Sallie Satterthwaite: “Shaken, not stirred”

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Sometimes it matters to hold onto material – notes, books, old addresses, friends – because odds are they’ll be useful some day.

Steve Brown: More to bypass story than Citizen portrayed

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I read The Citizen article entitled, “Who needs W. F’ville Bypass?” Of course, “who” is the optimal word in that headline.

Dennis Chase: Bypass story was weak

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Last week, John Munford wrote an article (“Who needs W. F’ville Bypass?”) that I found very disappointing. Disappointing because Mr. Munford is usually so much better with his work. Not because of anything that was in the article, but because of the bias that was so evident.

Matt Ramsey: Week 1 legislative update: Stark fiscal choices ahead

On Monday, Jan. 10, the state legislature convened for Day One of the 2010 session. In many ways it was an historic day.

Terry Garlock: Who’s responsible for saving you when disaster strikes?

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For those able to think past the human tragedy in Haiti, there are some reminders of life’s realities. One of those reminders is that when disaster strikes somewhere in the world, our elected representatives in Washington will sell us down the river ... again.

Ronda Rich: The allure of full moons

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For some reason, I’ve always loved full moons. Every time I see one, I stop in my tracks, fully absorb and appreciate its beauty and then thank the good Lord that I lived to see another beautiful full moon.

Ben Nelms: Could there arise a 10th Amendment coalition?

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Those of you familiar with this column are no stranger to what I believe is the sometimes criminal misuse and abuse of the Constitution and its rights by Congress and the President (the Ruling Elite) in administrations than span decades.

Father David Epps: It’s my birthday

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It’s my birthday. Martin Luther King, Jr. and I share the same birthday, though not the same year of birth. My cousin John Honeycutt, four years younger than I, also shares the same birth date. On Jan. 15, I hit the big five-nine. I can no longer deceive myself into thinking that I am still a kid.

William Murchison: Time for term limits

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Back to the future — or something like that.

The last time Americans got wound up about the assorted misfeasances and incompetencies of the U.S. Congress, the national conversation opened itself to the possibility of term limits for the members.

Rick Ryckeley: The painful tooth

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Most people fear something in this life. Some will crawl up the wall at the sight of a spider. Others will scurry out of the room away from an approaching cockroach. Still others are deathly afraid of clowns. Not a laughing matter, I assure you. Those sinister clowns are high up on my fear list also.

Thomas Sowell: “Notional” Security

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The latest “screw-up” that let a man with explosives get on a plan on Christmas day is only part of a larger laxness and irresponsibility when it comes to national security. This administration pays lip service to national security and gives out with a lot of rhetorical notions that makes it notional security instead of national security.

Walter Williams: Global warming is a religion

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Manmade global warming, for many, is an Earth-worshipping religion.

The essential feature of any religion is that its pronouncements are to be accepted on the basis of faith as opposed to hard evidence. Questioning those pronouncements makes one a sinner.

Sallie Satterthwaite: Hard Winter for Critters

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Fond as I am of the little people who are truly our closest neighbors – the occasional field mouse or wood rat, even the chipmunks, squirrels, and birds – sometimes they try my patience.

Cal Beverly: Do-gooder government, unintended results

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Two letters on this page take the cap off my own lengthy simmerings on these two related matters.

The first is a super-expensive solution to a limited problem: pedestrians crossing state highway intersections.

Steve Brown: Highlights of 2009

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The year 2009 gave us the nation’s first African-American president, more failing economy, healthcare legislation, and the continuation of two wars.

The Citizen: President Obama needs to learn about ‘the real world’

BY Rep. Lynn Westmoreland

President Obama could learn a lesson or two from the lyrics of my favorite country music singer, Coweta County native Alan Jackson.

Cal Thomas: Something about that name . . .

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The secular left — and some self-described Christians — criticize Brit Hume, the Fox News commentator, for suggesting that the solution to Tiger Woods’ problems is a relationship with Jesus Christ. Hume made his remarks on “Fox News Sunday.” Disclosure: I also appear on Fox News.

