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Tue, 11/10/2009 - 11:23am
By: The Citizen

Allison Thorp, owner of “We Can Do It,” a company that provides a number of construction services, learned about architecture and construction from her father, a developer.

“I spent many weekends looking at old warehouses and envisioning them updated,” said Thorp, who has been providing construction services for nine years. “Eventually, I saw a need for my experience and decided to make it official.”

Thorp stated that the focus of her company is to update their customer’s homes and protect their value. They are able to do this through services such as roofing, painting, installing windows, doors, seamless gutters and gutter covers, sheetrock repair, fencing, installing chimney caps and much more. We Can Do It staff members are always learning, attending seminars on a regular basis and hosting seminars on new products that allows them to stay current in the field.

If one of her staff members runs into a situation they have never seen before, Thorp feels she has amassed enough knowledge over the years to help them provide excellent service to the customer.
One example she cited in a recent interview involved a family that was concerned about what they assumed was a small leak that could lead to a lot of damage if it wasn’t dealt with in a timely manner. The staff of We can Do It found that it wasn’t a leak at all but a problem with the gutter. A minor adjustment and repositioning of the downspout stopped the “leak” and saved the customers a significant amount of money.

“The best advice I ever got when I was starting this business was ‘do what you say you will do, listen to what is really being asked and treat everyone the way you would want to be treated’,” Thorp said. The advice has served her and her company very well.

Thorp feels that being a woman in the construction business gives We Can Do It a unique perspective and a different approach to customer service.

“I have been able to bring the design element as well as my experience with construction to the table.” She also recently added her brother-in-law, Christopher Thorp, to the team and feels that he is a very valuable member of the staff. “His knowledge of computers has allowed us to update our communication capabilities. We are trying to make our customer service seamless and we are lucky to have him on board.”

Thorp acknowledges that now is a great time for people to have their gutters, windows, doors and roofing looked at.
“With rain, wind, ice and potentially snow coming this winter, these are all areas of concern in your home,” stated Thorp.
We Can Do It is currently offering a fall discount on maintenance and cleaning of gutters and a free roof inspection.

“Cleaning your gutters of debris allows them to empty properly,” said Thorp. “Standing water, leaves and pine needles are added weight to an already heavy system. When water is standing and freezes, it will cause joints to break apart causing leaking which over time will rot the wood surfaces they are attached to.”

Thorp highly recommends those who live in wooded areas to use a gutter cover system like Debris Guard, which prevents leaves and debris from building up, reducing the amount of maintenance and extending the lifespan of your roof.

We can Do It is located at 20 Tower Way #7 in Newnan. They are open 9 a.m.-5 p.m., Monday through Friday. Phone 770-304-1969 or visit www.wecandoit-ga.com.

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