc: “Fair and Balanced” has left the building

bad_ptc: Muddle, last Tuesday?

bad_ptc: FCBoE, Don't go 'anywhere' near this

bad_ptc: The old & new definition of “Insanity”

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Old definition:
Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. - Albert Einstein

New definitions:

bad_ptc: muddles basement, on any given Saturday night

bad_ptc: It’s started, “Democrats against guns”

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As all gun owners said, President elect Obama, et al, have already started up the anti-gun campaign.

Where should we draw the line on self defense?

bad_ptc: Caribou Barbie coming to Georgia to help Chambliss

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Isn’t that like the 1st Officer of the Titanic hawking for Carnival Cruse Lines?

I thought Chambliss wanted to win.

bad_ptc: Georgia congressman warns of Obama dictatorship

bad_ptc: David Letterman Reacts to John McCain Suspending Campaign

bad_ptc: To: Denise and the rest of the Bible thumpers; Darwin strikes again!

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Check out the news article titled: Fish fingers: Your digits used to be fins”

bad_ptc: "Drop your pants and slide on the ice", as per Sid Freedman

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I've just spent the better part of an hour watching "Robin Williams - Inside the Actor's Studio".

bad_ptc: Something other than 'elections', Group Challenges Atlanta Airport’s Ban on Guns

bad_ptc: Are "Printed Newspapers" destined to pass quietly into the night?

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Cal, I think you may have had a poll on this at one time.

"Newspapers are bracing for more bad news"

Deep job cuts, outsourcing, more asset sales coming as industry retrenches

bad_ptc: Muddle, I may have sent you these earlier, get over it

bad_ptc: “Water-Starved California Slows Development”; what a concept

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The state of GA, like PTC, has never seen a development it didn’t like and Georgia has been a drought for years.

”Water-Starved California Slows Development”

bad_ptc: JeffC & Hack you're going love this one

bad_ptc: Kill them all & let God sort it out

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lord of the rings Helms Deep led zeppelin

The BEST song of all time!

bad_ptc: If you're voting for Hilary, don't go here

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Falling Hilary

If she gets stuck, user your mouse to dra

bad_ptc: Stress Reduction

bad_ptc: A Citizen News Exclusive!

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U.S. Govt. authorizes secret rendition of former President Carter for speaking out against the current administration.

bad_ptc: "The End of America"

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Is Naomi Wolf heading for the fence or is she dead on?

Granted the video is about 40 min. long but most of you have nothing better do do anyway.

bad_ptc: Muddle, More for your viewing pleasure

bad_ptc: One possible outcome of "Socialized Medicine"

bad_ptc: Beware, time travel can be hazardous to your health. For you muddle.

bad_ptc: muddle, thought you might appreciate this

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Top 50 Quotes on Atheism

"A hefty selection of quotes o

bad_ptc: Calling all lawyers, If it were in the US who would win this case?

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