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Wednesday, October 6, 1999


Cowan brews Tyrone zoning debate

After more than 90 minutes of a sometimes heated discussion, the Tyrone Planning Commission decided to table a rezoning request from Joel Cowan Jr. for a new 169-home subdivision in the town.

PTC's 'delima': How to spend tax surplus

Thanks to an accounting adjustment in the city's favor, Peachtree City officials must decide whether to reduce the millage rate or put a substantial amount of unbudgeted funds into some deserving project.

Prove you live in Fayettem BOE orders parents

In an effort crackdown on non-Fayette County residents attending Fayette County schools, students have been asked to provide their school with an original copy of a gas or electric bill between Oct. 1 and Oct. 15. “The Board of Education wants to ensure that as taxpayers, you are only providing an education for students who are legitimate residents of Fayette County,” Superintendent John DeCotis wrote in a letter sent home with students last week.

Changes in graduation requirements to be aired

A community roundtable discussion on the latest changes in state-mandated graduation requirements for Georgia high school students will be held Thursday evening at 7 p.m. at the Lafayette Education Complex (old Fayette County High School) in Fayetteville.

F'ville sets jail monitor committee; seeks 'input'

Wanting to keep a close eye on county developments as they pertain to the proposed new jail, the Fayetteville City Council Monday night announced that a jail committee would be formed by the city to monitor the situation.

Big rig parkers get grandfathered in F'ville P&Z decision

New residents who move into Fayetteville will have to leave their tractor trailers parked somewhere else.

Fire strikes convenience store

Monday morning commuters on Ga. Highway 54 at Robinson Road in Peachtree City got an unexpected fireworks show, as flames shot from the roof of the Village Store on the southwest corner of that intersection.

Trash truck, van collision kills man

A Fayetteville man is dead after a head-on collision Monday morning on Tyrone Road between a trash truck and a van.

3 face drug charges after seatbelt stop

Three men face drug charges after a traffic stop for a seatbelt violation Sunday morning in Fayetteville.

Georgia's Y2K Task Force: Some agencies still not ready

The Georgia Citizens Y2K Task Force told Governor Roy Barnes that Georgians should have little or no worries about possible year-end computer failures impacting their essential services.

Fruit of vine at peak of perfection at local vineyard

Just outside Brooks on Ga. Highway 16, there is a modest fruit stand fronting the Ison's family vineyard of muscadine grapes. Every season, Leola Ison Hugeley sells between 300 and 400 boxes a week to motorists passing by who want fresh fruit or culls, the overripe grapes or those stung by bees, to make wine.

Juries rule on court cases

A pair of convictions were handed down by juries Tuesday in two separate criminal trials in Fayette County Superior Court.

New batteries needed for smoke detector

An average of three children a day — approximately 1,100 children under the age of 15 — die each year in house fires in the United States.

Flat Creek Nature Center in Peachtree City is flourishing just three years after it was created

Three years ago, the Flat Creek Nature Center was just a dream. Today, Marcia Brown, founder and environmental educator of the center, welcomes about 6,000 visitors annually.


Jan and Catrina Krakeel: together through thick and thin
If there is one characteristic that comes through loud and clear when talking with Jan and Catrina Krakeel, it is strength — strength of character, of commitment, to their values and to their family.
The boat, the beach and growing up
A constant in the Krakeels' lives has been camping. Many weekends the family would load up their belongings and head for the lake to camp. They didn't have a boat or any of the things many consider standard now.
Bank changes, but club keeps going
When Fayette County Bank became Regions Bank, the names of many things changed. However, Nancy Price and the bank's commitment to seniors remained.

County's unemployment rate remains unchanged

Fayette County's unemployment rate continues to be one of the lowest in the region.

Great Frame up set to open store

The Great Frame Up, a national franchise chain of art and custom framing stores, announced this week it will open a store in Fayetteville Oct. 18.

Communication tips for today's technology
Business Columnist

Voice messages, electronic e-mails, video conferences, speakerphones and cellular/portable phones--all part of the modern business world.


AAA teams remain unbeaten, AAAA shellshocked

The fifth week of the high school football season gave good results to the local AAA teams and not so good results for the AAAA teams. Starr's Mill and Sandy Creek both celebrated their homecoming on Friday night with wins to keep both teams undefeated, while McIntosh took on the top team in 4-AAAA, Lovejoy, and Fayette County felt the wrath of a Stockbridge team searching for their first win.

