Pattillo Tree Farm recommends fall planting

Thu, 11/12/2009 - 4:03pm
By: The Citizen

Pattillo Tree Farm, based in Griffin, Ga, is a full service landscape company and tree grower. With over 12,000 trees on hand, of nearly 20 different varieties, they specialize in established, or mature, trees and the integration into new landscapes. Pattillo Tree Farm provides top-notch container and field-grown Japanese maples, red maples, oaks, flowering cherry trees, and evergreens. Quality landscape design and installation at reasonable prices is the central focus of the business.

On the advice of a friend and fellow tree farmer, Mark Pattillo, owner and operator, cleared his first five acres in 1999 and has never looked back. What started as a small venture with a handful of varieties has turned into a successful local business that caters to the interests of the local community, both residential and commercial. Mark’s hard work and determination have helped to contribute to this success. The farm is family-run and prides itself on excellent customer service and customer satisfaction. 

Quality landscape adds an aesthetic, as well as monetary, appeal to any property, whether residential or commercial. Clients looking for color, shade or privacy can install a variety of trees, shrubs and other plants to achieve the look they desire. Pattillo Tree Farm, while growing their own container and field-grown trees, has established firm working relationships with other local nurseries, which increases their ability to provide quality-planting material at reasonable prices. These relationships have grown over the years, with a good deal of knowledge and advice being passed among the ranks.  

Fall is the ideal time in Georgia to complete landscape projects. As the weather gets cooler, the trees go dormant, allowing them to better adapt to a move and transplant into a new landscape. It is often said, “ When the leaves fall, it’s time to call”. Many nurseries and growers offer fall specials to capitalize on the digging season and Pattillo Tree Farm is no exception. Through February, the farm offers many specials and discounts to potential, and current, clients. Currently, one can purchase an 10-12’ Autumn Blaze or October Glory red maple for $150- this includes the tree, delivery and installation. This is almost 50% off the normal price. There are also specials on evergreen trees, which range from three feet to fifteen feet. Quantity discounts always apply and consultations are free. 

Pattillo Tree Farm strives to be a thriving, local business that provides quality services to the community. Whether it is a weeping, lace leaf Japanese maple, a beautiful and full Shumard oak, the hot pink flowering cherry tree or the everlasting green of the Thuja green giant, Pattillo Tree Farm can provide a product for every need, every landscape and every project. 

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