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Wednesday, June 30, 1999

Need a miracle? Jesus Christ is still in the business

The Rev. Dr. John Hatcher
Religion Columnist

The debate continues: do signs and miracles still attend the Christian revelation? Some say, “Absolutely not.” They contend that once the calendar had closed on the first apostles—Peter, James John, et. al.—that God closed down his business of miracles. Some say, “Yes, but...” The “but” has to do with the extent and kinds of miracle signs. They contend that miracles continue but in a different form.

They say, for instance, cutting out an infected appendix is a modern day miracle. Maybe so. But it's not quite like God healing without shedding any blood.

Some affirm the continuing witness of miracles—that God is still in the business, but they don't believe in stretching their faith far enough to participate in a healing or another sort of provisional miracle (like money showing up out of nowhere). In other words, they believe but for somebody else.

Some folks believe in miracles secretly. If they were to announce their beliefs, they feel they may be ridiculed and labeled, “nut.” It's amazing how many closet miracle-believers are found all in traditional Baptist and Methodist churches. I know. As I visited homes, I would see this and that mailed to their homes by charismatic/miracle-believing ministries. Am I right?

Let me tell you one thing: if I woke up tomorrow morning and my doctor told me I had cancer in a vital organ, I'd start believing in miracles more than ever.

So, where do I come down? I have been through the maze of miracle world. I've believed it all at one time or another. I might have even been a closet unbeliever at one time—supposed to believe in miracles but actually very skeptical.

Now, and for the last 15 years or so, all my doubts have given over to the belief that “there is no secret what God can do.” He is a God of the impossible. “Things impossible with man are possible with God.” I believe that God can make a rock so big that even he can move it.

Everywhere Jesus went, signs and miracles attended his presence. Miracles attested to his authenticity. If no miracles are happening, the question has to be asked, “Is Jesus near the place?” But where the Spirit of the Lord Jesus Christ reigns, miracles happen. Where believers have a believing faith, miracles happen.

If you stand in need of a miracle in your health, family, finances, please don't forget the great way maker, Jesus Christ. He's still in the business.

The Rev. Dr. John Hatcher is pastor of River's Edge Community Church in Fayetteville.

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