Legislative issues up before Fayette School Board

Mon, 01/11/2010 - 8:59am
By: Ben Nelms

Though there are few items posted for the meeting Monday night at the Fayette County School Board, the item listed as Legislative Issues could prove to be very significant in coming months due to lagging state and local revenues.

The school board approved numerous budget cuts during the past two years due to declining tax revenues. The state, too, made its share of cuts to education, though those cuts beginning in July 2009 were mild compared to the double-digit cuts to nearly every other state department.

It is well known that the General Assembly convening for 2010 will face the requirement for more large cuts to comply with the state law that mandates a balanced budget.

The board Monday will also elect a chairman and vice-chairman for 2010 and will set the time and place for board meetings.

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