Local Boy Scouts ask: ‘can’ you help us out?

Fri, 01/15/2010 - 2:52pm
By: The Citizen

In December, Boy Scout Troop 211 participated in Polaris Winter Camp 2009. The boys spent four days camping in the cold at Lawhorn Scouting Base where they had a great time. The scouts activities at camp included: Archery, Rifle and Shotgun Shooting, Golf, Weather Forecasting, Emergency Preparedness, Indian Lore, Rock Climbing, Motor Boating, Mountain Biking, “Southern Snowboarding”, and a Polar Bear Swim.

The primary source of funding for Troop 211 is the aluminum can recycling bin located behind the Braelinn Kroger on Crosstown Road. If you would like to help out Troop 211, they would appreciate you stopping by and placing your cans in their recycling bin. Troop 211 meets on Monday nights at the First Presbyterian Church in Peachtree City at 7 pm. All boys from 11-17 are welcome to join us.

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