Dr. Paul Kengor: Diversity dogma and political correctness gone nuts: a Unity Tree?

‘Tis the season .... That is, to not refer to the Christmas Season as the “Christmas Season.”

Of course, that’s old news. But what’s new news, or recent news, is the bewildering refusal in some quarters to call a Christmas tree a “Christmas tree.” Unfortunately, this isn’t new to those of us from the Pittsburgh area. On that, I’d like to enlighten folks around the country, hopefully providing some exposure to something that merits national ridicule.

Dr. Paul Kengor: Our forgotten veterans from the Japanese occupation in Alaska

Every Veterans Day presents an opportunity to commemorate those who served in some faraway place long ago, many of whom paid that ultimate sacrifice. World War II offers its share of remembrances: Pearl Harbor, Dec. 7, 1941; Normandy, June 6, 1944; the Battle of the Bulge, Dec. 16, 1944; to name a few.

Dr. Paul Kengor: Visiting the Rotunda: Carrying the torch for America, the Beautiful

I was at the Rotunda at the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday, June 3, for the dedication of the statue to President Ronald Reagan. I was there because Bill Clark was there. Judge Clark, as readers of my material know, was Reagan’s closest and most important adviser.

Dr. Paul Kengor: Communicating Obama’s fiscal disaster

March news flash: The Congressional Budget Office has forecast a U.S. budget deficit of $1.8 trillion for this year.

Dr. Paul Kengor: ‘A turning point’ 25 years ago

On Monday, June 7, 1982, President Ronald Reagan arrived in Rome to meet with Pope John Paul II at the Vatican, a little over a year since both men survived near-fatal assassination attempts. The two shared not only a commonality of personal experiences but also of political interests — interests that each felt could change the boundaries of the world and the course of history.

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