As sweet as it sounds - Something Delightful cooks up terrific baked goods

Wed, 08/19/2009 - 12:55pm
By: Michael Boylan

Something Delightful Bakery Cafe has been open in Peachtree City for close to eight months and there is already quite a following. Word of mouth passing among friends, neighbors, co-workers and colleagues who have tasted some of the delicacies, has sent a lot of customers to Mary Jane Hollister. Her heavenly display case and the taste of the cupcakes, cheesecakes, cookies and coffee have kept them coming back.

“The community has been very receptive,” said Hollister, the owner of Something Delightful, who added that they have also put themselves in the public eye. “We’ve made some desserts for a number of different events and receptions and even made the Founders Day cake for Peachtree City’s 50th anniversary celebration this summer.”

Hollister has been baking a long time and states that she learned from both her mother and aunt, good Southern cooks who focused on appearance and presentation as well as taste. Hollister enjoys the presentation as much as the baking and it shows in the attention to detail on everything from the cheesecakes down to the miniature cupcakes.

“I read a lot and watch a lot,” said Hollister when asked how she learned to do what she does. “A lot of learning comes from trial and error.”

Hollister baked for parties and friends and was encouraged to open her own business. With both of her children in college, the time was right and the bakery was born. Her family has been very supportive of the business. Her husband, George, did a lot of the interior construction, building the tables, while her son, Adam, and her daughter, Samantha, are both performing a variety of jobs this summer. They are two of six employees that work at the bakery cafe.

One of the more popular items on the menu are the frozen cheesecake lollipops, which has the look of a lollipop but features a delectable square of frozen cheesecake dipped in chocolate. The miniature cupcakes are also extremely popular as they are a perfect portion size for class parties while also providing grown-ups a tasty snack in a good portion size. There are also larger cupcakes and full cheesecakes available.

Whether you like chocolate, nuts or fruit filled treats, there is something for you in the size you are looking for. Some popular examples are Pot O’ Gold cupcakes, which are chocolate cupcakes, with a baked-in cream cheese and chocolate chip filling, topped with vanilla buttercream frosting, while Italian Creams feature white coconut cake with chopped pecans and coconut baked in, topped with a vanilla cream cheese frosting and sprinkled with more pecan and coconut pieces and Raspberry Delights are white cakes with a sweet, slightly tart raspberry filling, and topped with a decadent chocolate buttercream.

As for Hollister, she likes it all, stating, “cake should be a food group.”
Something Delightful offers specialty cakes by order and does their best to match the decorations to the theme of the events. They also have standard designs available. Hollister stated that it is imperative for her that the products be fresh, so there are no cakes simply sitting around and waiting to be purchased.

While lots of people use Something Delightful as a place to pick up baked goods to enjoy at home or other events, more and more people, including moms clubs and Ladies Day Out, are stopping by to enjoy a dessert and some coffee as well. Something Delightful also has free wi-fi for their customers to use.
Things have gone well for Hollister and Something Delightful so far and it will only get busier as their first holiday season approaches.

“We’re looking forward to it,” said Hollister.

Located at 277 Georgia Highway 74 North, Suite 200, Something Delightful is right behind Mellow Mushroom and gets a lot of traffic from the restaurants in the area as well as the neighboring golf cart paths and other local businesses. The bakery opens at 10 a.m. Mondays-Saturdays and closes at 6 p.m. Mondays-Thursdays, 8 p.m. on Fridays and 2 p.m. on Saturdays.

For more information, phone 678-519-0038, visit or become a fan of Something Delightful Bakery Cafe on Facebook.

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