Coweta & McIntosh Village

Time marches on and so does contruction on the otherside of the kreck. Maybe Kohls & Lowes will find a home either here or at Fischer Rd.

From the NTH:

With a few changes and additions, the preliminary development plan for the McIntosh Trail Village was approved Tuesday by the Coweta County Board of Commissioners.

Planning Director Robert Tolleson recommended four changes to the plan for the massive development.

The McIntosh Trail Village, located along McIntosh Trail and the proposed Vernon Hunter Parkway between Sharpsburg and Senoia, is proposed to have more than 3,000 homes, 600,000 square feet of commercial space, and 120,000 square feet of office space. The development borders both Senoia and Fayette County.

The first condition regards housing lots near the possible wastewater treatment facility and the railroad. Tolleson is asking that the developers work with county staff on some kind of buffering for those lots.

Second, there are some lots designated for attached dwellings for senior housing. They are located in the residential area near large lot housing, and Tolleson said he feels those homes should be closer to the commercial city center. "We just don't feel like it is compatible," he said.

The third condition resulted from a simple mistake on the map. There are pedestrian tunnels connecting to paths, and one tunnel on the plan doesn't connect to anything.

"That was just an oversight on our part," said developer Tom Reese.

The fourth issue is with the conditions imposed by the Georgia Regional Transportation Authority. As part of its review of McIntosh as a development of regional impact, GRTA required different stub-outs for future streets into adjacent properties.

On one part of the plan, two stub-outs are required.

Reese said he had thought "they wanted us to do a parkway and eliminate one of the stub-outs."

"We feel like a parkway is really all you need in there," Reese said. He will contact GRTA and see what they think of the idea.

Reese said that he would certainly put some buffering between the lots and the railroad. "For us to market those lots, we're going to have to have it anyway," he said.

The attached dwellings might not all be attached, he said. He has plans for housing for "senior active adults" in that area.

Tolleson said that if Reese could get a letter from GRTA saying his plan is acceptable, that would be fine. But until that happens, "This plan should show this as a stub-out street," Tolleson said.

The New Community zoning district requires that the commissioners also approve a final plat. But Tolleson said he feels that would be unnecessary and that the corrected preliminary development plan could also serve as the final plan.

Commissioner Paul Poole made a motion to approve the plan with Tolleson's recommendations. The vote was 4-1. Commissioner Randolph Collins voted against the motion.

During the public comment section at the beginning of the meeting, Suzanne Pengelly asked about a 6-acre parcel fronting McIntosh Trail that was marked "amenities." She wanted to know exactly what "amenities" included, and wanted to make sure that no commercial would front McIntosh Trail, as promised earlier by Reese.

There will be no commercial there, he said. It will be an upscale amenity area for the use of the residents.

Pengelly also asked about the traffic study for Christopher Road. That study will be required when the department gets construction plans for the first phase of the development, Tolleson said. That way, the study will consider traffic conditions that are existing when houses start getting built.

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Submitted by Jones on Fri, 10/05/2007 - 8:15am.

Someone in Coweta has half a brain and voted against the McIntosh Village disaster.

I read in the free speech where the mayor told some people TDK would go through in 2008. Could this be why the Coweta planning guy seemed to dismiss the traffic implications?

Submitted by McDonoughDawg on Fri, 10/05/2007 - 8:18am.

I don't consider that a good source of information.

Coweta has already downsized the development in question because of TDK not being built at this point. That is a fact.

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