Warren Throckmorton: Spreading the wealth: Obama, Joe, and the Democratic Socialists

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By now, almost everybody knows “Joe the plumber.” Mentioned about 15 times in Wednesday’s presidential debate, Joe Wurzelbacher, a plumber from Toledo, questioned Barack Obama at an Ohio campaign stop earlier in the week. Joe wanted to know if Obama’s tax plan would raise his taxes.

Warren Throckmorton: Saint Nicholas, we need you today

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Given the decision-making power of Santa Claus on the matter of gifts, my children make sure they leave Mr. Claus some seriously good cookies on Christmas Eve. However, most children don’t know that there is much more to the real Saint Nick than toys and cookies. In addition to being generous, the jolly fellow could easily be considered the patron saint of purity.

Warren Throckmorton: New book details benefits and limits of gay change

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In an era where serious news of war and terrorism is punctuated by leading ministers and senators unraveled by homosexual urges, a study of gays seeking to be straight should captivate those curious about the mysteries of sexual orientation.

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