I Watch: Dollar Bills & Toilet Paper

Because the cost of toilet paper rises and the dollar falls, one dollar bills will make good toilet paper. When you go to the bathroom, greenbacks are much better than newspaper which tears easier or corn cobs which tend to be rough. They can also be used as decorative wallpaper, but save a few as they will officially become antiques after 50 years. In the meantime, you will save money on toilet paper. But hurry because paper money is in short supply, most of it is produced by politicians electronically.

I Watch: Would You Die To Defend America Today?

In the 1940’s and 50’s, I was waiting to turn 18 and receive my draft notice, so I could do my patriotic duty to defend America and die doing it if necessary. And why not? I had two uncles who were currently fighting Japan at Guadalcanal in the Pacific and my daddy had just been drafted. One Uncle lost his hearing when injured by Shrapnel. I had a classmate named John Paul Collier, Jr. He went by John and his daddy was called Paul. When John came back to school the next year, the teachers called him Paul. John’s dad had been killed in the war and in his dad’s honor his family started calling him Paul. It was very sad to see a little boy lose his daddy. Every Friday evening I went to City Hall with my family to read a list of hometown boys who were killed in action the week before. Every night there was a black-out of electricity and a neighborhood air raid warden would come by and shine a flash light into my bedroom window and we would answer “all is well”. Every morning at school, we pledged allegiance to the flag and said the Lord’s Prayer. Twice a week the whole school gathered in the auditorium and sung as loud as we could, America the Beautiful, God Bless America, The Star-Spangled Banner and Onward Christian Soldiers. When I was called up for active military duty during the Cuban Missile Crises in 1962, little did I realize that one year later JFK would be assassinated, LBJ and the welfare state would begin and this would mark the beginning of the end of my patriotism.

I Watch: What does Tyrone and Atlanta have in common?

Ans: They spend taxpayer money improperly. The AJC reported today that $11.3 million designated to help people find jobs instead was given to ineligible recipients and for improper spending according to a Federal Audit of Atlanta’s records. Pursuant to a recent GBI audit of Tyrone’s records, their former Town mgr and asst were paid $54,852 of unlawful annual leave and comp time. The mgr received $27,719 while his asst received $27,133.

I Watch: Tyrone’s Planning Commission Shows Lack of Knowledge/Concern

At their March 27 Hearing, Planning members apparently did not understand an applicant’s request for amendment and how it applied to their zoning ordinances. Commissioner Mary Sturm, told the applicant that his request for land uses were already allowed under Federal law. Town Attorney Davenport had to correct Ms. Sturm by telling her that zoning was the domain of State law and not Federal law. And that Tyrone’s ordinances were most applicable.

I Watch: Bad Tyrone Government Cleaned Out - Almost

Last week’s appointment of a new planning commission almost completed a clean sweep of the worst government in modern history. I predict Gordon Shenkle will be the best planning member Tyrone ever had. Gordon is qualified, intelligent, organized and willing to work and learn. He’s the antithesis of Ginger Blackstone. The last remaining protagonist of the old bad government is Valerie Fowler. The person that no one likes or wants to deal with. Unfortunately, Valerie is still the keeper of records, the one businesses have to deal with who’s still minding her old ways, and still causing problems. She’s a bad reminder of harmful times. She must go and soon. For an obnoxious story, just ask former police chief Roger Spencer’s daughter Tisha who works at the BP Station about the time Valerie came to Roger’s office. Tisha vows to “cuss” her out the day Valerie is replaced. Bad feelings about Valerie go back a long way, predating bad Barry by 8 years. If you were forced to choose between her and Smola, you would vomit and choose Smola.

I Watch: Another Tyrone Lawsuit You Didn't Know About

Tyrone Police Officer Janine McElwaney has sued Tyrone over incidents that happened on the Old Council’s “watch”.

I Watch: You want the proof about Tyrone?

If you were at last night’s council meeting you got some of it. An investigation by Town Lawyers found that the old government had been using two versions of the Town Charter to confuse citizens, which Barry and Valerie mixed and matched pages. The 1974 Charter had 17 powers for Mayor, In 1998, (13) of these powers were given to Barry, but it is unclear how this happened. The power to issue business licenses had been removed by ordinance, but Barry & Valerie continued to issued business licenses as a method of illegally running businesses out of Tyrone for the old government’s plan of redevelopment. This caused Tyrone businesses and property owners to lose untold millions of dollars. That’s not all, because the Lawyers said that to clear it all up, a complete investigation of all ordinances would have to be done. This is why Tyrone was sued and this investigation is going to lay bear the evidence in the lawsuit that is already on file in Federal Court. This abuse of power may end up in specific government officials being indicted and sued personally. Tyrone’s insurance policy does not cover any illegalities. The Charter has to be brought into compliance with State Law and Councilman Tracy Young requested that all changes be put on Tyrone’s Web Site before the end of next week and a public hearing to be had about the Charter on February 7. How about all them apples, big mouth nay sayers? Some proof is now official record. I smell a class action lawsuit.


