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Wednesday, June 30, 1999


Sewer spill Wednesday closes Lake Peachtree

A blocked manhole is responsible for yet another sewage spill into the lower reaches of Lake Peachtree, according to a press release Wednesday afternoon from the Peachtree City Water and Sewerage Authority.

Businesses, cars damaged in tornado

After a long Tuesday night dealing with extensive storm damage, emergency personnel in Fayetteville were preparing for another possible hit late Wednesday, although they hoped it wouldn't come.

Residents escape unharmed after harowing brush with storm's fury

Jim Helman was working in his office at PC Haven in Fayetteville Tuesday night when the roof fell in on him. Literally.

Schools eye stricter dress code

It's likely that Fayette County high school students will be carrying their books in their arms when school starts in August, and all students in the district will be required to comply with a stricter dress code.
BOE needs $95 million for 4 new schools
Classrooms, technology and security — these are the three areas Fayette County's Board of Education is focusing on funding through a sales tax or bond referendum in the neighborhood of $85 to $95 million.
New school projects will top $85 million locally
The Fayette County Board of Education will seek land to build two new elementary schools this fall at a cost of approximately $2 million, provided a proposed sales tax is passed by the voters.
Taxpayers face $160 million double whammy
Fayette County and the Board of Education are going to be coming to local taxpayers for mega-bucks at about the same time.

County quietly assembles $1.4 million jail parcels

Fayette County has spent $1.4 million in hopes of saving millions more on its plans for a new jail and judicial complex.

County approves $49 million budget
After poring over the figures in five special work sessions, Fayette County commissioners have added almost a half million dollars to the county budget for fiscal 2000.
$1million FCHS band trip is off
Fayette County High School Band's dream trip to the 2000 Olympics in Australia is off, according to Jeff Anderson, co-chairman of the schools' trip committee.
F'villeplanners: Limit yard sales to 3 per year
Fayetteville residents will be limited to three garage sales per year if the City Council agrees with the Planning Commission's recommendation.
School board approves $114.7 million budget
The Fayette County Board of Education voted four to one to approve a $114.7 million budget for fiscal year 2000 Monday night, which reflects a 3.1 percent over last year's spending plan and gives teachers and administrators a 4 percent pay raise.
Administrators swap positions as schools prepare for new year
Nearly 20 principal transfers, promotions and job titles were recommended to the Fayette County Board of Education Monday night by superintendent Dr. John DeCotis, and approved unanimously by the five-member board.
Commission: Fayette short-changed in state budget
Fayette County is not getting its fair share of state funding, a flame of discontent that is fanned by an “anti-county” governor, county commissioners say.

$4.9 million in road work on tap for 2000
Road projects will gobble up about 10 percent of Fayette County's $49 million fiscal 2000 budget.
Fayette schools to try violence prevention program
Second Step, a top-rated violence prevention program, will be introduced in seven Fayette County elementary schools during the 1999-2000 school year.
New state laws on school violence effective July 1
A comprehensive new law, recommended by the Georgia Emergency Management Agency to target school violence in Georgia, will go into effect July 1.
Fayetteville's `uptown' project `moving along'
Plans for 200 homes, plus offices, shops, parks and a hotel on 110 acres near Fayetteville's Courthouse Square are moving along well, said Bob Rolader, who hopes to develop the property.
House fire under investigation
Fayette County authorities are investigating a suspicious fire that destroyed a residence last week.
Farmer can keep pole barn; county pays for rezoning
Paul Rivers won't have to tear down his new pole barn, nor will he have to pay the costs of having four-generation farm land rezoned in order to keep it.
Plans to add onto GTO's may cost more than expected
When GTO's Restaurant was annexed into Fayetteville a few years back, the development rules were different.
Car wash, medical office requests withdrawn
Developers of a proposed car wash/auto repair shop in Fayetteville.have withdrawn their request for a special exception to allow the facility.
Bus barn fire still being investigated
School officials believe they have made some progress in determined the cause of last week's fire that struck the school system's bus barn just before midnight June 21.
Brooks inks $157,800 spending plan
Reflecting a 10 percent increase over last year, the Brooks Town Council has approved spending $157,800 in fiscal year 2000.
PTC's Pace bows out early
Peachtree City Councilman Jim Pace has announced that he will not run for a second term this fall.
Peachtree City plans all-day holiday fun July 3
Peachtree City has a full day of Fourth of July festivities scheduled — for Saturday, July 3, since the actual holiday falls on a Sunday this year.
Youth is Australia-bound
Glenn Gresham, 16, of Peachtree City is preparing for the experience of a lifetime.
Superior Court
Police Blotter

Stationary store fulfills childhood dream

Katherine Anliker, 25, of Fayetteville signed the lease on her dream March 4. Two months and countless hours of painting, ordering and organizing later, she opened the doors of her very own stationery store called `By Invitation Only...'

Real Estate company gets patriotic

In conjunction with the upcoming July Fourth holiday, Coldwell Banker Bullard Realty has announced its intention to help raise American patriotism in the area it serves, the south metro region of Atlanta.

