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Friday, February 26, 1999


PTC to allow staff work on annexing West Village
The Peachtree City Council has agreed to allow a group of property owners in the proposed "west village" to work with city staff toward a master plan for annexing the area, north and west of the intersection of Ga. Highways 74 and 54.

Volunteers to plan for Mews successor at Hwy. 54/Banks
A number of Peachtree City residents and others have been asked to help the City Council with a "proactive" plan for development of properties at the corner of Walt Banks Road and Ga. Highway 54, said Mayor Bob Lenox.

Rep. Cox has reservations about metro-wide transportation authority
Constituents of District 105 Rep. Kathy Cox had the opportunity to express their views Wednesday night on a proposal which would establish a Georgia Regional Transportation Authority (GRTA), a 15-member governor-appointed board.

Staples to anchor MarketPlace; planners prepare for several annexation requests
The Peachtree City Planning Commission learned Monday that the office supply chain "Staples" has been signed as anchor tenant for MarketPlace on the northwest corner of Ga. Highways 54 and 74 near Pikes Nursery, and that Universal Refining Co. will likely locate at the former Georgia-Pacific property in the industrial park.

PTC Council embraces new openness laws
Comments on several legislative proposals from Peachtree City Mayor Bob Lenox show the city's top officials in favor of Open Records Act amendments and a regional transportation authority, but against state interference in property tax calculations.

PTC Development Authority supports continued county-funded effort to lure industries here
The Development Authority of Peachtree City believes that a Fayette County development authority "will survive," but plans to send a letter to the county commission "in support of the operation and funding of a countywide authority," said DAPC Chairman Tom Farr.

Sewer clean-out reveals strange debris
Peachtree City residents may be surprised to learn what winds up in sewer lines, says Larry Turner, manager of the city's Water and Sewer Authority.

New School lines
Curious parents and Coweta County school board members got their first glimpse Monday night of the latest revision of attendance lines for the county's middle schools.

A vision for the future
After months of research, Coweta County has a vision for the future.

Senoia's finest turned out to honor a pillar of the community
The crowd gathered Tuesday morning to pay tribute to Frank Hollberg, Jr. and his efforts in making the town's cemetery a perpetual care facility.

July 4 activities discussed
It may still be winter, but one of the topics at next Tuesday's commissioners meeting will be July 4.

Letter to the Editor
The Coweta County School System has presented three redistricting plans to the public: Plan A, which affects all middle schools and creates a high school feeder plan; Plan B, which affects only two middle schools, but not creating a feeder plan and plan C, which affects at least three middle schools and all three high schools and working against the feeder plan concept.


Coweta Briefs

News Stories from Wednesday's Edition


Chiefs cheer their way to a state championship
The McIntosh Varsity Cheerleaders are back on top having captured the 1999 State Cheering Championship. The last time McIntosh won the State Crown was 1995.

Former Chief to bowl over Tech
Mary-Julia Stephens has accepted the position of Recreation Manager and Head Coach of the Men's and Women's Bowling Teams at Georgia Institute of Technology. She comes from Louisiana State University where she led the Indoor Recreation Facility as well as coached the bowling program.

Lady Cougars stomp Stockbridge
The Newnan Lady Cougars opened their 1999 4-AAAA Region schedule by thrashing Stockbridge 10-0 at Drake Stadium last Friday evening.

Coach Thorn to address PTC Running Club
Coach Bill Thorn will be the guest speaker at the next meeting of the Peachtree City Running Club meeting to be held at 7:30 p.m. on Monday Mar. 1 at the Wyndham Peachtree Executive Conference Center.


Helpful tips on buying a used car
Before you start shopping for a used car with a teenager you know, do some homework.

Car hunting on the Internet becoming auto-matic
Let's face it: buying, selling or owning a car can be frustrating. Figuring out what to purchase, where to get it repaired, how much to spend, and a whole trunk load of other questions, can make you feel like you've run out of gas.

How to get the spark back
If you're having difficulty starting your car or it's running rougher than it used to, it may be time to replace the spark plugs.

Top 10 tips on finding an honest repair shop
The National Automotive Parts Association (NAPA), a recognized leader in the automotive aftermarket industry since 1925, wants customers to know there are some simple measures they can take to find a reputable and highly skilled auto care technician.