Tyrone’s Planning Commission Shows Lack of Knowledge/Concern

At their March 27 Hearing, Planning members apparently did not understand an applicant’s request for amendment and how it applied to their zoning ordinances. Commissioner Mary Sturm, told the applicant that his request for land uses were already allowed under Federal law. Town Attorney Davenport had to correct Ms. Sturm by telling her that zoning was the domain of State law and not Federal law. And that Tyrone’s ordinances were most applicable.

Undaunted by the egg on her face, Ms. Sturm proceeded to monopolize the applicant’s short 10 minute time limit, by telling him how to run his business. When the applicant finally got an opportunity to start explaining his application, Chairman Gordon Shenkle promptly told him that everyone understood his 47 page application and that his time limit was up. Shenkle’s decision came up on top of Valerie Fowler’s failure to provide his full application at the Commission’s March 13 Workshop which cancelled the applicant’s Hearing for lack of information.

With the applicant’s due process rights squashed and violated, long time Commissioner David Nebergall showed his ignorance by making a motion to reject the applicant in totality, stating that part of the application involved rezoning notification procedures which were adequate.

If Mr. Nebergall had read the application and allowed the applicant to explain, he would have known that the request applied to notification of abandonment of non-conforming land uses and not rezoning notification. Tyrone Regulation 2.1.3 allows the town to abandon a particular property owner’s land uses without notifying him, which is strictly against State and Federal law because it violates the Constitution’s 14th Amendment to Due Process.

Nebergall had voted for Zoning Ordinance 454, but when questioned about it, Nebergall said he couldn’t remember what it meant, even though the Ordinance was exhibited in the application which was laying right before him.

The applicant’s hearing amounted to no more than a Kangaroo court in which the principles of law and justice were disregarded and perverted. It is significant to note that Chairman Shenkle stated at the Public Forum during the 2007 Election, “The Zoning Ordinance should be seriously examined along with all Town Ordinances”. Shenkle ignored his promise.

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Submitted by freedomofinfo on Mon, 03/31/2008 - 3:23pm.

NO CHANGES - the new Barry Amos can be seen in Mary Sturm & Chris Venice, the new Smola is Shenkle - The new Grace is Don - clueless while Grace has stepped up to the plate and is running the show behind closed doors - Tyrone's normal policy.

No offers of thanks to the citizens that helped them get elected. The planning commission's lack of concern and outright rudeness to applicants is appalling - way to go guys!!

Maybe it is best, as one said not too long ago, just move the F out of Tyrone. The government is corrupt no matter who holds the position. How does it feel to know that others think the current officers are the same as the old, in attitutde, ability, and rudeness. Why get rid of Valerie - the new members of the government appear to like the way she acts and they act the same, let them all go to h*** in a handbag together.

Submitted by freedomofinfo on Mon, 03/31/2008 - 3:39pm.

Got it

Submitted by rm.snell on Mon, 03/31/2008 - 3:27am.

No one listens or respects what he wants in Tyrone government. Poor old thing is suffering beyond belief because he can not manipulation what already is. His friends that he elected are all picking on him. (gag)

Submitted by Margot on Sun, 03/30/2008 - 2:15pm.

But the sheeple don’t see it yet.

As Pogo said, “we have seen the enemy and it is us”. Representative government requires knowledge officials; which does not exist. Tyrone is a microcosm of American Democracy. We elect part-time representatives who don’t understand their own laws, rules and regulations. What’s worse is, they make no effort to read their regulations, but depend on a lawyer for the most simple interpretations. Lawyers are like people. Some are competent, some are incompetent, but most give answers they think the officials want to hear. When a lawsuit is filed, the lawyers bill the taxpayers to defend unlawful positions by dragging out cases for years, along with the help of the lawyer made judicial system.

Like Tyrone, most government employees give citizens the wrong answers to important questions. The citizen relies on the officials’ response to their detriment. This is a clear cut case of government negligence, causing lawsuits. When the people’s choices are elected, no matter their good intentions or campaign promises, they fall in lock-step with the incompetent system and automatically become part of the same old problems. With our inability to make democracy work, coupled with the falling dollar and impending depression, it’s going to take more than bureaucrats to save this form of government. Then add in uncontrolled immigration, entitlement programs, crime, drugs, divorce, infanticide and taxes; then you’ve got a sure bet that democracy is D.O.A.

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