Ronda Rich: Entourage encounter

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It’s true. Some things you have to see to believe. And then, even though you’re certain of the reliability of your own eyes, you don’t believe it.

Sally Oakes: Distracted and harried, and relying on Christ

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OK, so it’s a new year. It seems I should write about resolutions or something, but nothing has come to me — besides, I’m as bad as anyone about breaking them. Then again, I could write about the expectation of what is to come in 2010, but really, no one can know what the year will bring; we just know that God will be there.

Father David Epps: Southern Baptists and college football

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When I was in New York during the fall, a few of us from the South were talking Southeastern Conference football. One of the local guys said, “You guys from down South sure talk a lot about college football.”

Rick Ryckeley: Coupon Man

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Despite gazillion-dollar bailouts, let’s face it: Our economy is still in a downturn. Experts state the bottom is near and should be reached this year. Unfortunately what they don’t want to tell you is that the bottom is actually a cliff. And with one look at our bank account and stock portfolio statements, The Wife and I are about to take the plunge. Desperate times call for desperate measures. Coupon Man has made a return to save the day.

Thomas Sowell: Intellectuals and society

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There has probably never been an era in history when intellectuals have played a larger role in society. When intellectuals who generate ideas are surrounded by a wide range of others who disseminate those ideas — whether as journalists, teachers, staffers to legislators or clerks to judges — the influence of intellectuals on the way a society evolves can be huge.

Cal Thomas: A war by any other name

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Suppose Umar Farouk Abdul Mutallab, the Christmas Day underwear bomber, had succeeded and blown up Northwest Airlines flight 253, killing nearly 300 people on board and perhaps others on the ground? Would the response of the Obama administration have been different?

Walter Williams: Untrue Beliefs

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Here’s a sample of last week’s news reporting: “A new decade is about to start ...”, “What better way to start a new year and decade ...”, and “ABC ‘World News’ Decade Look-Back.” One would think that the first decade of the third millennium came to an end midnight Dec. 31 and the new decade began a minute after midnight.

Father David Epps: What does God look like?

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“No one has ever seen God,” we read in John 1:18 (RSV). Artists, poets, and authors, of course, have attempted to portray Him. Michelangelo portrayed him as both ancient and strong. Jonathan Edwards portrayed him as full of wrath in his sermon, “Sinners in the Hand of an Angry God.” Bette Midler sang about an indifferent God who is watching “from a distance.” Painters portray God in their own image, making him brown, black, white, yellow, or red. Some imagine his hair is blond, white, or some other shade.

Sallie Satterthwaite: New Year 2010

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Another holiday come and gone. Another year redolent with feasting, bread baking, and candy hardening. In the 1940s my Mom was at the center of holiday hubbub, coming out of it occasionally to fuss that she could use a little help.

Scott Bradshaw: In PTC, a new government comes to power

A new Peachtree City mayor and three City Council members will join holdover Councilman Doug Sturbaum tomorrow night in the first of a series of meetings that will set new directions for the city. I voted against two of the new officials but recognize that the election is over and it is time to move forward.

Steve Brown: PTC traffic about to get worse

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To be, or not to be, that is the question. Well, Mr. Shakespeare, this tragedy will certainly be.

The journey began back in the year of 2006, and a massive rumbling stirred throughout our area when a C-7 Commercial Major Shopping District rezoning application came before the Coweta County Board of Commissioners. It was Scott Seymour of Seymour Construction and Development in Peachtree City who brought this matter to bear.

Ronda Rich: Wayward pup brings some tears

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Funny how situations in life can slip up on you and turn your feelings completely around.

Sometimes it’s downright tragic.

Terry Garlock: Some important questions most governments never ask

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Our bloated federal government has been running amok for a long time, under Democrat and Republican administrations alike, creating mountains of debt and intruding into nooks and crannies of our personal lives where they should not tread. The fingers of state, county and city government reach too far into our pocket and our lives as well.

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