Local chef to compete in international competition

Chefs from IACC properties in the US recently vied for the honor of representing the country in the fourth annual Copper Skillet competition at the 26th annual conference of the International Association of Conference Centers.

A worthy addition

By F.C. Foodie
Dining Critic

For months, residents wondered when the former Hooters’ on Ga. Highway 85 in Fayetteville would be re-developed. Busy commuters drove by the site an saw a sign signaling that Onyxx restaurant would soon be open for business.

Smokey Bones offers Brunswick Stew recipe for game day parties

Even the biggest game day appetite can be filled with a "super" bowl of Brunswick stew that combines chicken, pork and beef. At-home chefs will score with party guests with this warm, memorable version of one of the most popular menu items from Smokey Bones Barbeque & Grill, which operates casual dining restaurants in the Eastern and Midwestern U.S.

Rise and Shine with J. Christopher's

J. Christopher’s is Peachtree City’s newest breakfast, brunch and lunch hotspot. The restaurant chain, first founded ten years ago in Atlanta, is expanding to locations all across the city and has brought their menu of traditional and unique fare to our neighborhood.

Pennsylvania pizza comes to PTC

Everyone has that one restaurant they love, that they’ll travel any number of miles to get back to. It might be a childhood favorite that brings back happy memories as well as serves up good food. It might be states away, a place you only get to visit on vacation. But that restaurant is always worth the time and effort it takes to get there.

Your lodge away from home


Delicious, fire grilled, American favorites are the heart and soul of the Smokey Bones restaurant menu. Whether you are there to enjoy watching your favorite team on any of the 35 TV's with interactive sound boxes, having a family night out, or having a "one hour mountain vacation", you will find many options from appetizers, salads, steaks or a slice of chocolate peanut butter pie to satisfy your craving. Large portions and great service adds value to this Rocky Mountain themed experience.

Sampling the goods

By F.C. Foodie
Dining Critic

Fall has arrived, and foodies are looking for something new and exciting to enjoy as the cool winds of the season start blowing into town. One of the favorite activities for many this season is tailgating. A great new option for folks who want to impress their friends is Buff’s at 116 Bethea Rd, Suite 112 in Fayetteville.

Buff's brings Buffalo, N.Y to Fayetteville

By Kristene Loughman
Special to The Citizen

As a kid, Jason Saleh loved chicken wings. When he was six, he wrote a book listing all his favorite things. Under the food category, sure enough, he wrote wings. So when Jason grew up, there was only one logical thing to do: open a wings restaurant.

The recipe for success is found at Pies-On Pizza

By Kristene Loughman

There is a great debate in our country over who makes the best pizza. Some prefer New York style pizza, its flat slices so large they have to be folded in half. Others swear by the Chicago deep dish, so laden down with toppings you need a knife and fork to eat it. But here in Fayette County, the newest style of pizza comes with a Greek twist.

Glamour comes to PTC

By F.C. Foodie
Special to The Citizen

For many years, one of the complaints about Fayette County was there was not a singular destination for young couples and folks who enjoy going out and enjoying a night out on the town.

Say cheese

Kids heading back to school means busy schedules for mom, often leaving little time to think about planning well-balanced meals. But if you ask “The Cheesiest Kids in America” for some advice, they’ll tell you that the famous blue box might be all you need for a delicious meal your kids – and the entire family – will enjoy.

The new mushroom toppers

(ARA) - Mushrooms, a popular topping, are a familiar sight at any pizzeria. Steakhouses offer sauteed mushrooms over steaks and, in a family restaurant, mushrooms might be an optional topper for baked potatoes. This kind of topper, plain and simple, couldn’t be nicer but it’s a far cry from the new jazzier toppers, which combine fresh mushrooms with cheese, seasonings and other flavorful ingredients in exciting ways.

How to eat healthy year round - holidays and vacations, too

(SPM Wire) With holidays, vacations, and family celebrations seemingly upon us all year long, eating healthfully can sometimes be a challenge.

Spice it up with Asian fusion

(ARA) - After decades of being satisfied with mild foods, American consumers are now craving bold flavors that pack a punch - hot and spicy, sweet and heat, and other interesting combinations.

Making mealtime a family affair

More than food and fun is served up in American kitchens.

Involving the whole family in mealtime preparations can be a rewarding experience for everyone. And with just a little planning and creativity, family mealtime can become one of the most enjoyable parts of the day. Following are some suggestions to help you get started:

The Red Room keeps things cool

Red Room inside
Do you like the cool vibe, distinct menu, elegant atmosphere and great music that you find in downtown Atlanta restaurants, but hate the drive to get there? Now you can find it all right down the street in Peachtree City at the new restaurant The Red Room, formerly Martini’s in Westpark Walk.

Two eateries make their debut

By F.C. Foodie
Dining Critic

Fayette’s foodies have two more choices to satisfy their hunger as the dog days of summer approach.

