Final F’ville campaign contributors revealed

Tue, 02/09/2010 - 5:20pm
By: Ben Nelms

The final campaign contribution filing period for candidates in the races for the three Fayetteville City Council posts has ended. Here is a look at what each of the six candidates raised and where it came from.

Post 3 incumbent Walt White reported a total of $10,101.94 in campaign contributions and $10,115.58 in expenditures.

A total of $5,600 in contributions ranged from $200 to $1,000 from 14 private individuals with the $4,500 remainder coming in the form of contributions of less than $101. White also carried over $195 from his 2005 campaign.

Those contributing $200 to $1,000 included County Commissioner Eric Maxwell, E.M. Dodson, Tim Scarff, Gregg Woodward, Ed Wyatt, Sandra and Ralph Balchin, former Fayetteville Mayor Mike Wheat, Eddie Robins, Earl Hanners, Thomas Chandler, James Macke, Fred Mortensen, Ron Menees and Azalea Estates Assisted Living and Retirement Community.

Post 3 challenger Patty Hawkins, in her filing reported using $1,695.01 of her own money to pay for signs, cards, and other campaign expenses.

In the Post 4 race, incumbent Larry Dell showed a total to date of $7,235 in contributions. Dell reported $6368.24 in campaign expenses.

Dell reported $4,785 in contributions of less than $101, loans to himself for $1,600 and a total of $1,450 from Lindsey Howard, Mike Wheat, Eric Maxwell, Nick Garcia, state Sen. Ronnie Chance and Cathryn Stephens. Dell carried over $800 from his 2005 campaign.

Post 4 challenger Mickey Edwards reported a total of $10,051.13 of his own funds and the same amount in expenditures.

In Post 5, incumbent Paul Oddo reported a total of $4,925.23 in contributions and $4,824.68 in expenditures.

Of the $4,935.23 total, $1,000 was from William Redwine II and $100 from contributions of less than $101, while $875 was carried over from his first election campaign in 2005 and the balance from loans to himself or from Oddo Brothers CPA.

Post 5 challenger Bill Dick on Oct. 25 reported $1,128.38 in total contributions. A total of $350 came from contributions of less than $101, with Dick supplying the remainder. Dick spent $1,128.38 on campaign-related items.

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