You reap what you sow

Thu, 10/08/2009 - 2:23pm
By: The Citizen

The fall is upon us. Back to school, falling leaves and football are hallmarks of this time of year. This is also one is the busiest and most important times of the year in the world of landscaping.

Although the spring is often considered the best time to do plantings, fall is actually a more optimal time to supplement, or redesign your home landscape. We all know that as the temperatures drop, our plants, trees and grasses will go dormant, shedding leaves, blooms and their vibrant colors. To the visible eye we see an absence of color, but under the surface our plants, trees and grasses continue to nourish and grow their root systems. This is in part what makes fall such an ideal time to plant.
While it is true that new plantings will not bloom or grow during this time of year, by planting now you give the new additions to your yard a better chance to survive and flourish during the following spring and summer.

The benign temperatures and nutrient rich water provided by other nature cause the least amount of stress for new plantings. As well, the water that is absorbed is more concentrated towards feeding the root system of the plant or tree, as opposed to the root infrastructure, your plantings will be more established or mature when the oppressive heat and relative dryness of the feeling of summer finally come to bear. So plant now, in an effort to enjoy the brilliant colors of next springs new growth.

Another area of landscaping to be addressed in the fall is outdoor lighting. The fall temperatures can be a welcome respite from the oppressive heat of summer. Unfortunately, the hours of daylight are decreasing. With the installation of outdoor lighting, you can continue to enjoy your outdoor living space into the evening. Ambient outdoor lighting can add an entirely new dimension and look to your space, as it illuminates in a much more dramatic fashion than daylight. In addition to extending the amount of time you can use your outdoor living space, lighting also serves as a security function.

Although we don’t like to think about these things, the importance of securing our investments and protecting our loved ones from unwanted intruders cannot be understated.

For those of you who have irrigation systems, fall is the time to shut them down and prepare for winter. There are a number of discerning viewpoints on the necessity of this in the deep south, but suffice it to say, protecting yourself from the expense of repairing broken pipes due to freezing is a wise move. Water to the systems should be shut off, and as much water as possible should be purged from the lines to prevent freezing, and thus the rupturing of lines. This is something that can be done by the homeowner, or by any irrigation specialist.

So as you plan your fall landscaping schedule, please feel free to contact the helpful landscape professionals at the A Abby Group for a free estimate. We would love to hear from you, we can be reached at 770-632-7288 or

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