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Time has really crept up on me this year and here it is almost Christmas. Less than two weeks to go and I have done no shopping — and me with six grandchildren and now, one great-grandchild. I am really behind for whatever reason.

This is really going to be a special Christmas, though. Jadie was my first grandchild and now she has given me my first great-grandchild. I might add that my mother is also now a great-great-grandmother ... and my daughter is a grandmother.

Some of you may remember her ... Davida Kilgore (now Atkins), class of 1983, Fayette County High. Yeah. That little skinny blonde girl with all the hair who was in the band and flag corps.

That little skinny girl got married to her sweetheart of many years and let me know in no uncertain terms that she did not like being an only child. She has six ... count ‘em, six kids ... ranging in age from 21 down to 5: Jadie (now Jadie Gore, married to Steven), Daniel, Jordan, Delaney, Jax and Dakota. They are my most precious people. And now the next generation has started with baby “Rain Gore.” Where does the time go?

Anyway, telling you about my family is not the main gist of this column. It’s to remind all you church folks that the deadline is fast approaching for you to turn in your list of Christmas events so we can put them on our front page Dec. 23, the last issue before Christmas. Some of you have already let us know, but some are still holding out.

In case you didn’t remember, in this special issue, the listing of Christmas events starts on the front page and continues inside. It gives everything that’s happening at churches between the day of issue (Dec. 23) through New Year’s Day. One church has even included a children’s program on Jan. 3, since many churches extend the Christmas season through the first week in January.

I need the event, the time, and the location of the church, phone number and website. And this is for all churches in Fayette, Coweta and South Fulton counties.

Include all Christmas events from Dec. 23 to Jan. 1, special music during Christmas services, communion, candles, — anything out of the ordinary that you’d like the public to know about.

These announcements are absolutely free to all churches in the three-county area. I think I even have one from Jonesboro, which is in Clayton but that’s close enough.

In addition, all churches that are running paid display advertisements in that edition will receive an additional announcement in the special listing.

But — and this is important — we will list only those churches which send us the info. If you don’t send it, then it will not be in the paper.

Send info to me via email at Do not use the old address at That address is no longer in use.

Absolute deadline is next Monday, Dec. 21, at noon. But the sooner you get them in the better.

Thanks to all of you who have already submitted your announcements and, to those who haven’t, better hurry. You only have a few more days.

Hope to receive your email soon!

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