1st, illegal hunting; now loose pit bulls

Tue, 02/23/2010 - 4:38pm
By: Letters to the ...

I have written you before about our neighbor who hunts on property where he has no permission to hunt. It doesn’t matter if it’s deer season or not, he hunts.

Well, the courts took care of that problem: he is on probation, can’t hunt anywhere, and can’t have guns on his property. All is well, you think. Not hardly!

Now he has two pit bulls that are running the neighborhood. I came home from cardiac rehab to find two pit bulls trying to tear down the fence to my chicken pen. I called animal protection [and] they caught one of the dogs and the other escaped.

After the event was over, I was a nervous wreck, knowing those two dogs were in my back yard, could have attacked me, killed me and no one would know what happened.

Sunday night, Mr. Saul — 80 years old, on chemo for cancer, just got out of the hospital with blood clots in his legs — let our 16-year-old miniature doberman out.

Just as he walked [a few] feet from the back door, two pit bulls came around the house. He grabbed our dog, ran for the door with the pit bulls close behind him, just made it in the door.

We called the sheriff’s office; two deputies came out. The dog owner said the dogs had gotten out (his dogs have “gotten out” on numerous occasions, once chased a jogger down the road, the only thing that helped him was a big stick).

My problem is this: all pit bull owners will tell you how sweet their dogs are, even after they have killed a child. What has to happen before the animal control people remove these dogs from irresponsible owners?

Must a child die, or an adult be mauled? These people keep four dogs in the house with four children, the youngest just a baby.

So if you live in the Ebenezer Church area and see these dogs running through the neighborhood, please call animal control and complain. Let’s take care of the danger before someone is hurt or killed.

LeGay Saul

Fayetteville, Ga.

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