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PTC has more at stake in the Senoia election than it ever will in how the 73 or so vote in Tyronne. This Free Speech post deserved its own space & I didn't write it. It's noteworthy that his biggest supporter, a former mayor, is puttering around in her sign ladden golf cart because of the recent DUI.

Senoia mayoral candidate McAfee is a phony. Murray McAfee has been touting himself as “the best qualified” for the job of Senoia mayor, citing his tenure as the city’s administrator as one of his greatest credentials. What he failed to mention in his foul-mouthed newspaper interview (which required extensive censorship), is that he was given the choice of resigning from his former position or being fired for “incompetence.” Perhaps a call to the administration at Tybee Island, asking if they’d ever hire McAfee again (the only question they can legally answer in a negative way). Anyone who’s ever attended a Senoia City Council meeting and sat through the comments from the public has had to be subjected to McAfee’s crazed ramblings which are never based in fact, border on the insane, and leave everyone in the room rolling their eyes until he’s finally told by council to “make his point or sit down,” at which point he’s forced to sit down, since he never has a legitimate point to make. When asked by the Senoia Optimists to attend a candidate’s forum, McAfee declined on advice from his handlers. They know that the biggest threat to McAfee’s campaign is McAfee, so they don’t want him speaking in public. When sober, they’re at least smart enough to realize they need to keep their lap dog on a short leash. In the last two years, Senoia has finally emerged from its dark past as the political laughing stock of Coweta County. The positive changes going on downtown are the greatest thing that’s ever happened here. They will reduce the citizen’s tax burden, increase the equity in our homes, and improve our quality of life. However, none of it could have been accomplished without the conservative, level-headed leadership of the present mayor and council; that’s the bottom line. But don’t take my word for it, go and talk to both candidates. Talk to Belisle, let him explain the facts, and give you every confidence in his leadership and vision for Senoia, then decide for yourself. But be warned: in the past, Senoia has had extremely low voter turnout. That apathy has been our city’s greatest enemy. Get out and vote, Senoia. Keep our momentum moving forward. Vote for Robert Belisle, the only sane choice.

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Submitted by bellringer on Tue, 11/06/2007 - 11:12pm.

The citizens of Senoia have spoken... loudly and clearly... and have handed down a resounding mandate to Mayor Belisle and Council... "KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!"

In a landslide victory, Belisle soundly thrashed Murray McAfee with a record 81% of the vote... leaving only one question in the functioning minds of Senoians... "Who the hell are the 19% that voted for Murray McAfee????"

It simply doesn't add up... while we know that McAfee and his cart carnies account for 3 of his votes... who else could have possibly cast the others?

Amid the victory celebrations, many citizens were left deeply concerned that either there are 85 people in Senoia with such advanced stages of Parkinsons that they simply hit the wrong button on the voting machine... or there is an immediate need to amend the City budget to add in the cost of 85 straight jackets.

Still others headed out to the local cemetaries with flashlights to determine just how many McAfite voters had been gleaned from local headstones.

Averaging one vote for every 100 signs strategically placed in City right of ways and ditches, Murray has brilliantly deduced that he need only put out 50,000 signs for the next election in order to secure his dream of becoming queen of Senoia. His chief election strategist/financier has considered this plan carefully, plumbed the depths of her own intelligence, and already placed the order for the additional signs.

On a more positive note, perhaps in two years Senoia will finally have the sewer capacity to process the enormous amount of B.S. produced by McAfee during an election.

Submitted by Yee Ha on Tue, 11/06/2007 - 11:34pm.

For anyone who's interested, McAfee will be having a special E-Bay auction to recover his investment in the pink batons, furry handcuffs, and other 'paraphrenalia' he'd ordered to spice up Senoia's police uniforms in his famed effort to "make cops more cuddly".

He's also been forced to cancel a special guest appearance by the policeman from The Village People, who had been booked by McAfee to model the new uniform, avec accoutrements, at his highly anticipated inaugural ball.

Sadly, the pinafore will remain a part of McAfee's personal collection.

Submitted by Yee Ha on Sun, 11/04/2007 - 5:32pm.

Murray McAfee is setting the world on fire yet again with his latest campaign promise epiphany... "Friendlier Cops in Senoia".