Monte Cristo Cornbread Skillet Supper wins the 2006 National Cornbread Cook-Off

The 10th Anniversary of the National Cornbread Cook-Off served up quite a celebration at the festival which annually honors cornbread and cooks -- the National Cornbread Festival®, in South Pittsburg, Tenn. On April 29, the Monte Cristo Cornbread Skillet Supper was named the grand prize winner of the Cook-Off, which is the search for the best main-dish cornbread recipe, sponsored by Martha White® and Lodge® Cast Iron.

Separate fat from fiction: fat is no foe

(ARA) - Saturated fat is the Rodney Dangerfield of the fat world. Not only do saturated fats not get any respect, they’ve been maligned by the health community for decades. The Food and Drug Administration put one type of saturated fat -- trans fat -- front and center earlier this year by requiring that packaged foods carry the amount of these manmade partially or fully hydrogenated oils on their labels. While this practice has brought to light that trans fats are bad for your health, it also left consumers believing there was no room for any saturated fat on their plates.

Fresh ideas for summer picnics

(ARA) - Warm, sunny weather beckons us outdoors for picnics. For some people, though, preparing a picnic can be daunting. Not anymore. Sandra Lee, the internationally acclaimed lifestyle expert, bestselling author and host of Semi-Homemade, offers tips for an easy, fun and satisfying picnic experience without all the work.

Simple ways to dress up summer salads

Fruit salad

Whether salads are pre-packaged or fresh from your garden, medleys of fresh fruits and vegetables are without a doubt a summertime favorite for cookouts and family gatherings.

Duo releasing new version of Best of the Best Cookbooks from Georgia

It took Gwen McKee and Barbara Moseley 22 years to collect the best recipes from the best cookbooks from every state. Now that the “Best of the Best State Cookbooks Series” covers the entire country, McKee and Moseley are not resting—they are revisiting the South to continue the quest of preserving America’s food heritage. With so many new fine cookbooks published in the Southern states over the last two decades, they knew it was time for all-new versions of some of the early books in the Series.

It’s worth about $1.99

For months, the Three Dollar Cafe set unfinished and speculation ran rampant over why Peachtree City’s newest eatery had not opened. Finally, the restaurant threw open its doors, and the results have been a little underwhelming.

Coffee roaster plans grand opening

On Safari Trading Co., a gourmet coffee roasting company based in Peachtree City will have their Grand Opening on Saturday, June 24. You can stop by between 9 a.m. and 1 p.m. to say hi, have a hot dog, taste some coffee and watch a coffee roasting demonstration. Located at 189 Fulton Ct., in Peachtree City (off of Huddleston), On Safari has become known for its quality coffee in the area with a growing number of loyal coffee aficionados.

Pecans are a good addition to many meals

Just as summer returns, so do favorite warm-weather foods. To make things simple yet delicious requires a little creativity—plus some versatile ingredients that play an essential role. Consider Georgiapecans, for example, which are one of the most all-purpose foods in the pantry. Crunchy, rich-tasting, and ready-to-use, pecans can add texture and flavor to sweet or savory dishes, hot or cold, vegetarian or meat, fish, and poultry dishes. Very few foods can boast of such compatibility in cooking—or availability. Georgia pecans are found in markets year-round, so cooks can count on having them for any dish, any time.

Cajun flavors spice up meals

cajun shrimp

As more Americans look for bold flavors and spices to please their palate, Jimmy Bannos, chef/owner of Heaven on Seven restaurants, is helping grillers turn up the heat. Bannos offers grillers tips on how to use unique seasoning blends and fresh ingredients to create Cajun-inspired specialties.

Big Daddy’s Oyster Bar Celebrates Big Anniversary

Big Daddy’s Oyster Bar Celebrates Big Anniversary
Big Daddy’s Oyster Bar & Pub celebrates its one-year anniversary this week in Peachtree City, and owner Dave Sutherland couldn’t be happier. The oyster lovers, sports fans and poker players that gather regularly at the restaurant are also pleased to be celebrating a year of good food and entertainment that keep them coming back day after day.

For great southern food, 'This Is It!'

Good food is so often connected with good memories. Cotton candy reminds you of hot summer days at the fair. Fried chicken brings back thoughts of Sunday dinners with the whole family gathered around the table. At This Is It, the menu is full of these family traditions and fond memories.

Foodie looks at eateries coming to the area

Last month, I talked about the number of restaurants leaving the county which generated a huge amount of chatter on our Web site. Since the column ran, I’ve heard about a number of restaurants that may soon be opening. Here’s a rundown:

Citizen seeks Best Dessert nominations

The Citizen will be launching a new feature in the April Dining Guide section called “Quest for the Best” and we are currently seeking nominations for our first category: “Best Dessert.”

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