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Wednesday, October 6, 1999
Big rig parkers get grandfathered in F'ville P&Z decision

Staff Writer

New residents who move into Fayetteville will have to leave their tractor trailers parked somewhere else.

That's the recommendation of the Fayetteville Planning and Zoning Commission after discussing the idea for the second time last week.

When the news first broke about the commission drafting an ordinance to regulate the parking of big trucks, the trucking community already in Fayetteville called City Hall to voice their opposition.

But last week, the planning commission allayed their fears by deciding to grandfather in people who already lived in Fayetteville.

The commission voted to ask existing truck owners to register their “big rigs” with the city for a small fee, such as $2. When the commission hammers out all the details of the permit process, it will notify the community that they have 30 days to register their vehicles.

After the registration period, the city will only allow those people who have registered to park their cabs in the city limits on an overnight basis.

Members of the trucking community attended Tuesday night's meeting and seemed happy with the solution. Kevin Adamson, who owns his truck, said he had circulated a petition in his subdivision to see if his truck was bothering any of his neighbors.

“I got a 100 percent response that it was not bothering anybody,” he said.

City officials said they had received a few complaints about people working on their rigs in subdivision, but discovered the trucks didn't belong to city residents, but to people from out of town who had their trucks within the city limits for one reason or another.

The city plans to announce the registration period for the trucks later this month after having a meeting with trucking officials.

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