WK Wings in Fayetteville features the flavors that everyone loves

Thu, 01/22/2009 - 2:29pm
By: Michael Boylan

With nine locations in the metro Atlanta area, not including the one in Fayetteville by the dollar theater in Banks Station, WK Wings has won over people with their incredibly flavorful wings. The franchise is known for their high quality products and excellent customer service. The location in Fayetteville, operated by Harry Kinzey, prides itself on adhering to the principle of good food, fast. The restaurant has been open in Banks Station since last July and is seen by some as one of the area’s best kept secrets. Kinzey and many of the regulars at WK Wings feel that it is time the secret gets out.

“We had a lady come in just last week who told me that she didn’t even realize we were here until her daughter told her about us,” said Kinzey. “She had been driving to the Riverdale location every week, but would now come here.”

WK Wings in Fayetteville features the same wings and sauces at every other WK Wings location, which is obviously the biggest draw for anyone who has ever sampled them. In addition to the buffalo style wings that vary in flavor from mild and medium to hot and XHot, other flavors that tantalize tongues are lemon pepper, ranch, teriyaki, mesquite BBQ, smokey BBQ and honey mustard. Kinzey stated that lemon pepper is the most popular flavor, but that some customers suggest blends and Kinzey and his staff prepare the wings just how the customer likes them.

“A few people like mesquite BBQ wings with some lemon pepper sprinkles,” said Kinzey. “We never say no.”

While wings are king at WK Wings (WK actually stands for Wing King), the chicken tenders and fish also are popular items on the menu. The pieces are large and the value is good. Kinzey just wants to make sure that all of his customers are happy and continue to spread the good word of mouth that has made WK Wings a popular wing destination in the Atlanta area.
Kinzey has heard the good reviews from the people who have stopped in to eat the wings, commenting on how the wings are crispy and how each flavor has its own appeal. Kinzey even has some customers who order a 10 piece meal and get their wings in five different flavors.

WK Wings does a solid business when the movie theater is bustling, but Kinzey is also starting to see a good crowd develop during lunches. One thing that he thinks the lunch crowd particularly likes is how the food is prepared quickly and that he and his staff are friendly and courteous, trying to make everyone feel like a regular customer.

With the Super Bowl approaching, WK Wings knows that platters of their delicious wings will be a popular item to order, as will their fries, lightly sprinkled with a zesty seasoning, their jalapeno poppers, the sweet fried corn and the onion rings.
WK Wings has been around the Atlanta area for two decades, delighting their customers with their food. Kinzey knows that the secret will soon be out in Fayetteville and he and his staff are ready to rock the area’s tastebuds with the wings that made WK Wings the Wing King.

WK Wings is located at 163 Banks Station in Fayetteville.

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