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Sun, 03/07/2010 - 6:08pm
By: Cal Beverly

This site contains stories, opinions, columns, photos, forums, blogs and comments published in the online version of The Citizen beginning the middle of October 2005 and concluding in March 2010.

In addition, by clicking on the "Archives" link in the site header above on this page, you may access the static html archives of all online material published since the middle of 1998 through October 2005.

How to search our 2005-2010 archives

The “Search” block for the 2005-2010 archived site immediately to your left is temporarily out of commission.

Instead, click here to go directly to our advanced search function for the archives.

How to search html pages earlier than October 2005

Click the link directly above this story and just under “The Citizen” logo that says, “ARCHIVES” (between SUBSCRIBE and ADVERTISE WITH US).

That will take you to the list if articles by edition and date. Then use the following Google search function in a Google search box on your browser:

1. Type in your normal search term
2. enter a space
3. then type the following (without quotes) "site:archive.thecitizen.com"

Say you want to look up “Fayetteville robbery,” It will look like this:

Fayetteville robbery site:archive.thecitizen.com

Type in your search term, put in a space, and then type


all with no spaces.

Good searching!

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