John Munford: U.S. Oil Dependency

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Why oh why can't Congress get tougher with American auto companies?

The CAFE (fuel efficiency) standards aren't near as stringent as they need to be. Who's getting the kickbacks?

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John Munford: JeffC and his write-in vote

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The Citizen blogosphere will be giddy to note that at least one voter thought it proper to write in JeffC (his real name, not his blogging handle) for one of the local races decided Tuesday night.

John Munford: OMG! USC's gonna lose...

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Wow! Oregon St. just intercepted and returned to the 2.


That makes it 27-14 (PAT bounces off the post) and looks like number 1 USC is going down tonight with just over 3 minutes left. Awesome!

John Munford: Snow in Fayetteville, woo-hoo!

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UPDATE: 3:19 p.m.

The tiny flakes have eaten their Wheaties apparently. Not only are they bigger but there are more of them. We're getting reports of significant snow in Peachtree City.

John Munford: Does anyone care to vote anymore?

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For such an educated populace we have here in Fayette County, we sure don't seem to have a grasp on democracy.

In the election for the 72nd District seat on the House of Representatives, a mere 11.1 percent of the voters bothered to show up and cast their ballots.

John Munford: Riverdale billboard

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I kid you not folks. A legal firm has a Riverdale billboard advertising its services. I forget the others, but one is Mastercard-worthy priceless.

John Munford: OK you I-phone-atics!

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I'm curious. SOMEONE out there in the Citizen blogosphere has to have purchased an Iphone today.

I've seen a cool demo video online. Could someone give us a first-hand report on how easy (and fun?) it is to use?

John Munford: July 4th flag etiquette

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A few veterans bent my ear the other day about showing proper respect to the flag, particularly as it relates to Peachtree City's upcoming July 4 parade.

John Munford: Give me your PTC gripes!!!

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Judging by the attendance at City Council meetings not involving the TDK extension (or the two vanished Big Boxes), chances are most of you aren't going to make PTC City Hall Tuesday night at 7 p.m. for the town hall meeting hosted by Mayor Harold Logsdon.

John Munford: PTC Budget: YOU MAKE THE CALL

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Tonight the Peachtree City Council will delve into its budget again.

It's sometimes popular to pick on the folks for increasing property taxes, but let's turn the tables. What would you, John and Jane Taxpaper, like to see cut from the budget?

John Munford: VIDEO-2007 Relay for Life Survivors Walk

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More than 200 cancer survivors as young as 3 and as old as 91 participated in the Survivor's Walk Friday night to kickoff the 2007 Relay for Life event. More than $500,000 was raised to benefit the American Cancer Society and local programs for cancer victims.

John Munford: Pitchers, catchers and the rest

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Just now catching up with the Friday Braves vs. Pirates spring training coverage.

Boy oh boy Smoltzie was picking Pittsburgh apart. Several offspeed breaking balls with a ton of downward movement. The first start of the spring and he's ON!

John Munford: Brooks Little League registration Saturday

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I know it's been cold and baseball isn't on your minds yet, but ...

If you haven't registered your little darlings for Little League yet, the Brooks Area Little League is having one more registration this Saturday (Feb. 10) at 10 a.m.

John Munford: Seeking old Kiwanis Fair pics

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We are looking for old photos from the annual Kiwanis Fair to consider for publication. If you have any you'd like to share, you can send them via e-mail at

John Munford: East Fayette Co. road questions?

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In the spirit of interactive journalism (well, sort of) I'm seeking questions from you, dear reader.

I will be attending a transportation forum tomorrow (Tuesday) that covers East Fayette County in addition to Spalding, Clayton and Henry counties. If you have a state highway project you'd like me to find out about, please let me know.

John Munford: Vietnam: the real deal

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I may have been 12 or 13-ish when my now deceased father told me this, but I'll never forget it.

He served in Vietnam, and he said it was nothing "to walk around the streets and see a 13-year-old kid point a gun at him and say [I'll delete the expletive]: FU GI."

John Munford: Simmer down, you crazy lunatics

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Some of you out there need to be sedated. Truly.

What sent me over the edge was the post from bad_ptc saying that Commissioner Peter Pfeifer shouldn't drink wine and e-mail at the same time.

John Munford: The big escape

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Did anybody go north past the Pavilion Sunday afternoon? I think a couple of six-foot rats escaped Tinseltown.

Good news is they got jobs! They were holding up signs promoting a furniture store further up the road. As I was stopped at the light when leaving the bookstore, one of the rats started to head in the direction of my car.

John Munford: New Year's traditions?

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I'm interested in hearing about everyone's New Year's Eve traditions.

My wife and I have hosted our friends for New Year's for about 10 years running. The festivities kick off with a co-ed 'touch' football game followed by the resulting soreness (popping Tylenol before playing does help though!).

John Munford: Campaign disclosure forms

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Somehow, perhaps for space constraints, the listing of campaign contributions for candidates running for the mayor and council posts in Peachtree City was omitted from the print version of our paper. Following is a list of each candidate, how much they have received in campaign funds, and who is listed as giving contributions of $101 or more on the Sept. 30 report.

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