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Wednesday, June 30, 1999
New school projects will top $85 million locally

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The Fayette County Board of Education will seek land to build two new elementary schools this fall at a cost of approximately $2 million, provided a proposed sales tax is passed by the voters.

Construction of each of the schools, both slated to begin next spring, will cost $8.4 million. One will receive $2.8 million in state capital outlay funds, with a local share required of $5.6 million. The second elementary would be funded locally.

Plans for a proposed $95 million bond issue or sales tax also include a new high school, a new middle school and a variety of expansions and modifications of existing schools.

Cost of the new middle school is $13.6 million, minus $3.9 million in state funds, bringing the local share to $9.6 million. Cost of the new high school is estimated at $23 million, to be paid locally.

Additions planned for Whitewater Middle School include energy management renovations, facility modifications and an expansion. Total cost of the package is $2.1 million. Fayette Middle School is slated for rewiring, relighting and some energy management renovations.

Also modifications are planned in the cafeteria, and an addition to include a bandroom and 18 classrooms. Total cost is $2.3 million. The state will provide $171,428; local funds required are $2.1 million.

Booth Middle Schools also is scheduled for rewiring, relighting and some energy management renovations. An addition and other modifications bring the total to just over $4 million. State funds are figured at $559,020 with required local funds totaling $3.5 million.

Elementary playground renovation is planned, totaling $700,000 — $50,000 per school. Starr's Mill High School would finish up the stadium project with bleachers, concessions, restrooms and a fieldhouse. Total cost is $1.2 million in local funding.

Fayette County High is scheduled for renovations on the stadium, track and bleachers totaling $500,000 in local funds.

McIntosh High School improvements are significant. A physical education facility, fieldhouse, bleachers and press box are planned, along with renovations and modifications totaling $11.1 million.

Sandy Creek High School renovations would include a 350-seat auditorium and fieldhouse totaling $2.4 million in local funds. East Fayette Elementary School is scheduled for rewiring, relighting and energy management renovation plus additional modifications totaling $1 million in local funds.

Brooks Elementary is on the plan for rewiring, relighting and an energy management renovation requiring $531,047 in local funds. North Fayette Elementary is included for rewiring, relighting, and restrooms totaling $694,426 minus $450,120 in capital outlay funds, requiring a total of $244,306 in local money.

Tyrone Elementary School's renovations include rewiring and relighting totaling $134,747 minus $119,790 bringing the local share to $14,957. Peachtree City Elementary School needs rewiring, relighting and energy management renovations totaling $585,218 in local funds.

Fayetteville Elementary School needs rewiring and energy management renovations, plus a kitchen addition, totaling $839,024 in local funds. Oak Grove Elementary's renovations include rewiring, relighting and energy management totaling $604,322 in local funds. Huddleston Elementary's renovations include rewiring, relighting and restrooms plus a kitchen modification totaling $1.2 million, minus $62,920 in state funds.

Burch Elementary renovations are for energy management costing $67,510 locally. Braelinn Elementary is also scheduled for $67,510 in energy management renovations.

Total costs for all projects minus the state capital outlay funds is $77.5 million. Add in $11.98 million in technology requests and $1.7 million in security equipment and the grand total comes to $91.1 million.

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