All of us who have endured the past injustices of Tyrone’s government invite all of the citizens who moved in frustration and businesses who were forced out, to return. There’s a new Council, Town Manager and Attorney who want to properly serve the people. Gone are Smola, Lee, Letourneau, Amos & Sears. We know that many businesses suffered financial losses as a result of past governmental actions; and that all of you are bitter. But we just want all of you to know how sorry we are and that we all are working to correct the bad laws and the unhelpful attitude that previously existed. Stop by and discuss your particular problems with Mayor Rehwaldt and Mgr. Chris Venice. There is a new cheerful atmosphere and the welcome mat is out. All of the businesses that are still here, please come to town Hall and let them know what help you need. A special invitation is given to Al Le Brec of Tyrone Power and Equipment. Al, you can now get on the bid list after all these years of rejection. And to Preston Baker who moved to Coweta County to avoid harassment at his home in Tyrone.

I Watch: Tyrone's Forensic Audit

You can’t limit an Audit if there’s corruption in the government. There’s no telling what’s gone on in Tyrone over the last decade. Just yesterday its come to light that Barry Amos spent an estimated $30,000 for a state of the art communication system for Town Hall in late 2006. That comes straight from the installer. He said Barry made decisions on the spot without concern for costs; and that was the 3rd system he had installed at Town Hall. Many questions must be answered. Who approved it? Council? Barry? The bid system limits purchases without authorization to $500 for incidentals. Where is it reflected in the 2006-07 budget? Why were some Tyrone businesses never called to bid on purchases? Why did Barry refuse to OK an updated phone system for the Police Dept? What was the necessity for such an expensive system. Can Smola, Lee, Letourneau and Valerie enlighten the citizens? Should not those 4 be questioned in connection with the Audit? Will the Town be liable for any wrong doing? Can the Town recoup unauthorized losses directly from guilty officials? Are there some revealing answers as to why there was so much secrecy at Town Hall? Let’s get that audit with subpoena powers going ASAP!

I Watch: Tyrone Developers Hire Lawyer

High density developers, Olde Town Tyrone, has hired top zoning lawyer Doug Dillard to make their final push for 4 houses to the acre in Downtown. After having been thwarted twice in 2007, they will reapply in early 2008 with new engineering plans on the advice of Attorney Dillard. But, with Barry Amos, Valerie Fowler & Town Atty. Brad Sears still on their side, and all the other problems left by the old Council, the new Council will have their hands full. Although the Council will probably vote against the rezoning, they will not heed past warnings, and the Planning Commission is ill-equipped to deal with Dillard. Procedural mistakes will be made, Dillard will sue and win. Past promises made by Amos to the developers will undermine Tyrone’s legal defense. Once the zoning is in place, sewer will follow, and the citizens will be duped again. Its not that the Council wants all this to happen, its because they will follow poor legal advice and not take individual initiative to learn the true facts from their lawyers.

I Watch: Eric Dial Guilty

Eric Dial guilty of buying Council seat.
Sentenced to 4 years in prison - On the Council.

His vote means nothing.

I Watch: Is a Council Seat Worth $7,500?

That’s the amount of money paid to Eric Dial so far in Election Contributions. His strongest opponent Gordon Shenkle received $400 and Jesse Nasianceno got zero after refusing to go along with Eric Dial and Michael Smola to get Jesse Nasianceno to change from Dial’s opponent in Post 2 to Post 1. Are the Tyrone citizens supposed to believe that Eric Dial who had never been to a Tyrone Council Meeting until September 2007, was suddenly their savior in government given his prior lack of participation. Eric Dial emphasizes his work at Tyrone Elementary and his participation in Youth Sports. Did these groups fork out $7,500? If so, Why? Neither Education nor Recreation is an issue in this election. Town Management is the main issue as evident at the Candidates Forum and reported by Ben Nelms in the Citizen Paper. Eric Dial raised 19 times the amount of money given to his opponent Gordon Shenkle. Of the total contributions for all candidates of $12,744, Eric Dial raised 58% of all money given. Voters can only surmise by looking at the facts. Eric Dial’s office is in Scarbrough Realty Co. Barry Amos had said that Developer Brent Scarbrough would put in sewer pipes free to connect to Peachtree City. NOBODY DOES ANYTHING FOR FREE, especially a Developer unless they expect favorable zoning - of high density in this case. Barry Amos is allied with Michael Smola. Eric Dial allied himself with Michael Smola. Barry Amos and Michael Smola are for sewer. That’s all the facts we know at this time. So, IS ERIC DIAL FOR SEWER? DID DEVELOPERS BUY A SEAT ON COUNCIL FOR ERIC DIAL? WHY IS A $400 PER MONTH COUNCIL SEAT WORTH $7,500 IN TINY TYRONE?

I Watch: Something about Tyrone's Candidates Platforms Doesn't Make Sense.

Politics Makes Strange Bedfellows

Michael Smola states in his Campaign Literature that he wants to keep the Zoning Laws in place. This means that he wants to keep Ordinance 454 which took away Property Rights, “on his watch”. Therefore, Michael Smola does not support individual Property Rights.




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