Yes that's correct, McAfee feels that Senoia's finest are "too heavy handed" when it comes to doing their job... which... I believe (and correct me if I'm wrong) is LAW ENFORCEMENT!

It's a toss up as to whether or not this boat anchor of brilliance was forged in the mind of McAfee or his campaign manager/financier. While the idea has 'Murray-in-a-pinafore' written all over it, we do know that his chief handler was not appreciative of being busted for her recent DUI... and has it in for law enforcing cops in general.

It's a toss up... but in an effort to at least attribute ONE idea in this campaign to Murray, reading between the lines we can only assume that Mr. McAfee is looking for a 'gentler touch' from the boys in black. If he's elected, we're sure to be in for such sweeping changes as pink batons, furry handcuffs, K-9 poodles, and (without a doubt) an annual policemen's ball with Mr. McAfee headlining the entertainment by singing some stimulating showtunes.

After everyone reading this is finished throwing up, let's consider for a moment the fact that police are here enforce the law. Every bit of research shows that this is carried out most effectively when cops show 'zero tolerance' for law breakers. If the law breakers don't like that... GOOD!

Senoia's finest are doing an excellent job, and are doing it on a shoestring budget. Nevertheless, Mayor Belisle is committed to giving them the additional tools they need (i.e. the new K-9 dog units... german shepards) while building the commercial tax base of Senoia in a controlled, responsible manner so that we as citizens may reap the benefit of improved services, lower crime, safer neighborhoods, all without increases to our residential taxes.

If Senoia isn't first and foremost safe and drug free, then all the other improvements will be meaningless. For Murray's sake, I'll spell it out... "T-H-A-T M-E-A-N-S T-O-U-G-H C-O-P-S!"

Sorry Murray, common sense wins again. Perhaps sewing 'cuddly cop' dolls in your basement is a better career choice. On the bright side, as your own boss, you won't have to worry about being fired!

Submitted by bellringer on Sat, 11/03/2007 - 4:23pm.

Murray McAfee has come completely unglued.

On the one hand, he complains that his signs are being stolen. On the other, he fails to mention that he's putting them on people's properties who don't support him... and they're taking them down not "stealing" them!

This of course has left him with no choice but to litter the city right of ways, and those of Rockaway Rd, SR16 and SR85 with dozens of signs, just stuck out in the middle of nowhere. I guess those represent the support of Senoia's voting worms, snakes, and rodents.

You'd have to look pretty hard to find a McAfee sign on an actual human being's property... and then after you consider whose property it is, it's fairly easy to grasp the meaning of the phrase, "In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king".

As we all know, Murray's been canned from the jobs he brags make him 'most qualified' to be the mayor of Senoia... and that's the best he's got! Makes one wonder which 'qualifications' he's not telling us about.

Someone blogged about election advice in Senoia being a matter of "Voting one's intelligence" as a spin on the old addage, "Vote your conscience". I'd say that pretty much sums it up this year.

They say Senoia's election is really going to be a referendum on the downtown development underway (which is beautiful)... Senoia's election may in fact be a barometer of the town's collective IQ.

Submitted by Fed Up on Sat, 10/27/2007 - 8:45am.

There's an old saying, "Vote your conscience."

Looks like in Senoia the advice should be, "Vote your intelligence".

Submitted by Yee Ha on Tue, 10/30/2007 - 7:49pm.

It seems that Murray McAfee has sunken lower than anyone in Senoia ever even thought possible.

Last week, McAfee suddenly 'found religion' and joined an all-black church in Senoia.

How insulting it is to this congregation for McAfee to think its members don't realize how ridiculous it is for him to join a church two weeks before Senoia's election... in which he is a candidate!

He's like a realtor who joins a church just to pass out business cards... with the expectation that every other member has to hire him when they sell their house. I'm sure Murray even went so far, as a 'brother', to ask for these people's vote.

Shame on you Murray McAfee! These good people know better than to buy what you're selling.

I wonder what your religious history has been? I wonder how often you've attended church before now. More importantly... I wonder how often you'll continue to attend this particular church after the election.

Take this 'grain of salt' with a grain of salt... he ain't no 'salt of the earth'!

Submitted by Yee Ha on Fri, 10/26/2007 - 11:01pm.

Let's just take a closer look at some of the facts here shall we?

