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Wednesday, October 6, 1999
F'ville sets jail monitor committee; seeks 'input'

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Wanting to keep a close eye on county developments as they pertain to the proposed new jail, the Fayetteville City Council Monday night announced that a jail committee would be formed by the city to monitor the situation.

The council voted to add the item to the agenda at the regular meeting, then voted to form a committee whose members would be determined later. Both votes passed unanimously.

“They're [the county] going to spend $60 million to build a new jail, so we'd like to have some input,” said Mayor Mike Wheat.

“Especially since it's going to be in the middle of our city,” added councilmember Al Hovey-King.

The City Council also announced that a called meeting is scheduled for today at 7 p.m. for the sole purpose of setting the millage rate.

“We're going to meet briefly Wednesday to reduce the tax rate once again,” said Wheat.

The city is proposing a rate of 2.59 mills plus .75 mills for its capital projects, a reduction of 18 hundredths of a mill from last year's 3.52 mills.

First readings were held on three separate items at Monday night's meeting, although no final action was taken on any of them.

Jan Trammell requested rezoning from R-30 to O-I for a .657-acre lot on the east side of N. Jeff Davis Drive between Georgia Avenue and Fenwyck Commons. Trammell wishes to use the existing 1,742-square-foot building as an office with a side entrance drive and rear parking, according to city staff reports.

There was no public comment on the proposal, and neither Trammell nor the landowner were present. Councilmembers said that they wanted them in attendance for the second reading so that any concerns they may have could be addressed.

A first reading was also conducted for a proposed zoning ordinance amendment restricting the parking of truck tractors and semi-trailers in residential areas.

City staff, after reviewing the document, suggested that the Board of Education be referenced in the ordinance where applicable because that body is separate from the Board of Commissioners. There was also a question as to who would enforce the ordinance — the Engineering Department or the Police Department.

The Planning and Zoning Commission is also reviewing the amendments and will make a recommendation soon. There was no public discussion of the ordinance at the City Council meeting.

A proposed tree protection and landscape ordinance was also given a first reading by the City Council. This document would replace two existing documents that separately govern tree protection and landscaping, and it would be incorporated into the existing zoning ordinance.

One resident of Lakeview Court said that the plan is very important to her, since a lot adjoining hers was recently clear-cut. She said that she did not believe the action was malicious, but simply uninformed.

She went on to suggest that loggers register with the city before beginning their jobs, so the city will know what it going on at all times and workers can be reminded of the guidelines for saving trees in the city.

The council presented a proclamation honoring 83 churches in the county for their efforts in distributing the “Jesus” video.

Joe Bruschetti was appointed Monday night to the city's Planning and Zoning Commission.

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