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Somehow, perhaps for space constraints, the listing of campaign contributions for candidates running for the mayor and council posts in Peachtree City was omitted from the print version of our paper. Following is a list of each candidate, how much they have received in campaign funds, and who is listed as giving contributions of $101 or more on the Sept. 30 report.

Michael Arterburn: no contributions reported

Phil Boswell: $1,300 total
Theresa Crane, $250
Philip Crane, $250
John Schober, $250
Daryl Rickard, $200
Martha Peace, $200
John Cox, $150

Stephen D. Brown: $900 total
Grady Stone, $100
James Toombs, $100
Ann Matwick, $100

Harold Logsdon: $18,325 total
Hollis and Joyce Harris, $2,000
Harold and Ann Logsdon (candidate), $1,000
Michael and Carol Brady, $1,000
James Tyndall, $500
Pete and Lyn Cunningham, $500
Maria Curley, $500
Heather and William Downing, $500
William Flynn, $500
Mike Gribble, $500
Nelson and Brenda Jones, $500
Lacy&Snyder LLP, $500
James and Phyllis Osbourne, $500
Pfeifer Building Company, Inc. $500
Ed Potts, $500
Southern Instruments Inc., $500
Y Knot Sports Bar, Inc, $500
Bill Sanford, $400
Heather and David Downing, $410
Sam Allen, $250
Jim Deitz, $250
Michael Hofrichter, $250
Greg Johnson, $250
Lou Pailer, $250
Kelly W. Richardson, $250
Richard Schlosser, $250
Carl and Lauren Ryals, $200
Deborah and William Butler, $200
Linley and Bradford Holland, $200
Steven and Shirley Good, $150
Donna and Kenneth Groover, $150
Marvin and Norma Hilliard, $150
Brandon Barfield, $100
Chuck Watkins, $100
Tim Barfield, $100
Robert Brooks, $100
Fred Brown, $100
Joseph Cahoon, $100
Robert and Nancy Choate, $100
Cobb Farms, $100
Ann Cobb, $100
Gene Comfort, $100
Roy Craig Evans, $100
Floy Farr, $100
Carl and Virginia Floyd, $100
David Fowler, $100
Chong Gayle, $100
Mike Glenn, $100
Tom and Bonnie Hundley, $100
Judith Kim, $100
David and Yvonne Kohout, $100
Ylannis Koukoutsis, $100
George Laporte, $100
Michael McElroy, $100
Paige McElroy, $100
Joseph and Mary Morris, Sr., $100
Ken Pender, $100
Mack Rea, $100
Ron and Shirley Ryan, $100
Iola Snow, $100
John and Mary Staas, $100
The following in-kind donations were also reported:
Bill and Debbie Butler, $150
Y-Knot Sports Bar, $150
Stony Brook Homeowners Association, $40
Harold Logsdon, $310

Dar Thompson: $12,700 total
Dar Thompson, $5,000
Paul Marmol, $500
Howard Guthrie, $2,000
Dr. Jeff Curtis, $1,000
Barrow’s Masonry, $500
Ravin Homes, $1,000
Better Bodies Fitness, LLC (owned by candidate), $1,000
Lago Investments, $500
Gardner Aviation Specialists Inc., $500
Al Robertson, $500

Dan Tennant: $811.48 total
Robert K. Lacy, $150
Dan Tennant (candidate), $661.48

City Council, Post 3
Stephen W. Boone: $900 total
Stephen Boone (candidate), $100
Pete Cunningham, $100
Carl Conti, $200
Mike Gribble, $250
Pat Heaberg, $250

Steven A. Rapson: $1,315.76 total
Jeff and Annette Carter, $250
Steven A. Rapson (candidate), $320.76

City Council, Post 4:
Daniel Leroy Gibbs: $3,935
No contributions reported of more than $101.

Casimir Christian Lukjan: $180 total
Casimir Christian Lukjan, $180

Cynthia Plunkett: $545 total
Cynthia Plunkett, $545
Also reported were the following in-kind contributions:
Trisha Harper, $150
Karen Horlak, $300

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Submitted by questionable101 on Thu, 11/17/2005 - 6:48pm.

Okay, I read in the paper that Mr. Brown had 230 signs stolen from various yards, that adds up to about $460. Also, he had two mail-outs at a minimum of $1000 each which adds up to $2000. Add that to the $460 for only the stolen signs and you have $2460 that he has spent on his abysmal campaign, which is about $1,560 more than he has disclosed. Don't you think that there is a problem here? Mr. Brown, you are a cheat, liar and pompous fool who thinks no one notices your indiscretions. Let's have someone in authority look into this sooner than later. Had someone opposing Mr. Brown had this obvious gap in contributions versus spending, this would have been in the forefront of any discussion Mr. Brown had. Since Mr. Logsdon hasn't run a mudslinging campaign, you wouldn't hear this from him.

Submitted by Reality Bytes on Thu, 11/17/2005 - 5:06pm.

Man, I'm looking and looking, and I just don't see Group VI in there. And if you're going to say Rick Schlosser, that $250 must be the 'over the top' big business funding that the Logsdon campaign needed.

So - PTC Guy, Investq, Steve Brown, Joe Swanson, etc. - where, oh where are the big business contributions? Where's the financial influence?

By comparison, Steve Brown has three contributions at $100 or more.

Very telling Smiling

WatchDog's picture
Submitted by WatchDog on Tue, 11/01/2005 - 4:56pm.

I was just sitting here minding my own business talking to a client when it hit me! I know how to resolve the DAPC debt.

Took a look at the campaign disclosure forms and saw that Harold has raised by far the most money. We get Harold's campaign to lend some money to the city, who lends it to the authority, who pays the bank, who gratefully acknowledges at least partial payment. The sheer good will will make the bank forget about the rest.

Submitted by dkinser on Tue, 11/01/2005 - 11:19pm.

WatchDog, you've been drinking too many Bloody Mary's.

Dana Kinser

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