bladderq: of RED Lights

How about making the ones in place work correctly? My recent pet peeve is the light on 74-S @ Cooper.. Why on a Sunday afternoon am I waiting for a left turn? Why am I even waiting? What traffic is this light con-trolling? The other one up the road is the same.

bladderq: Senoia Election

PTC has more at stake in the Senoia election than it ever will in how the 73 or so vote in Tyronne. This Free Speech post deserved its own space & I didn't write it. It's noteworthy that his biggest supporter, a former mayor, is puttering around in her sign ladden golf cart because of the recent DUI.

bladderq: Senoia (C-noy) Politics

It's not pronounced C-noy-a.
Anyway, Why no coverage? All this to do about nothing in Tyronne, which is just the tail of 2 dogs (PTC & Fairburn), snakes & such.

bladderq: Coweta Kindred Souls/ STOP

Also from the NTH

Coweta's Board of Commissioners was asked Tuesday to consider some sort of moratorium on residential construction until the drought lifts.

bladderq: Coweta & McIntosh Village

Time marches on and so does contruction on the otherside of the kreck. Maybe Kohls & Lowes will find a home either here or at Fischer Rd.

bladderq: Trader Joes is in PTC

...well at least the Lil Kroger has 2buck Chuck for $2.47 w/ your card, if you didn't throw it away.
Maybe, it's things

bladderq: Lit'l Kroger & Walgreens

If the Wal wanted to knock down gawds own house across the street & pay for all the re-zoning b.s.... Why aren't they al

bladderq: Kroger & Harris T

I know many of you are new to PTC but the rest of you:
When Kroger bought out Harris T in GA & inherited the Little Kroger spot... Didin'tu understand that they just bought that lease? Harris T wanted to be there & that's why they rip'd out & re-did the store. Kroger just bought the remainder of the lease. It was always going to have to go away because it is not a Kroger kinda store in their corporate world.

bladderq: Cindy McKinney & 2x Standard?

Not really a fan of her but I find this story interesting:
Congressman clashes with police
WASHINGTON (CNN) β€” Republican Rep. Christopher Shays apologized Friday for a loud and angry altercation he had a day earlier with a Capitol Police officer, saying he behaved β€œin a way I know was not appropriate.”

bladderq: Republicans & hypotcrocy

You ever notice how the right wing element of our country is kinda a "Do as I say, not as I do?" You think their shorts are a little too tight? They wanna walk on that wild side?

bladderq: $3 that's 3 Dollar open

Anybody been to the new re-modeled, re-staffed Three Dollar? I have heard that new managers have solved the old problem

bladderq: My 2cents & Scooter

For what it's worth....I think if Duby has any gonad that either Laura or Cheeeney will let him feel...Pardon Scooter. End it now.

bladderq: .

bladderq: DuRoc goin'n Country & other

Rode over to the 'ville & see DuRoc is goin' "All U Can Eat" Country Cookin' w/ coffee.

I guess someone will be excited.

bladderq: Police Reports

Without John & et al "Citizen" reporting every siren we hear, is there any where to see the PD reports on-line?

I understand that while I was at the McIntosh graduation, someone was life-flighted out by the lake.

bladderq: Eagle Claw quote

Best quote of the day from the Col.

"I learned that Murphy is alive and well. He's in every drawer, under every rock and on top of every hill."

bladderq: Food Now / What's Goin' On

Now, I've gotten hungry.

Old Mill is up For Sale...I guess that was better than a new lease w/ the old guy.

Is Buckhead going to be a drug store?

bladderq: Vote Republican & GA State Gov

What's this deal? Ya'll voted in a Republican Gov., got elected a Republican House & Speaker & a Republican Lt. Gov (Thank gawd, not that weenie, "christainist," tainted w/ gamblin' money & corruption Ralph Reed), BUT: The 3 of 'em have to waste THOUSANDS of taxpayer $$$$'s on a "Special" session.

bladderq: Lost Dog / Flat Creek Rd

There was a black puppy w/ a blue (?) collar around Flat Creek & Northlake Dr. Ridgelake condo area by the lake.

I d

bladderq: Kurt Vonnegut & Iraq

There is a rumor going around that Kurt Vonnegut is dead. Most of us know that he is not gone but is w/ Billy & Montana happy in a menageree torrid in the zoo being watched by the Tralfamadorians.

bladderq: Bike Race

What would the PTC "Old Maids" think?

All this talk about licker & DUI's. All the time I've spent in the 'Knott & other such fine drinkin' emporiums and I've never seen the Mayor. I don't know what Boone looks like.

bladderq: Bush Scrub & BAD Choices

Am I the only one seeing that Little Bush seems to make bad choices in who he puts in charge of running thangs? Brownie @ FEMA. Rumsfeld & Cheney @ Iraq. Tweedle-Dee & Tweedle-Dumber @ Walter Reed. AD Gonzo (who's grand parents were illegals).

bladderq: Good Day on Rd & Cops

Coming into PTC from Newnan today I was running w/ a black Crown Vic w/ Fulton plates (not gov't) but dude had 2 blue lights in the back and a little antenI and some contraption on the front dash. He felt priv. to bob & weave thru traffic and why he didn't scoot over to I-85 to git back to Fulton, I don't know.

bladderq: Eating Out

I was over by Newnan & that Johnny Caroni place is being made into "Pegleg Pauley's" Looks like the Valention's guys have gone total Carribe.

bladderq: Breaking my Vow..Iraq

I've got a problem. We've all known Scrub got us into something that we should have not gotten into but now on ABC (liberal media) we learn Sec Powell was sent to the UN w/ info from "Curveball" who was in German custody. A Country that wouldn't go to war w/ US. You see where this is going?

bladderq: Git & bladderq Agree

Anne Coulter don't live hear in the 'hood. The blogs are better when we try to keep it somewhat local.

I went up P'tree Pkw today @ 3:30 and good to see that PTCPD have a Crossing Guard for our McHS students. Gee, I didn't know they couldn't git their carts across that busy 4-way. BUT, if she is there, Why can't she just go on and direct traffic? You know...if 5 cars are going south...well, you've seen other videos of the white glove antics.

bladderq: Cheney & Walter Reed

Did he seek treatment @ Walter Reed? If he'd been wounded in the Afgani attack would he have gone to Germany and then to Walter Reed? I guess you do need to be a veteran and he famously, "...had something better to do." than 'Nam.

bladderq: Feb is Black History / March is....

March Maddness. It is a good segue to baseball. Lord only knows I am having football w/drawls. I don't even follow b-ball until now.

bladderq: FOX News

Anna Nicole is buried. We will now return to regular broadcasting of the war in IRAQ. OH, wait...we can't show you the caskets returning to Dover, so we will re-run footage of Anna going to the MEs, leaving the MEs and returning to the Bahamas. But we can't show you the bodies in DE.

bladderq: Food joints

Something near & dear to my heart.

I went to the 'ville today. Looked like Onyxx was doing a pretty good lunch biz @ 1:30. I see the Old Mill had a 'Gone Fish'n" sign up. What's up w/ that? Buckhead Brewery has an "Under Contract" out.

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