Busy travel weekend expected for July 4

More than 37 million Americans are set to hit the roads and airways this weekend for the July 4 holiday.

New warehouse facility under construction in PTC

Construction has begun on the first “dock-high” speculative warehouse to be built in Peachtree City in 12 years.


Buckarama coming with award winning deer

The dates have been set for the 1999 Atlanta Buckarama.
Junior shooters hit the mark
The Wolf Creek Young Shooters Association is right on target with its methods of teaching junior shooters.
Ladies and beanies at Collector Convention
Sports has become a big business in America and as its popularity has risen, sports collectibles have become increasingly popular and profitable as well.

Sports Calendar


Holiday is bursting with excitement

Who knew when we as a nation defeated the British that we would still be celebrating with food, drink and fireworks more than 200 years later?

Medallions swing into town

Summertime in the South means hot weather, cool beverages, Braves baseball, and The Swingin' Medallions.

Stay cool with cinematic summer
Though we haven't actually been inundated with extra hot weather yet, it is still necessary to seek refuge in air conditioned areas. Some of us enjoy strolling through malls or grocery stores, while others, like this reporter, head directly to the movies. There are plenty of options this summer too, whether you head to the local stadium style theater, the dollar theater, the Fabulous Fox, or the Kedron Aquatic Center.

The next boat comes home

So. We'd found and agreed upon The Next Boat.


Need a miracle? Jesus Christ is still in the business

The Rev. Dr. John Hatcher
Religion Columnist

The debate continues: do signs and miracles still attend the Christian revelation? Some say, “Absolutely not.” They contend that once the calendar had closed on the first apostles—Peter, James John, et. al.—that God closed down his business of miracles. Some say, “Yes, but...” The “but” has to do with the extent and kinds of miracle signs. They contend that miracles continue but in a different form.

Fayetteville First Baptist Church sets special activties July 4

Members of Fayetteville First Baptist Church will celebrate July 4 in special day-long activities beginning with special worship leaders featured at the 11 a.m. service.

1st Thursday Noon Community Prayer time begins in Fayette

Something new has begun in Fayette County and the entire community is invited to participate. A Community Prayer time began last month and will continue the first Thursday of each month at the American Legion Log Cabin in Fayetteville from noon until 1 p.m. The next scheduled meeting is this Thursday, July 1.

Saint Gabriel's gears up for annual craft bazaar

Even though summer has barely begun, it's time for area crafters to make reservations for booth space at one of the most popular holiday craft bazaars in the area. The Catholic Church of Saint Gabriel in Fayetteville will again host its annual Fall Craft Bazaar on Oct. 22 and 23 at the church on Antioch Road. The number of craft booths as well as the number of attendees has doubled in size over the past years, organizers say.

Summer camps set

New Hope Baptist Church has several summer camps for children scheduled throughout the summer months.

Vacation Bible School Schedules

Religion Briefs

Bethany UMC getting ready for fall bazaar

Members of Bethany United Methodist Church are invited to participate in Craft Night each Wednesday at the church at 6:30 p.m. The goal is to make crafts for the church's fall bazaar. Friends are welcome. Bethany is at 607 Rivers Road in north Fayette County.


Let's try these common sense reforms

House Republicans last week laid out their domestic agenda, preempting the president, who presented his domestic agenda shortly afterward.

How do you define 'freedom'?
The Amy Foundation

In his recent appearance on Meet the Press, Bill Bennett commented that something is radically wrong with a nation in which students can, with impunity, walk the halls of a school building shouting, “Heil, Hitler!”, while other students can be taken to the principal's office for walking those same halls shouting praises to Almighty God.

For traffic, Atlanta joins L.A., N.Y.C.
Laugh Lines
New York City and Los Angeles dance the tango when it comes to garnering national headlines for every important issue known to man. From business to media to entertainment, N.Y.C. and L.A., always lead the pack.

Letters to the Editor

How can Americans 'rescue' Kosovo, but ignore Rwanda?

Genocide and other abused of political and military power are not by and means newcomers to the world. From biblical times to Nazi Germany to the present, we have been given countless horrific examples of how the powers that be are again and again able to get away with the murder of thousands or even millions of people. Genocide surfaces from the depths of evil blindly; it is not forbidden to any cultures or class. We cannot explain why it happens, but we can only be shocked that it was allowed to happen. Adolph Hitler raising an army against the Jewish people is not as appalling as the fact that millions of Germans allowed it to happen.

Unkind justice over Fayetteville Pavilion speeding ticket?

Way back in November of this past year I was driving down Ga. Highway 314 in search of the Office Depot in town. Having not been in the area for almost 10 years, I noticed a lot of changes around what is now Pavilion Parkway.

Stop Cramming houses in every PTC corner

I read the letter about unchecked growth in Peachtree City and Mr. Jansen's views on our great city, and agree with him wholeheartedly.

Yard sale limits are intrusions not needed

I read your headline in the Wednesday, June 16 edition: “Too many garage sales in Fayetteville?”

Who is protected?

We kill children inside and outside the womb in the name of equal rights. For whom? We are certainly not protecting the innocent.