Naturopathic doctors begin seeing patients in PTC

Tue, 09/23/2008 - 10:24am
By: The Citizen

Dr. Elizabeth Cantrell and Dr. Brenna Murphy of Elements Alternative Health Solutions are Board Certified Naturopathic Medical Doctors. They are the only two Board Certified Naturopathic Medical Doctors in South Georgia.

Naturopathic Medical Doctors are a different kind of doctor. They have all of the science, drug and diagnostic training of an ordinary doctor- having attended four years of medical schools after college and in fact can work as family practice physicians in many states. In addition to the basic medical knowledge, they have expert knowledge of natural, non-drug, non-surgery methods that can prevent, control or even reverse disease.
This includes clinical nutrition, clinical use of high potency vitamins, herbal medicine, homeopathy, physical therapies such as hydrotherapy (use of hot and cold water), spinal manipulation, colonics, diet and lifestyle counseling, and exercise therapy.

Drs. Cantrell and Murphy graduated from Bastyr University, the most prestigious of the four U.S. medical schools specializing in natural medicine, with the toughest science-focused curriculum.

“Clients like that they can spend a lot of time with us and we are always willing to fully explain their options, said Dr. Murphy. “We have a number of clients who call us to get explanations of the recommendations or test results from their general doctor. We are often told that a visit with us is more comprehensive and fully explained than any they have ever had with their general doctor.”
Drs. Cantrell and Murphy went in to Naturopathic medicine because they like being able to help people.

“We help them understand what is happening in their body. We help them understand all of their options and make the best choice.,” said Dr. Murphy. “We help them be healthy and not get trapped on the prescription drug downward spiral.”
The approach of Elements alternative Health Solutions is different than an ordinary doctor’s. They work to find the connections between and underlying cause of what the patient is suffering from.

Once they have identified the cause, they work to correct it and get the patient healthy again. Drs. Cantrell and Murphy are not just addressing symptoms or temporarily controlling disease; they are working to remove the cause of the disease. Their goal is to get patients to a point where they can maintain health through food, lifestyle and minimal nutritional support.

“We help patients understand all of their options and choose the best one for them. Sometimes they choose to do only natural medicine, then we recommend what we know to be the most safe and effective method. Sometimes they choose to utilize some conventional therapies. We support them and their bodies to avoid damage and to regain health so further drugs and surgery are not necessary., “said Dr. Murphy. “Often we see people who are transitioning from being on numerous drugs to using natural medicine. Since we are familiar with the various medications, we can work with them and their general doctor to help them transition in the safest way possible. “

Elements Alternative Health Solutions see all kinds of patients, from very young children whose parents don’t want to give them antibiotics for every cold to adults who are looking for a way to avoid high blood pressure pills and statins and grandparents who are looking for a way to relieve their arthritis pain. They take care of everything from colds and sniffles to diabetes, and heart disease.

Dr. Cantrell focuses on alternative cancer therapies and Dr. Murphy works with children with ADHD and autism. Common conditions that they see are problems with digestion, allergies, weight loss, pre-diabetes and diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, insomnia, chemical toxicity, woman’s issues, thyroid problems, and infertility.

Some of their clients come to us just to get feedback on supplements they are considering. For others they develop a comprehensive plan, including food choices, exercise, professional grade nutrients, herbal medicines, and physical therapies to help them achieve optimal health.

“We have one client, a middle aged male, who comes in just to pick our brains. He comes in every six weeks or so with a long list of questions. We will spend an hour with him answering very specific questions about supplements, articles he has brought with him, equipment he has seen recommended on T.V. etc.,” said Dr. Murphy. “Basically, he just wants to get non-biased, accurate health information. “
Another client, the mom of a large family, has required a more comprehensive approach. She came in extremely tired, having frequent anxiety attacks, difficulty thinking and concentrating, and with female hormone imbalances. To find the most effective course for her Drs. Cantrell and Murphy had to take a comprehensive health history, review previous lab results, and get detailed information about her life. Once the underlying imbalance was determined they created a comprehensive plan involving rebuilding the foundations of health through diet and lifestyle changes, using a specific nutrient and herb protocol to address the main dysfunction, and proving general support and symptom relief while she rebalances. Today she reports feeling better than ever.

The primary service Elements alternative Health Solutions offers is a comprehensive naturopathic consultation. Drs. Murphy or Cantrell spend between 30 minutes to an hour with clients working in their unique way to create specific individualized recommendations for their individual situation. Because the best results come from comprehensive care, they offer a full range of natural therapies. They offer hydrotherapy- which is extremely helpful for long term pain and inflammation, and also have a focused herbal medicine dispensary. Herbs work best in combination and this allows us to make individualized tinctures. Elements Alternative Health Solutions has a professional grade supplement dispensary which allows them to guarantee the effectiveness and quality of the nutrients they recommend and gives the patients confidence in the results they will achieve.

Drs. Cantrell and Murphy also have developed programs to address some of the more common concerns and have a very effective Cleanse program and a Digestion Restoration program.

Their main clinic is in Columbus, Ga and it is the only comprehensive natural medicine clinic in SW Georgia. They have just started seeing patients in Peachtree City. They will be working out of Davis Chiropractic, the office of Dr. Gary Davis in the Oak Manor Office Park.

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