19 bands to play at Sandy Creek on Saturday

Lasting throughout a football game takes endurance. First, there is the weight of the uniform and equipment to contend with, and second is dealing with the amount of effort it takes to go full speed through drills and then the game. Yes, the high school marching bands put a lot of time and energy into their programs and this weekend, they will take center stage.

PTC's Pretzer is IronKids Champion

Kirsten Pretzer, a fourth grader at Braelinn Elementary school,recently competed in the IronKids Bread Triathalon National Championship in San Antonio. The race was held on the campus of Palo Alto College and over 250 boys and girls ages 7-14 competed in the event

Sports Calendar

Peter Pan keeps audiences young
Think of a wonderful thought, any merry, little thought. Once a little fairy dust is added, it is said you can fly.
Callahan shows the evlution of Atlanta in latest series
Sometimes we notice the minute changes in the appearance of an object when it is affected by a change of some sort, but typically, the object remains the object for us and we take that unique vision for granted. For Harry Callahan, a change in light, time or camera position, would create fantastic new objects and scenes out of what seems ordinary or plain. The High Museum of Art Folk Art and Photography Galleries will be displaying his work from 1981-1996 through Nov. 7.
Wilson's Jitney starts in Atlanta
Playwright August Wilson has explored the African American experience with the seven plays that he has written. “The Piano Lesson” and “Fences” may be the more famous of his plays, but all of them include important themes in any person's life. In his play, “Jitney”, Wilson explores the late 1970's and the struggle between fathers and sons.
According to John plays Kiwanis Fair
The four young men who comprise the compelling new Christian modern rock group According top John seem like ordinary American youth. With the exception of an earring or two, standard gear for today's musicians, they somehow elude the status trappings of the typical rock ensemble. They are four guys from Georgia on a spiritual mission.
Woodruff Arts Center to enlighten students
How many Atlanta youngsters never have the opportunity to experience the splendor of a full symphony orchestra? Or, gaze upon an authentic Monet canvas? Or, sit in a dark theatre and ride the emotional waves of a compelling stage drama? The Ford-Woodruff Center Academy for the Arts will provide a group of metro Atlanta high school juniors with cultural arts experiences as well as an appreciation for the Arts.

Falling apart like the One-Hoss Shay
By Sallie
Lifestyle Columnist

Have you heard of the wonderful one-hoss shay, That was built in such a logical way It ran a hundred years to a day...?



I humbly take my may I submit my applicator?
By Rev. Dr. John Hatcher
Religion Columnist

Several readers thoughtfully responded to my column concerning the issue of the Georgia flag. In that column several weeks ago, I gave support to taking the Confederate emblem out of the state flag. Even a pastor friend took the time to write a respectful rebuke. One reader wrote me and said he grieved for the memory of my grandfather who fought for the South. Some responses were from Sons of the Confederacy. They even invited me to one of their meetings. Now, I want to share my heart.

Fayetteville First UMC small group sessions start tonight

“Mission 2000: Sharing God's Gifts” is the theme for the 1999 small group class session to be held at Fayetteville First United Methodist Church beginning today. Topics, facilitators, locations and times are as follows:

Senoia's Open Door Baptist will host the Greenes in Southern Gospel singing

Open Door Baptist Church in Senoia will present its final concert of the year when it welcomes The Greenes, a gospel singing trio from Boone, N.C., Thursday, Oct. 7 beginning at 7 p.m. The doors open at 6 p.m. and a love offering will be accepted.

Cathedral of Praise will have Homecoming this Sunday

The Cathedral of Praise Assembly of God will have its Homecoming service on Sunday, Oct. 10 at 10:30 a.m. with worship and special music provided by local singers and musicians. The Homecoming message will be given by the Rev. Kamail Campbell of Mobile, Ala. He and his wife also will be ministering in music.

"Creation or Evolution?" seminar to be offered at Cornerstone Bible Church

Mike Riddle of the Institute for Creation Research in conjunction with Creation Presentations will present a seminar on “Creation or Evolution?” Sunday, Oct. 10 at 9:45 and 10:50 a.m. at Cornerstone Bible Church. Resource materials will be available.

Cornerstone Bible Church plans World Mission Conference

Members of Cornerstone Bible Church will have their 18th Annual World Missions Conference Saturday and Sunday, Oct. 16 and 17 with various scheduled activities and speakers throughout the two-day event. The theme is “Redeem the Time...Touch a life.”

Religion Briefs

Bethany UMC will have yard sale October 8 & 9

Bethany United Methodist Church will have a yard sale Friday, Oct. 8 from 8 a.m. uhtil 2 p.m. and Saturday, Oct. 9 from 8 a.m. until noon.

