A New Start Counseling Center - Transforming one's trials into triumph

Thu, 06/25/2009 - 10:51am
By: Ben Nelms

The name of an organization or business can say a lot about its outlook and its intent. That is the case with A New Start Counseling Center, Inc., whose wide array of services is geared to meet needs and help transform life’s trials and into life’s triumphs.

Founded in 1991, A New Start Counseling Center is a privately owned, outpatient counseling center located in Fayetteville and Newnan, with staff consisting of psychologists and psychotherapists, along with consulting psychiatrists who provide medication consultations for A New Start clients.

“We diligently try to assist our clients in achieving a new start when trials, struggles and difficulties have impaired their ability to cope and to function adequately,’ said center President Dwight Foulk. “We try to maintain a personal, yet professional manner with our clients.”

The center offers a broad variety of counseling services. Those services include psychological services that are professionally and confidentially provided with unique specialty areas. Adult, adolescent, and child services are provided within individual, marital, family or group settings. Other services include psychological assessments and testing, corporate consultation, training and intervention.

A New Start staff also provide a wide range of speciality counseling services covering both individual issues and family and marital issues. Individual issues covered include anxiety, ADHD, post-traumatic stress, relationships, sex offenders, identity issues, forensics, depression, eating disorders, learning disorders, vocational and career, codependency, incest, post-abortion stress and divorce and separation.

Services for family and marital issues include addictions, grief and loss, spiritual concerns, communication, violence management, abuse, adolescent conflicts, pre-marital counseling, addictions, sexuality and suicide.
But the efforts of A New Start professionals also extend into the community.

“One of our favorite things is having the opportunity to provide local companies, schools, agencies and organizations with wellness-oriented educational programs,” Foulk said.

Additionally, numerous community service programs are available. The center provides information on specific topics to aid anyone, including organizations, in the metro Atlanta area.

“We are excited about the opportunity to work with local corporations and organizations to create collaborative partnerships for affordable, yet effective, mental health services for their employees,” Foulk said.

The center works with numerous insurance companies and has psychiatrists who see patients at the office to provide medication consultations.

No successful work environment is complete without the participation of its staff. And in that regard, said Foulk, A New Start is well-served.

“It is a very pleasant environment with a great team, which reflects through to our clients. Our clients frequently comment about how pleasant the office environment is and what a joy it is to deal with our staff,” he said. “We are all active in local churches and prioritize spirituality in our lives and families. We are all very fun-loving and have a wonderful time together and with our clients. We truly try and ‘practice what we preach.’”

A New Start Counseling Center is located at 115 Habersham Drive in Fayetteville with office hours of 8 a.m. until 7 p.m. Monday-Thursday. The company also has a Newnan office, located at 29 Brown Street. For more information about A New Start Counseling Center call (770) 461-9944.

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