1. McAfee was nixed as City Manager in Senoia for incompetance. By the end of his tenure, most civil engineers in the area wouldn't even take on jobs within the City limits because they thought McAfee was a lunatic, and simply refused to work with him. Ask around... I did.

2. McAfee was nixed in Tybee Island after less than 7 months on the job. Ask around... I did.

3. McAfee is backed by a former mayor of Senoia who is herself, a complete loon. Most days she can be seen careening about town in her 'sign laden golf cart' (nicely put bladderq) like some Cruella Da Ville. This woman drives by people's houses honking her horn, flipping them the bird, and yelling out racial epithets. She recently showed up at a council meeting drunk and belligerent (if you want to avoid nightmares... do NOT attempt to picture this in your head). After mouthing off at the chief of police and the current mayor's wife, she left, only to be picked up by one of Senoia's finest and charged with a DUI after running a stop sign (that cop deserves a commendation!). This woman's had restraining orders and stalking charges filed against her... and she's McAfee's brain trust. Ask around... I did.

4. McAfee has spent the last couple of weeks bemoaning the fact that his signs are being "stolen". Again, what this conspiracy theorist fails to mention is... that's right, you guessed it, the FACTS! He put his signs on the properties of people who don't support him, without their permission! Hey Murray, they're not being stolen, people just don't appreciate being associated with such a whack job! Ask around... that's right... I did!

5. McAfee's platform is that "Senoia is in deep trouble". First of all, anyone with even just a single functioning brain cell knows that Senoia has never been better. Second... if there was a problem, Murray McAfee would be the LEAST qualified, and the LAST person on the face of the earth that could ever fix it.

On the sewer issue, a study determined that Senoia's existing system will not support the City's future growth. They attempted to buy capacity from PTC and were turned down, so they applied for their own permit to build a treatment plant. However, instead of saddling the Senoia taxpayers with the cost, they've been lucky enough to be in a position to get McIntosh Village to pay for almost half of it. McAfee would have you believe that this is all some dirty 'back room deal' that's bad for Senoia, when in reality, the mayor and council have been completely forthright, have ensured everything is a matter of public record, and have put Senoia in a position where it can control its own destiny for a change, instead of being at the mercy of the county, which in the past has never failed to leave Senoia 'out in the cold'. Mayor and council have always said that if the best deal for Senoia can't be reached, there'll be no deal at all... and they've stuck to it. McAfee wants to cancel Senoia's sewage treatment permit, and go back to being at the mercy of the county. You know what you should do? That's right... ask around.

6. One of McAfee's most laughable campaign promises is 'maintaining the civil rights of seniors and all citizens'. Well... DUH! That's like saying you support fresh air and clean drinking water... who doesn't??? Does he have so few priorities that he's left just stating the obvious? Don't ask around on this one... it's too painfully clear on its own.

7. Here's a great example of how McAfee twists the facts: One of his campaign promises is that he will ensure that court sessions held at City Hall are open to the attendence of all citizens. Sounds reasonable, right? It also implies that these sessions are currently not open to all citizens. McAfee is referring here to an isolated incident where court was so full one night that there wasn't enough room for everyone to cram into City Hall. Spectators who did not have an actual court hearing were asked to wait outside... in an effort to make room for those who DID have an actual legal reason for being there. McAfee tries to make it seem like there's another conspiracy afoot by twisting the facts.

Citizens of Senoia, we're smarter than McAfee's smoke and mirror games, conspiracy theories, and wild baseless accusations and insinuations. We need only talk to McAfee, and then talk to Mayor Belisle and the other members of the City Council (or anyone that used to have to work with McAfee at the City or elsewhere). We need only look around at the exciting and positive changes going on downtown Senoia and throughout this great City. We need only use our God-given brains to intelligently inform ourselves of the actual facts here... and the choice for Senoia's next mayor is clear. Ask around!

Submitted by Yee Ha on Fri, 10/26/2007 - 8:34pm.

Finally!!! Someone willing to tell the truth about McAfee. This was long overdue.

Submitted by Fed Up on Wed, 10/24/2007 - 9:27pm.

Just spend 5 minutes at the local coffee shop and get an earful on this McAfee and his 'cart carnies' (seems to be the popular name for them). This town seems to be chock full of characters... I love it. Someone's got to write a book. That studio should just turn on a camera... Senoia's got a Southern fried version of "Northern Exposure" in the works.

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