AES Cabinets strives to make a difference

Thu, 10/02/2008 - 8:35am
By: Michael Boylan

André Prinsloo was born in South Africa and moved to the United States of America five years ago with his family. Prinsloo was hoping to give his family a life of freedom and choice. Soon after moving to the states, Prinsloo started a computer software business with a dream to get involved in the cabinetry industry.

“In December of 2004 a builder, Brad Lowery, gave me an opportunity to design and quote his cabinetry for him. My first delivery of cabinetry was done by myself, my wife and two sons then aged 4 and 5 at the time in a U-haul truck,” recalled Prinsloo. “Many late nights and God’s grace assisted us to open our own showroom.”

The showroom, located at 1980 Highway 54 West, Suite A, in Fayetteville gives customers the feeling of a home with an entertainment area, kitchen islands, vanities, desk area and an array of door styles and finishes with the associated knobs and pulls, as well as Granite, Laminate and countertop support options.

“Many interior designers whom we have a working relationship with bring their customers to the showroom to make their selections,” Prinsloo said.

AES Cabinets is a one-stop solution for customers. The design is completed according to the client’s budget, AES Cabinets tears out the old cabinetry, delivers and installs the new cabinetry. Prinsloo stated that the goal for the company is for all the customers to be completely satisfied. The entire process, from first contact with the customer until the day the final payment is received, insures that there is zero tolerance for mistakes.

“Our customers have had a tremendous input into assisting us to become better, by giving us input that we then process into our system,” said Prinsloo. “This process driven approach has earned us a huge database of satisfied customers.”

The Hill family from Hampton is just one example of AES making some very happy customers. The Hills’ had extensive water damage to their kitchen floor and were going to have to rip out cabinets, replace flooring and tiles and put in all new cabinets.

“We'd been to the "big-box" home improvement stores several times only to find that the designer was at lunch, or that person is not here right now, etc. As luck would have it, we found Andre and AES Cabinets. Andre was in our kitchen talking to us, taking measurements and making plans less than 12 hours after we initially contacted him. From that point on, the process was flawless. His designers were emailing us drawings the next day. Our next major hurdle was that we were hosting Christmas at our house. Andre committed to have our cabinets installed on a specific date that would allow enough time for our countertops to be ordered and installed so that our kitchen could be put back together in time for the holiday. He definitely delivered and we couldn't be happier” - Steve and Kristie Hill.

Since opening their doors, AES Cabinets has built an excellent relationship with builders. customers and employees. It makes things easy for Prinsloo who is ecstatic about his job and his company.

“I absolutely love everything about this business! The customers are wonderful; we represent some of the best cabinet manufacturers in the industry who are just as passionate about giving the customers the best price and quality,” said Prinsloo. “Everybody in our company understands that the customer is King. Everybody in our company understands our mission is to get all customers satisfied and this seems to make our lives great.”
AES Cabinets is currently offering the builders discount to all customers until the end of November.

If you are looking for some new cabinetry in your home, AES Cabinets is a good place to start.

“I want the customers to know that we will provide a turnkey solution to them and once they’ve placed an order with AES Cabinets, they can rest assured that we will exceed their expectations,” Prinsloo stated.

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