Atlanta City Church to host Worship Weekend Oct. 8

Atlanta City Church in Fairburn will host a “Worship Weekend” featuring recording artist and worship leader Kent Henry on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, Oct. 8-10 at the church on Jonesboro Road. Junior and senior high students ages 12-18 attend the entire weekend free of charge. Also, one senior pastor from each church may attend at no charge.

"Precious gems" are worth passing along
By Judy Kilgore
Religion Editor

Okay. Don't anybody laugh. Yes, it's me. That used-to-be-young, energetic, ambulance-chasing, relentless, snoopy-nosed reporter of yesterday who worked for the “other” paper. I am now your religion editor. Actually, I have been doing this for a few months now. I just hoped you wouldn't notice who was doing it.

Christian City to host annual awards banquet

Christian City's annual dinner and awards banquet is scheduled for Friday, Oct. 15 at the Georgia International Convention Center in College Park.

Carriage Lane plans Fall Festival Oct. 30

Carriage Lane Presbyterian Church has scheduled its Free Fall Festival for Saturday, Oct. 30 from 3-6 p.m. at the church. Positive character costumes are encouraged.


Bills come back from conference with too much pork
3rd District U.S. Congress

We have passed a continuing resolution to continue funding for the government while we work to pass the appropriations needed to run government. The legislative process starts in House committees.

GOP uses big gov't when it suits them
Politically Speaking

Perhaps I am a little weird — and I am sure that those who know me best would probably agree with that statement — but I have always believed that consistency is a virtue.

Comebacks of the year
Laugh Lines
As we end baseball season and start football, our minds are all directed to stories of victory yanked from defeat. Thus I have compiled my Comebacks of the Year Awards for three entities that were up to their eyes in alligators and somehow have made it back into the canoe. They are an airline, a movie theater and a 70-year-old stud

Letters to the Editor

Voters rejected money for schools; BOE got it

I would like to respond to the volume of letters addressed to the citizens of Fayette County and to the Board of Education explaining the messages sent by the defeat of SPLOST.

Why should we give more money to 3rd-rate system?

In the Sept. 29 issue of The Citizen is a letter from H. Dwight Wilson who wants to lay a guilt trip on those who voted against SPLOST. He equates education spending with education excellence.

Anti-SPLOST votes won't reduce growth

In 1990 I moved to Fayette County for a couple of reasons. First and foremost was that with school-age children, Fayette offered one of the best school systems in the state. Secondly, the quality of life is outstanding. Thirdly it is close to the airport and, yes, I am a pilot.

History lesson is in order on issue of `Confederate' Ga. flag

The Rev. Dr. John Hatcher stated in his column on the Georgia flag issue, “It would be a good thing if . . . Christian Georgians could pluck the rebel flag out of our state flag.” However, I find that most of his persuasive points are based on common assumptions that are not historically accurate and crumble when faced with facts.

Student urges BOE to cut back on homework load

To the Fayette County Board of Education:

I am writing you to inform you and ask you to consider changing the homework polices of our schools. From research and personal experience, I have found that homework does more harm to school studies than good. Most students have busy, after-school schedules that compete with homework: part-time jobs, extracurricular activities, church activities and family responsibilities.

Educator offers suggestions for avoiding crib deaths

I appreciated the SIDS article in this week's Healthwise section. Not enough parents are aware of the ways they can help reduce their chances of SIDS happening to their baby. I would like to add to your article some important, and proven, ways that are often overlooked

The boys who cried Floyd: Overreacting to nature's events

The Boys Who Cried Floyd.

I was hoping that my days of panic mongering were over. Since I made the big move south, I was dreaming of serene hours parked in front of the television, uninterrupted by weathermen.

Vote wasn't anti-school; it was just anti-growth

It amazed me to see how the members of our school board reacted when “their” SPLOST was defeated. Tears and “embarrassment” for School Board Chairman Debbie Condon, threats of more trailers and “less” for our schools, and of course plans to try for a third time next year to get county voters to approve another SPLOST. These elected officials, so-called representatives of the countys voters, don't seem to have a clue.

Healthcare can be less lavish

This is in response to Mr. Lathern's letter to the editor on Sept. 22 where he cautioned that community hospitals are in danger of financial difficulty

Healthcare and patient's rights at risk

Recently, visiting a western state where I had worked as a registered nurse in a general hospital for many years, I spoke with colleagues who are still working mostly in the intensive care units and post surgical areas.