bowser: 'Employer' and 'health insurance' don't belong in same sentence

Cal Beverly’s editorial titled “Democrats healthcare = horror show for small business” unwittingly raises the most fundamental question of all – and one that isn’t even being asked.

bowser: "Wall Street" (v.2009)

As a regular reader of the Wall Street Journal I love its understatement. Friday, in a story about departing Merrill Lynch CEO John Thain, there was this gem:

bowser: Warning: Obscene reading

If this article doesn't boil your blood, you're already dead. (Or you're one of those people who's convinced himself that the only culprits in the financial meltdown are Barney Frank and Acorn.)


Ms. File:
We are less than two weeks out from the election, and the “issues” and “splost” sections of your web site are still “under construction.” Presumably that refers to the site, not to your views.

bowser: Media "attacks" on Palin

The GOP-Hannity-Rush storyline on Sarah-of-Arc Palin is now that she has been savagely attacked by the media, which wants to "kill" her.

bowser: Through the GOP looking glass

I watched some GOP convention last night on c-span to avoid the talking heads. Worked great, except that at times I thought I was at a John Wayne film festival -- one war movie after another. It is our national narrative, it seems....

bowser: Shameless McCain

Is there no issue on which John McCain won't play the POW card?

Caught unaware of how many homes he and his gazillionaire wife own, McCain now is using his war heroism of 40-plus years ago as a deflector shield.

bowser: Cable TV troubles, anyone?

Last fall we "upgraded" to Comcast's digital cable and then, this winter, added HD.

But ever since -- and especially since adding HD -- several channels have been unwatchable because of something called "tiling." The picture basically is fragmented into little blocks that dance around on the screen. It only happens on some channels, and it comes and goes on some of them.

bowser: The origin of SB 458

Front-page article in AJC on SB 458 doesn't mention the Fayette angle, but it does shed a little light on the broader context.

bowser: Q's for Mike King

First, I appreciate your becoming involved in these blogs. It’s rare to get an actual insight into a candidate’s thought processes (albeit after he lost). Maybe all council candidates should be required to participate here for six months BEFORE the election…just a thought Smiling

bowser: Quothe the Huckster

Abortion is wrong "for the same reason that we think it's wrong for a parent to strap a bomb to the belly of his own child and blow up the child for his cause."

bowser: For the birds

Timeout from politics and stuff for a minute...

I’m not a real birder (birdbrain maybe) but like a lot of us I enjoy watching our feathered friends at the backyard feeders and bath.

bowser: Newsflash: God endorses Huck

Well, the "Christian Leader" ad spot must have found a bigger target market than we thought.

Asked at a speech what explains his recent rise in the polls, Huckabee implied that God is now officially on his side:

bowser: More on Rev. Huckster

JeffC, Picking up from the Romney blog below, I doubt that you and conservative pundit Charles Krauthammer agree on much, but I think you will applaud his latest analysis of the Battle of the Bible between Huckabee and Romney.

bowser: Westmoreland makes sense?

I'm no fan of Lynn Westmoreland, but I think he makes a strong, articulate case in today's AJC for his vote against a bill to spend up to $100 million on investigations of unsolved civil rights-era crimes. You read that right -- $100 million.

bowser: World Air sold

Today's AJC business page says World Air is being sold to the parent of something called ATA in Indianapolis. (You can see story at their website under 'business' area.) Not clear what it means for the local office, story sez. Apparently they'd been shopping for some sort of new ownership deal.

bowser: Sonny Don't

Great story in the AJC today about Gov. Perdue's plan to eliminate the state income tax for retirees.

He's got a commercial starring a nice old couple. The lady, Morene Whitworth of Conyers, says "We're living on a fixed income and could use some help."

bowser: Annexation

I have a question for those of you with detailed knowledge of the westside annexation.
Simply put: why are PTC's leaders so dead-set on doing this? Is there a rational explanation?

bowser: Highway 74

In all this talk of PTC annexation and Tyrone mega-subdivisions, it would be nice to hear some elected officials (besides the now-departed Steve Brown) talk about what can be done to save Ga. 74 from clogging up like a 90-year-old's arteries.

bowser: A stand-up prince

Inspiring story on B3 of the AJC today: "Prince Harry may serve in Iraq." Seems the prince has been training with a front line unit and hopes to lead an armored recon group. Says he: "There's no way I'm going to put myself through (training) and then sit back home while my boys are out fighting for their country."

bowser: False "war"

The supposed "war on Christmas" is just another straw dog created by Fox News -- right alongside the "mainstream media" and numerous others. If you didn't hear about this "war" on Fox you'd be going about your life and celebrating as always instead of getting all worked up about nothing. The anecdotal reports of an "assault" are usually wrong or distorted.(See Kevin Haglund's enlightening article in today's Citizen about the 'Grand Tree' controversy.)What has really damaged Christmas is the mean streak that this trumped up "war" has engendered among people who are all too eager to see themselves as part of some sort of persecuted sect. Five years ago no one knew, let alone cared, what some store called it's Christmas tree. Now we've managed to make the phrase "Happy Holidays" an insult. That takes some doing.

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